Tips For Great-Looking Skin

While November is National Healthy Skin month, we think that your skin deserves the utmost attention year-round. Luckily, recently compiled a list of a few easy ways to ensure that your skin stays supple.

Showering Every Day: Yay Or Nay?

While many people consider their daily shower as necessary as eating a meal, it seems that a growing number of individuals are bathing far less often, according to The New York Times. But does skipping a shower every few days help or harm your skin?

Time To Take Advice From Courtney Love

Women may be hesitant to take beauty advice from Courtney Love, and rightfully so. The Hole frontwoman is notorious for her manic and messy punk-rock style. However, the singer recently spoke to about her new beauty regime.

Three Beauty Products To Keep At The Office

While some women keep a few go-to beauty products in their car and others carry a small cosmetic case in their purse, ladies who spend the majority of their time at the office may want to stash a few necessities in their desks.

Mandy Moore's Golden Rockstar Look

While some women may think that a rock and roll appearance requires lots of smoky eye makeup and bold-colored lipstick, gals trying to look like a rockstar may want to put down the eyeliner.

How To Combat Adult Acne

While many people think of breakouts as a problem that plagues teenagers, blemishes don’t disappear once you graduate. In fact, according to Allure magazine, acne can once again arise around age 35 due to hormonal changes.

Did You Know That Makeup Can Expire?

There are a multitude of reasons why women keep certain beauty products as long as they do – maybe you can’t justify throwing out a pan of shadow that is still partially filled with pigment or your favorite lip gloss shade has been discontinued and this is the last tube you have.

Makeup Tips For A More Youthful Appearance

While it can be fun to learn about the hottest trends that are gaining popularity around the world, sometimes practical makeup advice is even better.

Kelly Osbourne: Makeup Is Motivation At The Gym

While going to the gym packs a variety of benefits, sometimes working out can be a drag. But because exercise is too important to ignore – it will help you stay healthy, feel better and look great – we know we can’t skip the gym all together.

Paint Your Nails The Day Before Your Wedding

While most men simply shave and shower before standing at the altar, women often have a long and involved beauty routine. From hair to makeup to nails, there is a lot for the bride to do right before the ceremony. However, gals may want to rearrange their schedule and get their nails done the day before their wedding.

Switch Up Your Skincare Routine Once A Month

While most gals are prone to the occasional pimple, it seems that breakouts are more common during a woman’s period. According to, many experts recommend switching up your skincare routine during your cycle as the chemistry of your skin changes.

Red Lips Expected To Be Big In 2011

It seems that red lips never go out of style. However, according to the spring 2011 runways, crimson-colored pouts will be hotter than ever in the upcoming seasons.