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Exuviance Help to Maintain Ideal Moisture Level of Skin

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Exuviance skincare products contains an exclusive combination of Alpha in and Polyhydroxy acids, healing botanicals, and marine extracts that can help to replace moisture levels in skin.

Exuviance products have antioxidants and vitamins that will aid in protecting the skin in addition to sunscreens that will help shield the skin from potentially dangerous sun exposure that can ruin the skin surface. This is the only product line that offers an elite Polyhydroxy acid, purposely designed to benefit all types of skin—even the most sensitive. This special offering of products offers the choice between glycolic acid, or the next generation AHAs, gluconolactone in addition to lactobionic acid, formulated at the concentrations in addition to pH for the best possible effectiveness and safety.

Beauty Bridge New Website

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

After two months of hard work, we finally launched our new design. We are very thanksful to our designers from Vast Planet, Michael and Suzanne.

The new website aimed to be more appealing to eyes without sacrificing customer friendliness . There are plenty of new features such as “Recently Viewed” or “You May Like Also” which we believe that will enrich customers’ e-shopping experience. Soon we will have another feature called “Review” on the product page of which our customer can add their comments for the product they used.

Please feel free to share your opinion what you think about our new design and comments on how we can make the website better in order to give you even more convenient e-shopping.

How to apply Illuminare Liquid Mineral Makeup

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

If applied the right way make up can give skin a flawless, beautiful look. Illuminare formulas and ingredients are different from other kinds of make up that you have previously used to and get desired results, it is essential that you apply these formulas correctly.

Illuminare Liquid Mineral Makeup isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill make up. Its formulas have a very high concentration of pigment that surpasses that of ordinary, non-mineral make ups. For this reason, the application process can be difficult. To achieve best results, cleanse your face with a proper cleanser and then apply a moisturizer that is oil-free before beginning to apply Illuminare cosmetics.

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How to choose foundation type?

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

There are a lot of formulas and types of foundations to choose from. The main difference to look for is consistency.

Pressed powder foundation is a silky, dry formula that is usually used on oily skin types. Powder helps absorb oil and keep your face feeling and looking smooth and soft. Dry skin types usually don’t prefer powder because it tends to have a drying effect and can leave skin flakey.

Cream foundation has a heavier consistency, which is widely used for dry skin types. It provides extra hydration and adds luster to dry, dehydrated skin. This type of foundation is commonly used by middle-aged and older women who like to “fill-in” the creases. Cream foundation tends to provide more coverage. Use a proper moisturizer first before applying foundation. “Stick” foundations are similar to the cream foundation as far as texture. The “stick” design provides an easy way to carry your make up without anyone knowing it. This formula is often used for touch up’s and spot cover up’s.

Liquid foundation can be used for all skin types. It is a “universal” and common formula. You can buy liquid foundations that are oil-free and/or non-clogging. This type of foundation is easy to wear and comes in different coverage and shades.

If you know your skin type and the coverage you are looking for then it’s easy to decide the formula of foundation that will best fit your individual needs. Remember you need a good canvas (fresh face) to start with so be sure to use your three step skin care routine (cleanse, tone, moisturize) before you apply your foundation.

Calendula and Mandarine – Nature’s Gift

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

It is common practice to use plant extract in skin care. Calendula plant and mandarine are two of the nature’s gifts for healthy skin.

The Calendula plant is best known for its therapeutic ingredients and qualities. Its anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and sedative properties are used a lot in makeup, for baby skin care, as well as sensitive skin.

Milk of Mandarines possess natural oils from the peel of mandarins. The richness of the essential oils has major beneficial effects. Along with palm oil and vitamin compounds infused in vitamins C and E, you can replenish, hydrate and completely condition. Recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.