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The best lighting for applying makeup

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

The best lighting for applying makeupEven with the best cosmetics and the most precise techniques, there is one component that could seriously hinder a flawless makeup application – bad lighting. Unfortunate lighting can alter how colors look on your skin, leading you too apply too little (or too much) product.

However, it can be tricky to determine the ideal lighting situation when applying cosmetics given the amount of options you have.

"Natural daylight is best because it's unforgiving – you can see everything – but not harsh, like fluorescent lighting you find in most offices," makeup artist Pat McGrath writes in Allure magazine.

However, because ladies getting ready for an evening event don't have the option of applying makeup with the help of sunlight, McGrath suggests using halogen bulbs.

"Fluorescent lights has a green cast that makes the skin look washed out and sickly. Incandescent bulbs [don't] give you the same level of detail, so you run the risk of missing an area that's not completely blended," McGrath writes. "Halogen lighting is very close to daylight in its tone."

So, next time you need to apply mascara or dab on some concealer, remember to stick with daylight or halogen bulbs for the best results.

Sarah Doukas dishes on her love of cosmetics and aging gracefully

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Sarah Doukas dishes on her love of cosmetics and aging gracefullySome women are truly legends in the beauty world, and Sarah Doukas may be one of them. She founded Storm Model Management in 1987 in London, England, and just one year later, Doukas discovered Kate Moss at JFK Airport in New York City and signed her to the agency.

"Beauty has always fascinated me," Doukas wrote in The Telegraph. "My mother was never interested, but my paternal grandmother was mad about products. She had drawers full of lipsticks and nail polishes. I was like a kid in a candy shop."

Doukas estimates that she spends approximately £250 (roughly $400) a month on beauty products – usually foundation sticks and lipsticks.

However, while Doukas is immersed in an industry obsessed with youth and glamor, it seems that she hasn't let the criticisms get to her.

"One good thing about getting older is that your confidence grows. I'm no longer paranoid about how I look or about my shortcomings," she added. "…I've never felt any pressure being surrounded by young models at work. A lot of my friends don't want to come into Storm as they feel intimidated, but I've never been that way."

Easy way to check if your nail polish is dry

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Easy way to check if your nail polish is dryWhether you've just gotten your nails professionally done of have opted to paint them yourself, it can always be difficult to determine when the nail polish is dry.

Two things usually happen to women waiting for lacquer to set – either ladies will swear that nails are dry and start doing tasks that end up smudging their polish or they will waste time sitting around waiting, long after the it has hardened.

Luckily, analysts at recently revealed a great way to check if your nail polish is dry.

"When you think they're about done, very gently touch your pinky nails together," the news source reports. "If you can feel the polish "grab" slightly, it's not quite dry yet and you need to give it a few more minutes."

Remember not to try this technique until you are positive that the lacquer has set. If nails are too wet, this trick will leave a dent in your nail polish. However, the news outlet promises that if nails are at least 80 percent dry, touching your pinky nails together will not leave a mark.

Tips to selecting the perfect mascara

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Tips to selecting the perfect mascaraSelecting the right mascara can be tricky. There are a seemingly endless amount of options out there, and each product promises to do something different. However, with a bit of insight, choosing a great mascara doesn't have to be a nightmare.

There are a multitude of formulas to choose from, so gals should consider what type of effect they desire. According to, stick-straight lashes may benefit from a curling mascara, as it has waxes that lift lashes upward. Women with short lashes, however, may want to try a lengthening formula that is packed with fibers that extend lashes.

Women should also pay attention to the shape of the brush when choosing a mascara. The news source reports that your lashes will mimic the brush's shape. If the wand boasts spiky combs, lashes will appear separated, but if the brush is big and bushy, lashes will look fuller and thicker.

Finally, the news outlet recommends skipping waterproof mascara, as it can be difficult to remove. Instead, opt for a water-resistant formula, which uses water-soluble ingredients.

Taylor Momsen puts a new twist on a classic smoky eye

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Taylor Momsen puts a new twist on a classic smoky eyeTaylor Momsen is what many may refer to as a beauty rebel. While she is just 17-years-old, the Gossip Girl actress and budding musician usually steps out wearing more eye makeup than most women will wear in a lifetime.

And while she is most often seen with heavy black liner and shadow, Taylor was recently photographed wearing a new hue on her lids – maroon.

Though red eye makeup is often thought of as a fashion faux-pas, this hue is a welcome change from Taylor's usual dark raccoon-like application. Seeing a bit of color on the young girl's face brighten's up her typically Goth-chic appearance.

However, the blonde starlet went a bit overboard by wearing a dark lipstick as well. Her purple pout competed with her intense eye makeup, and made her look more vampire than vamp.

Ladies who want a softer smoky eye can follow Taylor's lead and don warm-toned shadow instead of blacks and charcoals. But remember to pair the look with a sheer lip gloss to keep from looking like a Gothic princess.

Make limp locks look thicker

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Make limp locks look thickerWhile some women are born with naturally lush locks, others wish that their strands have a bit more va-va-voom! However, ladies with limp locks don't need to get a perm to infuse their hair with volume.

Allure magazine reports that the first step to thicker-looking hair may be to head to the salon, as coloring hair can make the cuticles swell, producing more body. A cut with long layers can also help strands look especially thick.

Next, women should use a shampoo and conditioner that boost volume, such as L'Occitane Aromachologie Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. The news source recommends that women shampoo twice before conditioning, as cleaner hair can achieve more height.

Once a week, however, ladies should use a formula like June Jacobs Citrus Clarifying Shampoo to remove product buildup.

Finally, when it's time to arrange strands, the publication states that gals should start styling while hair is as wet as possible and use a volumizing spray. Additionally, women should flip their head upside down to blow-dry, spritzing the roots with hairspray to make locks appear as thick as possible. 

How to conceal undereye circles

Friday, October 29th, 2010

How to conceal undereye circlesWomen may have dark undereye circles for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they form due to a lack of sleep or allergies, but they can also be genetic. Whatever the reason, gals who have discolored skin beneath their eyes can easily conceal the circles with a few handy pointers.

According to Allure magazine, thin skin makes blue-tinted circles more noticeable. Ladies can use an eye cream with retinol to thicken the skin, like Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cellular Eye Repair Gel. A product with vitamin K, such as Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Creme, will help to prevent leakage from capillaries.

Brown circles, however, may require a bleaching cream that contains two percent hydroquinone. The news source recommends Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment, but cautions that women should apply sunscreen as well, as skipping it will undo the work that the eye treatments have done.

Finally, a good concealer is key to hiding the pesky circles. According to the publication, use a formula that is slightly lighter than your skin tone but only apply it to from the inner corners to the middle of your eye.

Treating uneven skin

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Treating uneven skinWhile many women yearn for a flawless complexion, some have uneven skin that can be hard to conceal, as one product may not even out the discoloration. However, Allure magazine recently revealed some ways that women can combat the issue.

If you have a complexion marked with dark spots, there are a few products that can remedy the problem. A cream that contains two percent hydroquinone, like Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel, can help lightened darkened areas. The news source recommends applying the product at night, 20 minutes before your moisturizer.

Women with hyperpigmentation but sensitive skin may want to try a mild treatment. Look for formulas with kojic acid, such as Neova Kojic Complex Gel.

Whether you have a propensity for blushing or are afflicted with rosacea, facial redness can be combated at well. The news outlet recommends washing your face with a product meant for sensitive skin and moisturizing with a lotion that contains soothing ingredients such as feverfew, aloe vera and licorice.

Finally, a mask with sulfur, like Murad Clarifying Mask, can help reduce inflammation.

How to help your lip color last

Friday, October 29th, 2010

How to help your lip color lastWith fall underway and richer color palettes all the rage, women everywhere are turning in their light-colored lipsticks for darker hues. And while these bold pouts are especially alluring, they do present a problem that light shades don't possess – how do you keep the color from fading?

Yes, without touch-ups, all lip color eventually fades away, but it is extremely more noticeable when a cranberry-colored product wears away than a summery rose tone. However, there are a few steps ladies can take to help their lovely lipstick last.

According to O Magazine, prolonging the appearance of your lipstick comes down to a careful application process. To begin, makeup artist Sonia Kashuk suggests applying a bit of foundation over the lips and lip line to give the lip color a surface to adhere to.

Next, use a lip liner that matches the color of your lips (not your lipstick) and apply it with the side of the pencil, not the point, as makeup artist Rebecca Restrepo told the news source that this creates a softer look that's easier to blend.

Finally, apply your lipstick and you're good to go. For a bit of added dimension, paint your pout with a quick coat of lip gloss before heading out the door. Your lips will shine and the color is sure to last for hours.

Quick way to look like a million bucks

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Quick way to look like a million bucksWomen with hectic schedules may often find themselves hard pressed for time when getting ready for a big night out – after rushing home from the office, hopping in the shower and selecting an outfit, there may be a few precious minutes left to apply makeup.

However, a fantastic party look can be surprisingly easy to create with the aid of one phenomenal product – a bold-colored lipstick.

Wearing a deep red or berry lipstick is the simplest way to turn your look from drab to fab. And while you could simply slick on a quick coat of color and head out the door, you may want to apply a few additional cosmetics.

Instead of covering your face with foundation, which can be quite time consuming, just apply concealer to the problem areas that need to be hidden. Next, enhance your eyes with a nude, shimmery shadow and a couple coats of mascara, which will emphasizes your pretty peepers.

Outline your lips with a liner and pencil in your pout. This will keep your lip color from fading unevenly. Finally, apply a deep-hued lipstick, but take your time with this step, as small imperfections are especially noticeable when wearing a dark shade.

Toss the lipstick in your purse for periodic touch-ups throughout the night and you're ready to go!