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Expect to see colorful nail polish in spring 2011

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Expect to see colorful nail polish in spring 2011As Fashion Week continues in Milan, many gals are constantly watching the runways, waiting to spot the hottest beauty trends for Spring 2011. And it looks like those who adore brightly lacquered nails are in luck – according to the Beauty Counter Blog, the catwalks in New York, London and Milan have been covered with models rocking colorful nail polish.

From electric violet to neon orange, the news source reports that some of the hues that were popular in Summer 2010, like a bold kelly green, will be back again next spring. However, ladies who love lacquer may want to begin looking for new shades so that they are prepared to paint their nails come April.

Lippmann Collection offers a wide variety of hues perfect for the warm weather, such as Makin' Whoopee (a bright rose) and It's Delovely (a golden peach).

While chipped nails are never desirable, women should keep in mind that they are more apparent when donning bold-colored polish. To avoid looking unkempt, ladies should brush on clear, protective formulas like Lippmann Collection Rehydrating Base Coat With Aloe Vera and On A Clear Day Top Coat.

How to protect dyed hair

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

How to protect dyed hairWith fall underway, many women are likely to change their hair color from their summer standby to a more seasonally appropriate shade. And while some gals opt for subtle highlights, others prefer a more dramatic alteration to celebrate the arrival of a new season.

Though loads of ladies spend September darkening their strands to an autumnal hue, those looking to lighten their locks may have the right idea as well – the golden glow can beautifully mimic the afternoon sunlight that bounces off the yellow and orange leaves.

One such woman who opted for lighter strands this fall is none other than Nicole Richie. However, her hairstylist had his work cutout for him, as the former reality star started the process with dark brown locks.

"Nicole loves to play with her hair color and was just ready for a dramatic change," George Papanikolas, who transformed the starlet's hair, told According to the news source, he avoided damaging her strands by gradually lightening her hair over seven days and using a deep conditioning product between each process.

Ladies who dye their hair can protect their strands from harsh chemicals by using specially designed hair products, such as L'Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo, which can be used daily to repair and protect color-treated locks, and L'Occitane Ultra Rich Hair Cream Mask, which can be used weekly to revitalize dry and damaged hair.

Kelly Osbourne talks about her first experience with at-home waxing kits

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Kelly Osbourne talks about her first experience with at-home waxing kitsWhile some women may be shy to bring up the topic of female facial hair, there is one famous gal who isn't afraid to speak about the trials and tribulations of waxing – Kelly Osbourne.

On a recent episode of Lopez Tonight, Kelly spoke openly about her mother, Sharon, burning her upper lip in an attempt to wax Kelly's face when she was 13-years old.

"When I was a kid she got a home waxing kit and I was the crash test dummy," Kelly told host George Lopez. "The wax was so hot that it burned me… By the time she pulled the wax off, my skin went with it and I had to go to school with a scab mustache."

And it seems that Sharon's error had lasting results.

"Now I have a mustache that I have to wax that I blame my mom for!" Kelly added, laughing.

Luckily, at-home waxing kits have advanced since Kelly, now 25, was 13. MOOM Express Pre Waxed Strips for Face and Bikini boast wax that melts with your body temperature, so that you won't burn your flesh.

However, if you do experience irritation, there are a multitude of products formulated to soothe skin, such as Tweezerman After Tweeze Soothing Cream, which minimizes tenderness after tweezing or waxing your brows.

Evan Rachel Wood opens up about her beauty routine

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Evan Rachel Wood opens up about her beauty routineOn screen, Evan Rachel Wood rarely keeps the same look – she has played everything from a natural, fresh-faced hippie in Across the Universe to a sultry vampire on HBO's True Blood, who wears deep red lipstick and never has a hair out of place.

But what about Wood's real-life beauty routine? Fans of the daring starlet may not be surprised by her answer. "I have fun playing with makeup," she told People Magazine, adding that she likes to see how far she can push beauty boundaries.

Still, the style chameleon seems to have a practical side to her as well. "I am SPF crazy," she told the news source. "I have sunscreen in the door of my car. I have sunscreen in my purse."

Whether you regularly rock a vampy look or prefer a natural, understated appearance, you may want to heed Wood's advice and load up on sun protection – even in the winter.

Apply a protective formula, like Dermalogica MultiVitamin BodyBlock SPF 20, to arms and legs (any skin that's exposed to the sun) before you head out the door. Use a separate product, such as Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Face Block SPF 25, on your face and throw it in your bag so that you can reapply it as needed throughout the day.

Consider concealing your tattoo before a job interview

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Consider concealing your tattoo before a job interviewMany people spend weeks preparing for a job interview – they need time to track down the perfect outfit to make a dynamite first impression. And while some may argue that a great resume should be enough to secure a new job, it seems that one woman was recently judged by her appearance.

According to The Telegraph, when 23-year-old Hayley O'Neil, who has 30 tattoos and 20 piercings, met with an advisor about getting a new job, she wound up being judged by her appearance.

"The guy said, 'On first impressions do you think anyone would hire you?'" O'Neil told the news source. "He said, 'Look at it this way, if you were to stand behind a wall – or put a paper bag over your face – do you think you would have a better chance?'"

O'Neil claimed that she left the interview in tears, adding, "'I just felt so humiliated. I couldn't believe what this guy was saying."

While many employers may not react as strongly, individuals that have visible tattoos may want to conceal them before an interview. Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Creme SPF 15 is a long-lasting concealer formulated to hide tattoos, scars and birthmarks, and it is available in over 10 shades.

Fall 2010 runways ruled by blue smoky eyes

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Fall 2010 runways ruled by blue smoky eyesSmoky eyes may never go out of style, but it seems that every season, designers put a fresh spin on the notoriously sultry look. According to, the Fall 2010 runways were filled with models rocking smoky blue eye makeup.

"A blue smoky eye is an unexpected and stylish variation on the traditional smoky eye, making it a little bit more fun," makeup guru Bobbi Brown told the news source.

However, when selecting the pigments, remember to think navy, not cornflower. "Look for shades of blue that incorporate black and brown tones which will give them the richness of denim and keep the colors modern," Brown added.

To recreate this look, makeup artist Emily Kate Warren told the news source that women should use two products – a blue cream eyeshadow and a gold highlighter.

Blend the blue pigment along the upper lash line and the crease, making a sideways V-shape toward the outer corner of your eye. Next, apply the gold powder from the inner corner of your eye to the inside of the V-shape, and use a clean brush to blend the two hues together.

Finally, Brown reminds women rocking this bold eye to keep the rest of their makeup minimal – a touch of blush, sheer lip balm and mascara.

Duplicate Gucci’s glossy looks with L’Occitane products

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Duplicate Gucci's glossy looks with L'Occitane productsFashion Week has moved to Milan, but that isn't stopping people around the country from talking about the hottest looks that are showing up on the runways. And, it seems that there was one trend that dominated Gucci's models – gloss.

"The biggest elements are shine," hairstylist Luigi Murenu told Allure magazine. "She's definitely a woman of class, with her red nails and her red lips – we put gloss on the lips and in the hair, so they'll be super-shiny on the catwalk."

According to the news source, makeup artist Pat McGrath, who painted the models' faces at Gucci, mixed two red lipsticks and topped them with gloss right before the ladies headed out on the catwalk. Murenu used a mix of hair gel and serum to slick back hair and add extra shine, and held the style in place with hairspray.

Women looking to recreate this high-fashion trend can use products that offer benefits, in addition to glossiness. L'Occitane Honey and Lemon Tartlet Gloss softens and conditions lips while leaving them looking glossy, and L'Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Serum for Dry & Damaged Hair is a leave-in treatment that boosts shine while nourishing hair.

Eye makeup insight for those with sensitive eyes

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Eye makeup insight for those with sensitive eyesWhether creating a fabulous look for the office or for a night out, many women will begin with what they consider the most important element – eye makeup. However, some ladies have skin conditions and sensitive peepers that make wearing eye makeup nearly impossible.

Oily eyelids can be an annoying problem because they can make eyeshadow crease and, in some cases, even fade away completely. To help pigment stay put, insiders at recommend using a mattifying cream, which stops oiliness before it starts. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 prevents an excess of surface oil from accumulating for up to eight hours.

Ladies can also try an eyeshadow primer, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is a silicone-based formula designed to create a barrier between skin's oils and cosmetics.

Finally, sensitive eyes can often be irritated by mascara. However, instead of forgoing mascara all together, the news source suggests switching to a lighter color, as they are less irritating than highly pigmented shades.

Additionally, tubing mascara, like blinc Kiss Me Mascara, forms water-resistant tubes around each lash that won't flake and irritate sensitive eyes.

Pair a mustard-colored ensemble with red lipstick

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Pair a mustard-colored ensemble with red lipstickAs the leaves begin to turn, deeper colors begin to emerge in the hottest fashions. But that doesn’t mean women are forced to don dark hues until spring arrives. In fact, one tone that is particularly striking come fall is extremely warm – mustard yellow.

This rich shade is as autumnal as one can get, but there is one key accessory that women who don mustard yellow garments should remember to put on before heading out the door – tomato red lipstick.

While makeup is often considered an accent, not an accessory, red lipstick may be a more striking addition to an outfit in this yellow-orange tone than a great pair of heels or a statement necklace.

At the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie You Again, Odette Yustman stepped out wearing a mustard-colored gown paired with a rusted red lipstick. However, she is not the first starlet to realize the power of this combination.

In 2010, Broadway beauty Lea Michele donned a gown similar to Yustman’s in color, and rocked a deep red lip. Most famously, perhaps, was Michelle Williams, who dazzled at the 2006 Academy Awards in a yellow-hued dress and a bold crimson pout.

Sothys Hydra-Glide Lipstick is a moisturizing formula that will condition lips during the drier fall months, and is available in a range of great red shades.

Expert advice for applying flawless mascara

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Expert advice for applying flawless mascaraIt seems that women are always looking for ways to get longer-looking lashes, and while many gals may think the secret to fuller fringe lies within the contents of the mascara tube, it may actually be linked to how the product is applied.

According to celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin, who recently worked with Jennifer Aniston, ladies can use a fan brush to put on mascara, for an amazing look.

"To make her blue eyes really pop, I finished with three coats of mascara," Angela Levin told "I applied one coat [using a fan brush], then brushed out the lashes, a second coat, again brushed out the lashes, and finally a third coat."

Ladies looking to try out this trick can use a Paula Dorf Mascara Fan Brush. The tool is hand-cut and hand-shaped to ensure expert precision.

Before applying mascara, however, remember to shape lashes with an eyelash curler. Paula Dorf Curl-Up Eyelash Curler will gently crimp lashes without pinching or pulling at the delicate skin around one's eyes.