Foundation is made to even out the skin color on your face. Foundation should look natural and match your skin tone. In order to get the “perfect match” for yourself you must try a stripe on your face. Testing it on your wrist is a “no, no” mainly because your wrist is a completely different […]

Here´s how to lessen the chances of makeup irritating your eyes when you´re wearing your lenses: Always apply your make-up after putting in your lenses. Never use eyeliner on the inner edge of the lid or above the lash line on the lower lid. Mascara should be used sparingly and only on the top lashes. […]

Eyes are naturally shaped and categorized into three categories: oval, round and slanted. Then they are subcategorized into smaller groups including small eyes, large eyes, hooded eyes, deep-set eyes and wide set eyes. Eye shape does not play a huge role in shaping your eyebrows. Your eyebrow should look well groomed and not too thick […]