Top 3 Beauty Products Every Bride Should Have In Her Clutch

After you say "I do" and head to the reception, you’ll likely have a clutch in which you can store a few necessities. And while you may want to keep a large variety of makeup with you (a cosmetic security blanket, of sorts), reveals that brides only need to carry three beauty products on their big day.

Easy Way To Get A Streak-Free Glow In The Wintertime

Winter weather presents a tricky conundrum – the cold temperatures make it nearly impossible to get adequate sun exposure (leaving your complexion unfortunately pale) and the dry air sucks moisture out of your skin, making powder blushes looking cakey and unnatural.

Battling The Cold With Soft, Glowing Skin

There’s no time like the winter to realize how much you really depend on your lotion each and every day.

bronzGo Nude Like Kate And Michelleerarticle

Sporting barely-there makeup is a hot way to liven up your look, and we promise you won’t break any dress code violations.

Rock Short, Dark Nails This Winter

If your mom never let you out of the house with the black nail polish you attempted to hide on your way to middle school every morning, there’s a recurring trend that’s sure to turn heads this season and fulfill all of your dark impulses.

Eye Makeup Advice For Women With Thick Brows

It’s no secret that full brows are becoming increasingly popular. And while you may be relieved to be putting down the tweezers, you may want to rethink your beauty routine to make sure that your eye makeup is suited for thick arches.

Great Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your best friend or your mother, picking out a present can be stressful. But instead of racking your brain or wandering aimlessly around the mall, beauty products are a surefire way to wow the women in your life.