Makeup Tips For Looking Great In A Picture

Many women want to look flawless in photographs, and to help this happen, ladies often practice their posing in the mirror. However, instead of working on their smiles, gals may want to rethink their beauty routine.

How To Use Lip Liner To Subtly Enhance Your Pout

Like many years before this one, the arrival of fall signals the reemergence of darker-hued makeup. From richer shades of eyeshadows to more deeply colored lipsticks, autumnal cosmetics are sure to be a bit more sultry than their summertime counterparts.

Why Mascara Runs And How To Stop It

Women are constantly figuring out ways to make their looks last, but it seems that one question that remains unanswered is how to keep mascara from running – until now. According to, runny mascara may be a result of a poorly planned process and application, but it is simple to fix.

Use Facial Makeup To Maintain Dyed Hair

Many women view a trip to the salon as a treat, but for women who dye their locks, hair appointments can be absolutely necessary – without regular maintenance, color can fade and roots can grow in.

Milan Runways Filled With Beauty Trend You Can Wear Today

While many fashion shows feature dramatic makeup that often needs to be toned down to be appropriate for real life, there is one bold runway trend heating up Milan Fashion Week that is colorful yet wearable – neon-bright lipstick.

Everyday Beauty Products That Can Multi-Task

While there are a seemingly limitless amount of products available formulated to treat almost every condition under the sun, there are times when you may need a quick fix. Luckily, there are a few standard beauty products that can do double-duty in a last minute emergency.

Blanchett And Paquin Don Same Dress, Different Makeup

It’s often said that clothes make the man, and some women may apply this philosophy when getting ready for a big night out, opting to spend hours on their outfit instead of their beauty routine. However, just as a great dress can totally transform you, magnificent makeup can also make (or break) a look.

Madonna's Makeup Artist Spills The Secret To Glowing Skin

There are few women more iconic than Madonna, and at age 52, she has never looked better. But how does the mother of two maintain her amazing appearance? The secret may lie within applying the right beauty product, according to Gina Brooke, Madge’s personal makeup artist.

Simple Solutions To Treating Acne

While women are often told how to eliminate pesky pimples on their faces, it may be harder to find decent tips on eliminating acne on one’s back, or bacne, as it’s more commonly known. Luckily, recently gathered some helpful information that may help gals with this skin condition.

Expert Advice For Dealing With Stretch Marks

After having a child, many women spend time getting their body back into pre-baby shape. And while losing baby weight is possible (albeit not always easy!) there is one side-effect which may be more difficult to get rid of – stretch marks.

Expect To See Colorful Nail Polish In Spring 2011

As Fashion Week continues in Milan, many gals are constantly watching the runways, waiting to spot the hottest beauty trends for Spring 2011. And it looks like those who adore brightly lacquered nails are in luck – according to the Beauty Counter Blog, the catwalks in New York, London and Milan have been covered with models rocking colorful nail polish.

How To Protect Dyed Hair

With fall underway, many women are likely to change their hair color from their summer standby to a more seasonally appropriate shade. And while some gals opt for subtle highlights, others prefer a more dramatic alteration to celebrate the arrival of a new season.