SAFELY lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks. Seriously!

The best diet plan for losing 20 pounds fast, without being hungry and cranky, is HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). HCG is a water soluble hormone which selectively utilizes the stubborn stored fat in the tummy, “love handles”, butt and thighs.

Corrective Measures For Pasty Skin When Landing At Your Winter Getaway Destination

If you’re one of the lucky few escaping from the torrent of winter storms to a warm vacation hotspot this season, consider yourself blessed. You may be arriving at your tropical destination with a less-than-beach-goddess glow, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find much reason to complain.

Five Hot Nail-Polish Colors To Try This Winter

It’s a safe bet that the only colors we’ll be seeing outdoors for the next couple of months are white, gray, and well – more white. But, if you’re looking to add to your arsenal of winter-blues-beating tricks, consider trying some of these hot nail polish colors to add a healthy dose of color to everything you touch.

Celebs Spill Their Beauty Secrets

It’s no secret that women love getting beauty advice from celebrities. After all, looking great is part of their job, why wouldn’t we want some of their show-stopping tips?

Define Your Eyes For A Fresh-Faced Look

Whether you are rocking a bold lip color or want an understated look for a daytime brunch, sometimes it’s necessary to refrain from wearing dark eye makeup. However, that doesn’t mean that your lids should be naked. Instead, subtly enhance your eyes for a fresh, natural-looking appearance.

In this pro video series, Makeup Artist Erica Carr will show you how to play up your lighter eye color with some easy and quick makeup tips.

Glee Star Talks About His Off-Camera Style

Few shows on television right now are hotter than Glee. The musical comedy won three Golden Globe awards earlier this month and has attracted a slew of famous guest stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Neil Patrick Harris and John Stamos.

Four Steps To Smoky Eyes

While smoky eyes are one of the most alluring looks around, some women may be intimidated by the complicated application process. However, makeup artist Sandy Linter recently told O magazine that the perfect smoky eye can be achieved in four simple steps.

The Perfect Winter Pedicure

While many women only indulge in pedicures during sandal season, treating your feet in the cold months too can be a great pick-me-up. However, a winter pedicure requires a little more TLC than a summertime one.

The Key To Youthful Looking Hands

While many women spend time and money on age-defying products for their faces, it’s important to take care of your hands. But how should you go about making your hands appear more youthful?

Expert Advice For Flawless Concealer

While foundation is great at evening out your skin tone, sometimes you have a few imperfections that need a little extra help. To create a truly flawless face, a bit of concealer can do wonders – as long as it’s applied well.

Inside Insight About Kim Kardashian's Signature Sultry Stare

When some women move to a new location, they take the opportunity to change more than just their address – they often opt for a new look as well. However it seems that one famous face won’t be altering her beauty routine as she switches coasts.