Opt For Colorful Liquid Liner

Whether you’re getting ready for work or for a New Year’s Eve bash, women who want to create a truly memorable look may want to use liquid eyeliner. But instead of reaching for the standard black formula, makeup artist Charlotte Willer recommends getting creative.

How To Fight Dry Skin

With the combination of harsh winter weather, the stress of the holidays and the travel that this time of year entails, your skin can easily dry out and look dull. However, there are a few skincare tips that can help you keep your complexion conditioned in the colder months.

Last Minute Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

Christmas is only a few days away, and some people are still scrambling for last minute gift ideas for family and friends. If you have yet to cross off every name on your shopping list, don’t fret. There are a plethora of beauty products that will be the perfect items to place under the tree. […]

Emma Stone's Great Looks In 2010

Emma Stone had a phenomenally successful year. The actress hit box office gold with her film Easy A and went on to land the role of Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, proving that she’ll be one to watch in 2011.

Look Fantastic In Your Holiday Pictures

Christmas is almost here and people across the country will soon be heading to their families’ homes for a festive holiday gathering. And while these affairs can involve a wide variety of activities, there is one thing that is certain – photographs will be taken.

Christina Aguilera Dishes On Her Beauty Regimen

Christina Aguilera has long been recognized for her retro, old Hollywood style. With her crimson-colored lips and platinum waves, the songstress regularly looks as if she has stepped out of a movie from the 1940s.

Get Ready For A Holiday Dinner In No Time

Many women getting ready for a large holiday gathering will likely spend hours primping to ensure a perfect appearance. But what if you won’t be arriving at your destination until the last minute? Whether you have to head to the celebration from the office or the airport, there are a few simple ways to quickly create a festive look.

A Winter Beauty Kit Makes A Great Gift For Her

Finding the perfect present for a loved one can sometimes leave you scratching your head until the very last minute. If you still need a gift for your mom, sister or best friend, why not put together a winter beauty survival kit?

Glamour.com Praises Katy Perry's 2010 Style

From her wildly popular album Teenage Dream to her over-the-top wedding ceremony, Katy Perry has been one of the most talked about celebs in 2010. With 2011 almost here, analysts at Glamour.com recently rounded up some of the best beauty lessons they’ve learned from Perry this year.

Give Yourself A Holiday-Themed Manicure!

It’s almost time for Christmas dinner, and many people will be heading to their family’s homes to celebrate the holidays. And while a bright red lip or a shiny gold shadow is a festive way to evoke Yuletide cheer, those looking for a more subtle way to embody the holiday spirit should consider a seasonal manicure.

Are Your Hair Products Weighing You Down?

While climate, weather and the elements can take their toll on your hair, if you notice your locks looking less than lustrous, your haircare routine may be to blame.

Creating The Futuristic Faces In TRON: Legacy

While there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the impressive special effects in TRON: Legacy, it appears as if the film didn’t rely on computer imagery to make some of the characters come to life. Instead, all it took was a bit of great makeup.