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Did you know that makeup can expire?

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Did you know that makeup can expire?There are a multitude of reasons why women keep certain beauty products as long as they do – maybe you can't justify throwing out a pan of shadow that is still partially filled with pigment or your favorite lip gloss shade has been discontinued and this is the last tube you have.

But while these may seem like completely logical explanations, holding onto cosmetics for too long may be hazardous to your health.

According to the Daily Express, a new study revealed that 15 percent of cosmetics buyers aren't aware that beauty products have expiration dates. Furthermore, 66 percent continue to use expired products regardless of possible health concerns.

"Continued use of a spoiled product could lead to skin irritations or even infections in broken or sensitive skin," Dr Chris Flower, director general of the Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association, told the news source. "Cosmetics are made to resist everyday exposure to micro-organisms for long enough to ensure the consumer can finish using the product safely."

Generally, the news provider reports that mascara should be replaced every four to six months while lipstick, blush and eyeshadow can last up to two years.

Makeup tips for a more youthful appearance

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Makeup tips for a more youthful appearanceWhile it can be fun to learn about the hottest trends that are gaining popularity around the world, sometimes practical makeup advice is even better. After all, beauty products are supposed to help you look your best, and sometimes painting your lips the newest shade of fuchsia isn’t as flattering as you might have hoped.

Women who want to look a few years younger may want to stop looking toward the runways and try a few basic techniques that can create a more youthful appearance.

It’s often said that eyes are the window to your soul, so making sure that your peepers look their brightest is an important step when trying to appear younger. But before you stock up on beauty products, you may want to make an appointment with your eye doctor.

“Ninety percent of the time when women in their 30s come in for Botox, I send them to the opthamologist because they need a stronger prescription,” Boston-based dermatologist Ranella Hirsch told Harper’s Bazaar. She added that when women can’t see properly, they squint, deepening frown lines. In addition to visiting the doctor’s office, a high-quality eye treatment, like Babor Sensational Eye Cream, can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving elasticity.

There are also a few cosmetic tricks that can help open-up your eyes and make them appear younger. Instead of thick liquid liners, use a soft pencil to emphasize your eyes. Youngblood Intense Kohl Eye Pencil boasts bold pigment but remains soft enough to smudge and blend.

Additionally, don’t neglect your eyebrows, as Harper’s Bazaar reports that full arches are a sign of youth. For a natural look, use a pencil to enhance sparse brows, opting for light, short marks as opposed to filling in the area completely. Look for a pencil with a spool on the end, such as Sothys Eyebrow Enhancing Pencil, as the brush can help smooth out and break up the color to create the appearance of fine brow hairs.

When selecting a lipstick color, opt for lighter shades, makeup artist Matin Maulawizada told the news source, adding that darker hues can be unflattering on more mature women because lips get thinner with age. Ladies should also avoid peach and orange-toned formulas, which can make teeth appear more yellow. Instead, neutral and rosy-colored lipsticks are great alternatives.

If you do have more pronounced lines around your mouth, which is fairly common as skin ages, use a lip primer, like GloMinerals gloLip Filler Pencil, to keep lipstick from bleeding.

While it may seem that all women have different ways of applying blush, ladies looking for a more youthful appearance should brush on color above the apples of their cheeks. According to makeup artist Sandy Linter, applying blush to the highest point of the cheekbone creates an instant lift. Instead of bold hues, opt for a warm tone that blends with your natural skin tone.

Though a sunkissed complexion is often thought of as young and desirable, more mature women may want to stay away from self-tanner, as it can emphasize age spots, Linter told the publication. Instead, she recommends using a warm-colored foundation to perk up pale skin.

To hide blemishes, Maulawizada suggests using camouflage instead of concealer, as camouflage has less oil so it won’t sink into fine lines and wrinkles as easily. Paula Dorf Total Camouflage features two shades of cover-up in one pan, allowing women to create a custom hue that perfectly matches their skin tone.

Kelly Osbourne: Makeup is motivation at the gym

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Kelly Osbourne: Makeup is motivation at the gymWhile going to the gym packs a variety of benefits, sometimes working out can be a drag. But because exercise is too important to ignore – it will help you stay healthy, feel better and look great – we know we can't skip the gym all together.

Recently, Kelly Osbourne opened up about her disdain for working out, and the svelte celeb offered a bit of advice to women who need some motivation to go to the gym.

"I know people say, 'Don't wear makeup at the gym,' but I am that girl that wears makeup at the gym," Osbourne told New York Magazine. "…It really does help. If you don't like your reflection, you don't want to go back. I don't want to look at myself looking gross. You know what it's like. You're like, 'No wonder I look [absolutely] miserable right now.'"

She added that while she skips the mascara, she will apply foundation, blush and lip gloss before working out.

It looks like Osbourne's approach works wonders – Shape magazine reports that the former reality star lost approximately 50 pounds since her 2009 stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Paint your nails the day before your wedding

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Paint your nails the day before your weddingWhile most men simply shave and shower before standing at the altar, women often have a long and involved beauty routine. From hair to makeup to nails, there is a lot for the bride to do right before the ceremony. However, gals may want to rearrange their schedule and get their nails done the day before their wedding.

"You are going to have a million things to do on the actual day, and you don't want to be dealing with wet nails," Allure contributing editor Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig told the publication.

Remember to bring your own nail polish to the manicurist. This way, if the lacquer chips accidentally, you'll have the exact hue with you for touch ups.

Additionally, you may want to select a neutral shade of nail polish, such as pale pink or beige.

"It will be much less noticeable if you do nick your nails [and don't have time to fix it]," the news source reports, "and you won't regret it later, as you might if you went for a more trendy color."

Switch up your skincare routine once a month

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Switch up your skincare routine once a monthWhile most gals are prone to the occasional pimple, it seems that breakouts are more common during a woman's period. According to, many experts recommend switching up your skincare routine during your cycle as the chemistry of your skin changes.

Industry expert Ellen Holder told the news source that fluctuations in hormones stimulate glands to produce more oil. Increased progesterone levels lead to water retention, which can swell the skin and make pores smaller, creating the perfect breeding ground for blemishes.

"Wash with a cleanser containing [between 2.5 to 5 percent] salicylic acid and treat any pimples with a cream containing benzoyl peroxide," New York dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told the news outlet.

Bioelements offers a few products great for women trying to control breakouts. Bioelements Spotless Cleanser contains salicylic acid to prevent pimples yet is gentle enough to remove makeup, and the brand's Breakout Control can be used up to three times a day to zap zits that have already appeared.

Experts recommend using these products three days before your period starts, as that's when hormone levels begin to shift.

Red lips expected to be big in 2011

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Red lips expected to be big in 2011It seems that red lips never go out of style. However, according to the spring 2011 runways, crimson-colored pouts will be hotter than ever in the upcoming seasons.

"It's a return to that old-fashioned sense of glamour," celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath told

And while some women may feel intimidated by such a bold hue, McGrath insists that red lips can work on any woman, as long as you select the right formula.

"Women have their own idea of what they love, and I recommend wearing red in the way that makes you feel comfortable. Red can be worn as a glaze, a stain, a sheer gloss, a full-on lipstick," McGrath added.

Whether you opt for a glossy sheer wash of color or a bright, matte lipstick, it's important to remember to pair your pout with minimal makeup on the remainder of your face. However, this doesn't mean to neglect your other features completely.

Subtly emphasize your eyes with a nude-colored shadow that boasts a hint of shimmer and brush on a few coats of black or dark brown mascara.

Finally, sweep a sheer blush across your cheeks, but make sure the pigment has the same undertones as your lip color – a warm blush and cool lipstick can be unflattering.

Are two mascaras better than one?

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Are two mascaras better than one?Many women have an ample collection of eyeshadow and often wear multiple shades at once. When it comes to mascara, however, it seems that gals are often content with one tube to create a myriad of looks.

However, according to one of Hollywood's prettiest leading ladies, wearing two different colored mascaras at once may be a good idea.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art's Annual Gala in Los Angeles, Kirsten Dunst donned sparkly eye makeup that brilliantly enhanced her eyes – so beautifully, in fact, that we almost didn't notice her bright red lips!

And while the shimmery sheer shadow that surrounded her lids was a major component in creating the look, women may also be interested to hear that Kirsten was wearing two different shades of mascara.

"I wanted her eyes to defined and open but still soft," Kayleen McAdams, Dunst's makeup artist, told "The black on top really makes her eyes pop and the brown adds just a little definition on the bottom."

McAdams was right – the bold black and soft brown worked together to enhance Dunst's eyes in a perfectly balanced way. We can't wait to try out this trick!

Hilary Swank matches her eye makeup to her dress – again!

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Hilary Swank matches her eye makeup to her dress - again!It looks like Hilary Swank did it again. A month after attending a movie premiere sporting turquoise eye makeup that matched the tones in her dress' details, the A-list actress walked the red carpet wearing a similar look.

At the 2nd Annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governors Awards in Hollywood, California, Swank showed up in an elaborate black and navy ruffled gown. She emphasized her eyes with a bold stripe of dark blue shadow beneath her lower lash lines that matched her dress and sapphire earrings.

While Swank looked amazing, the abundance of blue created a look that, while cohesive, appeared a bit boring. The gown was striking enough that simple makeup – black eyeliner and a sheer lip gloss – would have enhanced Swank's features without overwhelming the outfit.

However, we have to give the Million Dollar Baby star credit for picking a shade of shadow that perfectly complemented her peepers – the cool midnight blue pigment brought out the richness and warmth of her beautiful brown eyes.

Bad habits to break for great looking skin

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Bad habits to break for great looking skinEven with the best cosmetics and the greatest makeup techniques, it can be hard to achieve a fantastic appearance without a flawless complexion. However, many women may be unaware of several bad habits that are keeping their skin from looking positively perfect.

While women may spend more time in the sun in the summertime, gals should still protect their skin from the dangers of UV rays in the colder months as well. Too much sun exposure may lead to premature wrinkles and dark spots. Allure magazine suggests wearing a sunscreen that contains a minimum of SPF 30, and applying a tablespoon to your face, reapplying every two hours if you are outside for an extended period of time.

Ladies can use a broad spectrum sunscreen, such as B. Kamins Chemist Sunbar Sunscreen SPF 30, to guard their skin against the harmful rays of the sun. June Jacobs Protective Moisturizer SPF 30, a facial moisturizer that also contains SPF, is great for women who don’t want to sacrifice hydration for sun protection.

Miami dermatologist Leslie Baumann, author of The Skin Type Solution, told the publication that one of the most common skincare mistakes that gals make is using the wrong product for their skin type. However, she shared some insight as to which products ladies should use.

Women with dry skin should opt for a non-soap cleanser that won’t eliminate protective oils, like Dr. Michelle Copeland Daily Cleanser, and then apply a moisturizer that contains trehalose, like Priori Idebenone Moisturizing Facial Cream, to prevent tightness.

If you have oily skin, however, Baumann recommends using a cleanser with salicylic acid, an oil-free moisturizer, and a mattifying toner to reduce shine. Peter Thomas Roth offers a range of products perfect for an oily complexion, such as Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel, Max All Day Moisture Defense Cream With SPF30 and Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel.

It may be harder to select products for combination skin, but Baumann suggests using a foaming cleanser for oily skin, applying a lightweight moisturizer and then dabbing a heavier cream on dry spots. Gals with sensitive complexions should stick to fragrance-free formulas, which are less likely to irritate skin, and use milky cleansers that boast high hydration.

When washing your face or applying moisturizer, however, don’t forget to use the products on your neck and chest as well. These areas are exposed nearly as much as your face but boast more delicate skin that needs protection as well.

While premium products can help your complexion look its best, your lifestyle choices will also impact the clarity and texture of your skin. Don’t let bad habits prevent you from achieving a flawless face.

Smoking, drinking too much and constant cellphone use can all negatively affect your complexion. According to Allure, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that every decade of smoking can make women look an additional 2.5 years older.

While many women may have already been aware of the havoc cigarettes can wreak on skin, alcohol may also cause complexion problems. Dermatologist Fredric Brandt told the news source that alcohol increases the level inflammatory agents in the bloodstream, “which can hasten skin sagging over time.”

And, while many gals may not be able to imagine a world where they don’t talk constantly on their cellphones, resting the handset against your face can cause friction, occlusion and heat, which dermatologist Katie Rodan claims can cause breakouts. Instead of cutting off communication, however, women who want a great complexion can consider investing in a wireless headset – you’ll be able to chat without worrying about blemishes.

Is frosted makeup making a comeback?

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Is frosted makeup making a comeback?While the popularity of some beauty trends' regularly rise and fall, there is one look that we were sure wasn't going to be seen after the '80s – frosted makeup. The silver-toned colors that were once all the rage seemed to fade away with aerosol hairspray and teased bangs.

But judging by Jennifer Nettles' makeup at the 44th Annual Country Music Association Awards, the look may not be as forgotten as we thought. The Sugarland singer sported icy blue eyeshadow on her upper and lower lids, and paired the powder with an equally frosty light pink lipstick.

While we must admit that the makeup did match her gown, we're not completely sold on the pastel palette. The colors aged the 36-year-old beauty, who looked like she had gotten into her grandmother's cosmetics case.

Perhaps if Nettles had chosen to don frosted makeup on one feature, as opposed to all over her face, she would have looked a bit more current. A frosted lip can look sultry when paired with a strong, smoky eye, and a red lip can enliven a silver-toned shadow.