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Kate Hudson relies on a lot of products to look natural

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Kate Hudson relies on a lot of products to look naturalIt's no secret that creating a natural-looking appearance can often take more time and products than crafting a smoky eye and complicated up 'do. But don't worry if you feel overwhelmed by trying to look effortless – even one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood can relate to your troubles.

While Kate Hudson is known for her easy going style, it seems that a lot goes in to appearing flawlessly fresh-faced.

"I'm wearing every product on the shelf," Hudson told InStyle magazine."Seriously, after an event it can take four washcloths to remove the 'natural look.'"

As for wearing her hair curly or straight, the blonde beauty may not decide how to style her strands until after she glances outside.

"It depends on the weather," Hudson added. "Unlike most women, I love the humidity. It helps enhance my natural curl."

Gals who use a plethora of items to create a natural appearance should remember the importance of removing products and giving their skin and hair a break. Each night, use a makeup remover that is both gentle and moisturizing, like Borghese Gel Delicato Gentle Makeup Remover. Once a week, use a special hair shampoo that gets rid of product build-up, such as June Jacobs Citrus Clarifying Shampoo.

The perfect way to add a pop of color

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The perfect way to add a pop of color From Nicki Minaj to the candy-hued runways at Fashion Week, it's clear that the current trend is to load up on the color. However, some women may feel a bit apprehensive dying their strands to match the rainbow or painting on an orange pout and lime eyeliner.

But even the shyest ladies can embrace this look instead of hiding in a world of beige, with a great trick recently employed by Ashley Benson at her 21 birthday party in Las Vegas. The blonde actress showed up wearing black and tan from head-to-toe, opting for natural-looking makeup that paired well with her neutral duds.

However, she did infuse her look with a bit of brightness in a stellar but subtle way – turquoise nail polish! Her bold manicure kept the young starlet from appearing too mature, and added a bit of whimsy to an otherwise sophisticated and sultry look.

Ladies looking to play around with eye-catching shades of lacquer should remember to invest in a high-quality base coat and top coat. The former will keep the bright polish from staining the nails and the latter will help prevent chipping, which is most noticeable when sporting a vibrant color of nail polish.

Opt for colorful liquid liner

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Opt for colorful liquid liner Whether you're getting ready for work or for a New Year's Eve bash, women who want to create a truly memorable look may want to use liquid eyeliner. But instead of reaching for the standard black formula, makeup artist Charlotte Willer recommends getting creative.

"Play with colors! Try using more than one shade of liner – apply black liner on the bottom lid and a brighter shade, like purple, blue, or green on top," Willer told "Another fun trick is to use a dark liner from the inner corner to the middle part of the eye, then finish with a lighter or brighter color from the middle to the outer corner."

Ladies with an unsteady hand no longer need to feel intimidated by tricky liquid eyeliner. According to Willer, use one hand to lift your brow and the other to draw the liner – this will create a smoother surface and make applying the product easier.

However, sometimes mistakes are made and you need a quick and easy way to fix your flub. Willer suggests removing the error with a cotton swab dipped in a bit of facial moisturizer.

How to fight dry skin

Monday, December 27th, 2010

How to fight dry skinWith the combination of harsh winter weather, the stress of the holidays and the travel that this time of year entails, your skin can easily dry out and look dull. However, there are a few skincare tips that can help you keep your complexion conditioned in the colder months.

While many women begin their morning routine by washing their face, Allure magazine cautions against doing this, as it will rid skin of important protective oils. Instead, wash your face at night with a mild cleanser that is soap-free, such as Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Creme.

A good moisturizer is also imperative to keeping skin healthy during the winter. The news source recommends a formula with hyaluronic acid, like June Jacobs Protective Moisturizer SPF 30, and shea butter, such as L'Occitane 24 Hours Ultra Rich Face Cream – the first ingredient will draw in moisture and the second will keep skin hydrated.

If your skin gets red or irritated, apply a cream that contains one percent hydrocortisone like Peter Thomas Roth Aloe-Cort Cream and use a solid balm on chapped skin.

Last minute gift guide for everyone on your list

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Last minute gift guide for everyone on your list Christmas is only a few days away, and some people are still scrambling for last minute gift ideas for family and friends. If you have yet to cross off every name on your shopping list, don’t fret. There are a plethora of beauty products that will be the perfect items to place under the tree.

If you are looking for stocking stuffers or smaller gifts for a lovely lady in your life, cosmetics are a great option. However, consider her personality before selecting the products. According to Allure magazine, gals who have a classic style will enjoy smoky eye makeup kits. The Too Faced Smokey Eye Kit includes nine different shadows and three instruction cards to help any woman create a great look.

Trendier ladies, however, may enjoy a more colorful collection of cosmetics, the news source reports. A few Too Faced Eye Shadow Duo pans, which each include two different pigments, will enable women to play with a wide range of the hottest colors, from Fantasy Island (teal blue and lime green) to Beauty Mark (black foil and gilded rose).

If you aren’t sure which beauty camp the recipient falls into, play it safe and pick up lip gloss gift sets. These products are easily adaptable to a multitude of styles and looks, easily appeasing even the most fickle fashionista. GloMinerals gloMini Liquid Lips Collection contains four different tubes of colors, while the brand’s gloLip Gloss Kit is a palette with four pans of color and a brush, allowing women to mix their own shades.

Those searching for bigger presents may want to consider L’Occitane gift sets. These impressive collections feature a wide range of products formulated to condition skin and leave it smelling great. The L’Occitane Fleur Cherie Collection Gift Set include shower gel, lotion, hand cream, lip balm and soap that boast a light, orange blossom scent, perfect for spreading warmth in the winter.

However, you don’t have to select items based on fragrance alone – you can also choose L’Occitane collections depending on the recipient’s skin type. The Almond Enchantment Gift Set is wonderful for firming and smoothing skin, and the Olive Deluxe Kit contains formulas that deliver excellent hydration.

Of course, ladies are not the only ones who may want to receive beauty products for the holidays. In fact, these gifts can be especially perfect for a guy in your life, as he may not buy such items himself but will certainly enjoy them. It’s best to select a collection that contains a variety of products that don’t boast a strong scent, so he can play around with the formulas

Even the most low-maintenance man will benefit from a travel kit such as the Jack Black First Class Five set. This collection contains all-over wash for hair, face and body, conditioning shave cream, facial moisturizer, eye gel and lip balm. The Jack Black Performance Ready Set is ideal for more active guys who spend most their time in the outdoors, as it features pain-relieving cream, energizing hair and body wash, sunscreen and a lip balm with SPF 25.

Finally, if you are traveling for the holidays or going to a relative’s for dinner, remember not to show up empty-handed. Bring a gift for the home that will benefit all who live there, such as scented candles. To stay on the safe side, select a few candles that boast different scents, as some homeowners may prefer a fruity fragrance, like the L’Occitane Peach Blossom Scented Candle, while others may prefer a fresher aroma, such as a Paddywax Eco Cucumber & Mint candle.

Emma Stone’s great looks in 2010

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Emma Stone's great looks in 2010Emma Stone had a phenomenally successful year. The actress hit box office gold with her film Easy A and went on to land the role of Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, proving that she'll be one to watch in 2011.

Along with her career highlights, which included hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time, Stone also spent 2010 making headlines in the beauty world. Though she recently dyed her hair blonde for Spider-Man, Stone showed that makeup doesn't have to be defined by scarlet-colored strands.

"Yes, redheads can wear red lipstick. For real," reports, referring to Stone's scarlet-colored pout at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in March. She paired the bold lip with minimal eye makeup – a touch of brown liner and black mascara.

However, she also proved that contrasting colors can be just as appealing. At the Los Angeles premiere of Easy A, Stone wore bright blue liner beneath her lower lids only.

"[Emma showed that] wearing navy liner just on your bottom lids doesn't look unfinished – it's actually a fun way to mix things up," the news source added.

Look fantastic in your holiday pictures

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Look fantastic in your holiday picturesChristmas is almost here and people across the country will soon be heading to their families' homes for a festive holiday gathering. And while these affairs can involve a wide variety of activities, there is one thing that is certain – photographs will be taken.

Relatives love to document family gatherings, and many seem to be particularly snap-happy during the holidays. And with Facebook and other social networking sites all the rage, there's a good chance your family photos will wind up online for the world to see, so it's imperative that you look your best in the pictures.

Go easy on the makeup, as colors that are too harsh will look unnatural in pictures. Dark brown mascara and a gray or cocoa-colored liner will subtly emphasize your eyes, and a lip gloss just a shade darker than your natural lip color will make your pout pop.

To achieve a perfect smile for the camera, suggests biting down on your back teeth, as it will help your jawline look more defined. Make sure your entire body, not just your face, is engaged, as the news source adds that "you've got to feel it to believe it."

Christina Aguilera dishes on her beauty regimen

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Christina Aguilera dishes on her beauty regimenChristina Aguilera has long been recognized for her retro, old Hollywood style. With her crimson-colored lips and platinum waves, the songstress regularly looks as if she has stepped out of a movie from the 1940s.

One key component to Aguilera's alluring look is her milky white skin. While she sometimes warms up her complexion with blushes and bronzers, her fair skin seems to boast a healthy, inherent glow that captivates all who glance her way. But how does she maintain her nearly flawless appearance?

"Stay hydrated, moisturize and get enough sleep," Aguilera told People magazine. "I never go to sleep with makeup on and always moisturize my face and lips. I try to condition my hair as much as possible."

And it appears that this regimen is working! At the Burlesque premiere in London, Aguilera looked fantastic as she walked the red carpet. Her ivory skin was glowing, subtly enhanced by a bit of cheek color, and her perfectly coiffed hair was silky and lush. Of course, she finished off her look with her signature black liquid liner and bright red lipstick.

Get ready for a holiday dinner in no time

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Get ready for a holiday dinner in no timeMany women getting ready for a large holiday gathering will likely spend hours primping to ensure a perfect appearance. But what if you won't be arriving at your destination until the last minute? Whether you have to head to the celebration from the office or the airport, there are a few simple ways to quickly create a festive look.

Emphasize your eyes or your lips – no need to do both. Red lipstick is the easiest way to infuse your appearance with the holiday spirit. According to Allure magazine, women should apply a blue-toned, long-wear formula that will last throughout the shindig.

If a bold pout isn't your cup of tea, opt for metallic eyeshadow. The news source recommends silver for a cool skin tone, and gold for a warmer complexion. Finish with a few coats of black mascara and your peepers are sure to pop.

Finally, while you may think that it's the perfect time of year to add color to your face, steer clear of blush and use a bit of bronzer.

"When temperatures drop, your cheeks turn naturally rosy and blush can make you look red," the news provider reports. "Instead, add a hint of warmth with a bronzer on the bridge of your nose, along your temples, and cheeks."

A winter beauty kit makes a great gift for her

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

A winter beauty kit makes a great gift for herFinding the perfect present for a loved one can sometimes leave you scratching your head until the very last minute. If you still need a gift for your mom, sister or best friend, why not put together a winter beauty survival kit?

Assembling this set is relatively easy, as long as you know which products are necessary. Cold, harsh winds can wreak havoc on skin, so pick up uber-hydrating lotions, such as L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and L'Occitane 24 Hours Ultra Rich Face Cream. Don't forget the lips either. Jane Iredale Lip Drink SPF15 will condition lips and protect against sun damage.

Because skin tends to be paler in the wintertime, select a few cosmetics to add color to your complexion. A sheer bronzer will infuse your face with warmth and will appear natural-looking whether you're in front of the fire place or outside walking in a winter wonderland.

Red lipstick is a quick and easy way to brighten your face, but make sure to choose a creamy, moisturizing formula, such as Jane Iredale PureMoist LipColour SPF 18.

Package these items in a makeup bag, and you've just created the perfect holiday gift!