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The best products for a perfect holiday look

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

The best products for a perfect holiday lookWhether you’re getting ready for an office holiday gathering or a New Year’s Eve bash, perfecting party makeup for an end-of-the-year fiesta can be tough. You want to be festive without appearing over-the-top, elegant but not too formal.

While walking the line between holiday cheer and evening chic may seem tricky, it can be easy to master, as long as you’re armed with the right products and a bit of expert insight.

Glitter is perhaps the biggest component of great holiday makeup – it adds instant flash, while upping your look’s glam factor. Cover your lids with a shadow that is chock full of sparkle, like Too Faced Shimmer Veils, but remember to keep brightly colored pigment below your crease. A bold hue that contains a lot of shimmer can be too much for your entire eye. To create a gorgeous look that sparkles all over, use a glittery nude shadow above your crease and on your brow bone to add flash without overdosing on color.

You can also coat your lips with a shiny lip gloss that boasts a healthy helping of glitter. While some products contain pigment and shimmer, we suggest using a lip stain to add color to your pout and then finishing your smile with a sparkling formula, like Liptini Topper Lip Gloss in On the Rocks (silver glitter) or Spritzer (gold glitter). This way, you can replenish the shimmer throughout the night without worrying about adding too much color.

If you want to wear glittery makeup, remember to choose to emphasize one feature or the other – if you opt for sparkly eyes, a matte mouth or lips that boast a subtle sheen will be the perfect complement, and you won’t look like you are heading to Studio 54.

Glitter can be subtle as well. Too Faced Starry Eyed Liquid Eye Liner will add a small stripe of sparkle and the brand’s Electric Lash Ultra Thickening Mascara and Shimmering Topcoat will cover your lashes with a subtle sprinkling of glitter. If you are interested in a more refined sparkle, add a bit of shine by applying a shimmering highlighter like GloMinerals gloDust 24K, on your cheekbones and brow bones, and a touch in the center of your lower lip.

However, glitter isn’t for everybody – especially if your ensemble is sequined (then your outfit will already boast enough flash without sparkling makeup). Instead of showering your face in shimmer, opt for a pop of color instead. A bold red lip or a smoky cobalt eye will make any evening look come alive for the holiday season.

If you’re wearing a little black dress, you can get away with makeup of almost any hue (as long as it flatters your complexion as well, of course). But if the getup is a bright color, you have two options- select cosmetics that match your outfit or shades that contrast with it. While a bright pink pout will look fantastic with a magenta dress, plum eye shadow is a perfect pairing with a gold number – the choice is yours.

Remember – don’t forget your nails! No look is complete without a perfect manicure, and nail polish is easiest way to add sparkle or color (or both!) to your ensemble. Lippmann Collection offers a range of lacquers that contain a lot of glitter, like Across the Universe (navy polish with blue and green glitter) and Ruby Red Slippers (deep red polish with matching sparkles), as well as metallic formulas that provide a simple sheen, such as Stardust (platinum frost). Pop Beauty Nail Glam is available in a wide range of hues, from Nude (a basic neutral) to Tomato (a classic red) to Turquoise.

Expert advice to finding the perfect Christmas gift

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Expert advice to finding the perfect Christmas giftFinding a great Christmas gift can be tricky, and shoppers are running out of time to locate the perfect present. Luckily, etiquette expert Anna Post recently shared some gift-giving tips with

According to Post, bath and body gift sets are functional (everyone must bathe!), pretty and sure to be appreciated by all – who doesn't love being pampered? But remember to choose items that have a personalized touch.

"If friends recently traveled to Italy, make them a gift basket full of Italian gourmet treats and pampering products such as olive body butter. Include a personal note such as, 'I hope this gift takes you back to Italy!'" Post suggested to the news source.

Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Worldly Pleasures Collection is a wonderful treat for gals who adore the far east, while those with a sweet tooth may prefer Caswell-Massey Classic Vanilla Orchid Gift Set.

If you choose to put together your own collection of goodies, Post recommends selecting three products, such as hand lotion, lip balm and a candle. You can opt for items that boast the same scent, such as L'Occitaine Cherry Blossom products, or different treats that appeal to the recipient depending upon her mood – a peppermint body wash for invigoration, lavender bath salts for relaxation and and vanilla body lotion to indulge her.

Winter hair help

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Winter hair helpThe cold winter air can do more than sting your face – it can also affect your hair! However, you can keep your strands from becoming dry and lifeless with the right products.

According to Allure magazine, women should use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner twice a week. L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Shampoo and Conditioner will nourish and hydrate hair. However, you may not want to apply a rich formula all over your locks every day, especially if you have fine hair.

"Prevent limp, stringy hair by applying conditioner only from the ears to the ends of your hair," the news source suggests. "Try using a dry spray shampoo…before going out: They soak up oil but don't sit on the hair like baby powder." Clean Original Dry Shampoo will keep hair from looking greasy without weighing down your strands.

Finally, dry air is a breeding ground for static. The news provider recommends sleeping on a silk pillowcase and spraying your brush with hairspray before combing your locks to tame flyaways.

Remember – you won't want to cover your now-fantastic-looking locks with a hat, but you still need to keep warm. Slip on a pair of earmuffs to fight the freeze while showing off your stylish 'do.

Shave kits and fragrance sets – a great gift for him

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Shave kits and fragrance sets - a great gift for himShopping for a new beau can be tricky – you haven't been together long enough to give an overly intimate gift, but you want the present to express how much you care about him. Instead of picking up a sweater (too impersonal) or a fancy gold watch (too expensive for the beginning of a relationship!), opt for a gift set filled with products he'll appreciate and enjoy.

If your man hates his 5 o'clock shadow, a shave kit is a great idea. He'll get a closer shave and his face will always be kissably smooth. The eShave Ultimate Shaving Set includes fantastic products – pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave – as well as the right tools, such as a 3-blade razor and a shaving brush.

For a present that's a bit more intimate, why not give your guy a fragrance set? A collection of deliciously scented items is sure to be a hit. Most sets include a few different products like cologne, body wash and aftershave, that boast a single scent, such as the Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Gift Set. But there are also collections ideal for men with varied tastes.

The Giorgio Armani Your Scent Your Style Gift Set contains three of the brand's most popular fragrances, giving guys different scents to wear depending on their preference.

Jessica Alba’s sleek new bob

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Jessica Alba's sleek new bobWhile Jessica Alba has often been praised for her long and luscious locks, the actress recently stepped out wearing a much sleeker 'do. According to, Alba (pictured here, before the cut) sported a pin-straight bob that fell just above her shoulders on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

"I wanted to give her a modern take on the bob," hairstylist Renato Campora, who created the cut, told the news source. "The hair was meant to fall under her chin but above her shoulders. That is the perfect length to frame her face and still allow us to do updos if we want…This is a new direction for her and she's incredibly pleased with the cut."

In fact, Alba is so happy with her new hairstyle that she took to Twitter to post a picture of her bob and thank Campora.

Women who want a bob like Alba's should make sure they have the right products to tame their tresses. Hamadi Shea Leave In is a conditioner that straightens and adds shine without weighing down locks. Strands that need a bit more help may benefit from an anti-frizz serum, such as Leonor Greyl Serum de Soie Sublimateur, and a smoothing styling product like Hamadi Shea Hair Cream.

Natalie Portman on embracing red lipstick

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Natalie Portman on embracing red lipstickWhile it never surprises us to see Natalie Portman looking gorgeous, she has recently been stepping out in seriously glam makeup. The brunette beauty showed up at the Gotham Independent Film Awards wearing dark pink lipstick and long, thick lashes, and attended the New York City of her premiere with a crimson-colored pout and winged makeup on her upper lash line.

Interestingly enough, we may not be the only ones caught off guard by Portman's ultra-elegant, slightly dramatic appearance. When asked by Allure magazine about a look that she adores on others but is unsure of on herself, the actress pointed to her pout.

"I'm slowly being eased into red lipstick," Portman told the news source. "I think it looks really chic on other people, but I always felt a bit silly with it on."

While she may be a newbie to scarlet-hued lip color, we're impressed with how flawlessly Portman pulls off the glamorous look of old Hollywood. Her pout is always perfectly lined and features an impeccable sheen – not too glossy, not too matte. Additionally, her eye makeup defines her peepers without competing with her lip color.

Top 3 beauty products every bride should have in her clutch

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Top 3 beauty products every bride should have in her clutchAfter you say "I do" and head to the reception, you'll likely have a clutch in which you can store a few necessities. And while you may want to keep a large variety of makeup with you (a cosmetic security blanket, of sorts), reveals that brides only need to carry three beauty products on their big day.

Gals should make sure to bring lipstick – even long-lasting lip color is bound to come off during the wedding whether you're greeting relatives with a kiss hello, sipping champagne or smooching your sweetie, the news source reports.

Blotting papers are also a must-have. They are quickest way to eliminate shine and is more stress-free than powder – you won't have to worry about a cakey complexion or pigmented residue ruining your dress.

While blotting papers reduce shine, gals should also carry a small tube of concealer in case a minor (or major!) problem area needs a bit of extra coverage.

To make sure your face will look flawless, apply a bit of the concealer a few days before your wedding and snap some photographs. Study the pictures closely – if you can tell you're wearing makeup, select a different shade!

Easy way to get a streak-free glow in the wintertime

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Easy way to get a streak-free glow in the wintertimeWinter weather presents a tricky conundrum – the cold temperatures make it nearly impossible to get adequate sun exposure (leaving your complexion unfortunately pale) and the dry air sucks moisture out of your skin, making powder blushes looking cakey and unnatural.

So how do you fake a great glow in this cold season? Simple – use a cream blush! While this product can intimidate some – it can be hard to apply streak and blotch-free – makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff recently shared an expert tip with Allure magazine for a flawless application.

"I have one foundation brush for foundation, and one for cream blush. You just rub the bristles in the cream and spread it from the apples all along the cheekbones," she told the news source. "Then if there are any areas where you put too much, you can gently soften it with your fingers."

GloMinerals offers products perfect for achieving a wonderful, wintertime glow. GloMinerals Cream Blush Brush is specifically designed to apply gloCream Blush, which is available in three moisture-rich shades.

Battling the cold with soft, glowing skin

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Battling the cold with soft, glowing skinThere's no time like the winter to realize how much you really depend on your lotion each and every day.

To battle – and win – against the dry, bitter cold this winter, here's some basic advice to keep you glowing all season.

Start off each morning by exfoliating in the shower and washing with a moisturizing cream body wash. Ahava has a wonderful Gentle Body Exfoliator as well as its Pure Spa Stress Melt Butter Salt. The mood-lifting butter is like a creamy salt scrub with beneficial Dead Sea minerals that you rub right onto your skin. For the best exfoliation, try pairing with Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Wash. Its rich lather has micro-exfoliating properties as well as vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Next, you'll want to recover from the shower, as hot water can be nearly as hard for skin to weather as cold winds. Look for formulas with moisturizing and skin-soothing ingredients, such as aloe, shea or cocoa butter. Try L'Occitane's Shea Butter Body Lotion or a luxurious Caswell-Massey's Almond & Aloe Body Balm.

Go nude like Kate and Michelle

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Go  nude like Kate and MichelleSporting barely-there makeup is a hot way to liven up your look, and we promise you won't break any dress code violations.

Kate Winslet and Michelle Williams went bold and bare at a recent event, and the result was stunning. Both had flawless, dewy skin and fresh cheeks that they highlighted with a subtle pink blush. They opted for a skin-tone neutral shadow and a light coat of mascara, paired with thick, groomed brows and a soft petal pink lip.

It's a timeless beauty inspiration, but for the style-minded, the look of nude makeup is set to reappear this spring and summer in a big way.

This look will require you to put your best face forward, so try a cream foundation or tinted moisturizer to conceal flaws and even out your skin tone. GloMinerals has a tinted moisturizer that boasts antioxidants and a formula that will give you a year-round summer glow. Pair this with a gloBlush in a soft, subtle shade that matches your natural skintone.

Your eyes won't require much, but if you're of the mind to paint your lids, choose neutral colors. A coat or two of blinc Mascara will be all you'll need to accentuate your lashes for the day.

Finally, choose a nude or light pink lip gloss. Dabbing a touch of concealer onto your pout first for an extra pale lip.