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Pete Wentz sports natural curls

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Pete Wentz sports natural curlsWhile beauty blogs are often abuzz due to Ashley Simpson's ever-changing hairstyles – she recently hacked off her long, auburn-colored locks for a blonde, gamine cut – it seems that her husband has stolen her tress-centered spotlight. Pete Wentz recently made headlines when he stepped out sporting a natural, relatively un-styled 'do.

Wentz is known for his stick-straight strands, but attended a press event in Detroit rocking curls. This may be surprising to many people who thought his hair was naturally straight.

"Here's the thing about hair – I think most people think that I have Lego hair, like I can just take it on and off in one piece, and that's not quite the case – although pretty close," he told People magazine in 2008. "I refer to this [phenomenon] as Lego hair, when people think that about me."

Of course, men who want to style their hair can opt for formulas specifically designed for their locks. Jack Black offers a plethora of products, such as Sleek Finish Texture Cream and High Definition Hair Pomade, that are lightweight and fragrance-free, so men won't look (or smell) like they spent hours on their hair – even if they did!

Would you wear neon eyeshadow?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Would you wear neon eyeshadow?There are some beauty trends that look fantastic on the runway but rarely translate well to everyday life, such as blue lipstick and red eyeshadow. And while these looks are often attempted by stars who go for shock value, such as Ke$ha and Taylor Momsen, celebs with a more classic approach to beauty don't usually step outside of the box – until now.

At the UK premiere of her latest film, Morning Glory, Rachel McAdams walked the red carpet looking gorgeous as always. She wore a knee-length printed dress and complemented it with soft, tousled hair and sheer lip gloss.

However, McAdams infused her look with a bit of the unexpected by sporting a touch of neon gold eyeshadow. The electric pigment was concentrated close to her lash line and didn't extend past her crease. To make sure her lashes weren't overpowered by the strong shade, she also wore a few coats of jet black mascara.

By using a bright color to enhance just one feature, McAdams kept controlled and refrained from looking like a clown. While we aren't used to seeing such bold makeup on such a traditional beauty, it's nice to see stars taking a risk on the red carpet.

Stars dying their hair for 2011

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Stars dying their hair for 2011When a new year begins, many women decide to make a change in their lives, whether it's joining a gym or getting more sleep every night. In Hollywood, however, it seems that some of the most famous faces are ringing in 2011 with a different alteration – dying their hair.

Lauren Conrad, who rose to fame as a sunny blonde on the hit MTV reality show Laguna Beach and then got her own series, The Hills, recently made headlines when she darkened her honey-colored hair. Of course, her locks weren't completely brown – Conrad's new brunette 'do still featured a bit of blonde in some face-framing highlights.

Another reality television star, Khloe Kardashian, dyed her hair as well. The socialite lightened her trademark espresso-brown tresses to a warmer, red hue that brightened her complexion and softened her features.

"So far I love it! It's fun! Different," Khloe told People magazine. "And I have never been red before so why not? I wanted to stand out for a little bit."

While Conrad hasn't seemed to change the makeup she wears, it appears that Kardashian has been going a bit easier on the cosmetics, showing up at the People's Choice Awards wearing a smoky but soft eyeshadow and warm pink lipstick.

Combat unemployment with cosmetics?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Combat unemployment with cosmetics?While many women affected by the high unemployment rates are fixing up their resumes and perfecting their interview skills to get back into the workforce, they may want to put down the laptop and pick up some eyeshadow. According to Reuters, an unemployment agency in France is offering a free day of pampering to boost their confidence.

"This is about giving them back their pluck. Makeup changes your life simply and quickly," makeup artist Regine Ferrere told the news source. "Touching people and talking to them is far better than giving them a pill or sending them to the psychologist's office."

Women received advice about beauty products, application and how to look best for a job interview. And while a resume may still be one the most important component when trying to secure a job, people shouldn't neglect their overall look.

"Skills are the main reason people find jobs, but [appearance] is a plus. The first impression one makes on an employer is very important," Pascal Dumont, head of an unemployment agency in Paris, told the news provider.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States' unemployment rate was 9.4 percent in December 2010.

Eva Longoria’s concealer catastrophe

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Eva Longoria's concealer catastropheWhile we all take an occasional makeup misstep, we are usually able to forget the error in a few days. Celebrities whose every moves are documented by the paparazzi, however, are not so lucky, as their cosmetic catastrophes are often photographed and preserved for years to come.

Though she regularly flaunts a flawless, golden glow, Eva Longoria recently stepped out with unblended concealer, resulting in chalky, white powder under her eyes.

However, this may not have been Eva's fault. In fact, it may not have been visible to anybody who saw the Desperate Housewives star in person that night. Instead, it may have been an unfortunate side-effect of the paparazzi flashbulbs.

"To be fair to Eva, the concealer definitely didn't look like that in the bathroom mirror," reports "A lot of cosmetics have reflective particles in them to add a bit of extra glow. Unfortunately, these particles can make for one alien-looking photo op."

To ensure that your concealer won't make you look like a ghost in photographs taken on a fun night out, apply your makeup and snap a few pictures before heading out. If you notice any discolored patches, fix your makeup accordingly.

Can you wear warm colors in wintertime?

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Can you wear warm colors in wintertime?When the temperatures start dropping, many women transition from the warm colors of summer to the cooler tones often associated with winter. Silver-flecked navys, purples and blue-toned reds are popular when the snow starts falling, but what about women who prefer yellows and oranges?

While warmer tones may be a bit more tricky to pull off in the winter, it's not impossible, according to makeup artist Debra Ferullo, who recently created a sizzling, sun-kissed look for Drew Barrymore. According to InStyle magazine, Ferullo was inspired by Drew's saffron-colored ensemble.

"It reminded us of something you'd wear during the summer in St. Tropez, so I warmed her skin a few shades darker than it's natural tone using two shades of beige liquid makeup," she told the news source.

However, tan skin isn't the only key to adding warmth to your complexion in colder months. According to, Ferullo gave Drew a natural-looking flush with a berry-hued cream blush and completed the look with a gold and plum eyeshadow and sheer melon lip gloss.

Fun Girly Pinup Look

Monday, January 10th, 2011

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Too Faced - Liquid Lava Glossy Eyeliner

Too Faced – Liquid Lava Glossy Eyeliner

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Remember body concealer before heading on vacation

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Remember body concealer before heading on vacationSome ladies like the winter because of the stylish clothes that come with the season – sweaters, boots, knit stockings. Others, however, prefer the cold because it allows them to don long layers that cover up various imperfections that they'd rather not flaunt.

But what about women heading for warmer weather? Those preparing to take a tropical vacation (or live in a climate that's mild year-round) may be uneasy about wearing clothes that show off scars or beauty marks usually hidden by long sleeves and pants.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. Gals can wear short shorts and still keep an imperfection hidden by using body makeup.

"After hearing too many rounds of the dreaded question 'What's that?,' I resorted to wearing a waterproof concealer that stayed true throughout sweaty track runs and competitive volleyball games," wrote an analyst at

Dermablend Cover Creme SPF 30 will conceal bruises, scars, birthmarks – even tattoos – and contains SPF 30 to protect skin from sun damage. The high-pigment formula will last for up to 12 hours, so wearing summery garments can be a carefree experience.

Glee actress’ beauty secrets

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Glee actress' beauty secretsHeather Morris has proved that she's certainly one to watch. The Glee starlet, who has previously appeared on TV as a backup dancer for Beyonce, was promoted to series regular this year on the hit FOX television series, headlining the Britney Spears episode and snagging some of the program's most memorable one-liners.

However, she is also turning heads thanks to her lovely blonde locks and flawless face. And while ladies all over the world may want to glean some beauty advice from Morris, it seems that her routine is fairly simple.

"What do I use on my blonde hair to keep it shiny? I just wash it. The end," Morris told Teen Vogue. "Like most dancers, I love lip stains. We hate lip gloss because hair gets stuck in it."

When asked about her makeup history, it appears that the dancer-turned-actress first started experimenting with cosmetics at a young age.

"I was too young, and my mom didn't want me to wear makeup, but I was 11-years-old and I had two older sisters and they wore makeup, so I had to, and I probably shouldn't have," she explained. "When I'm a parent, I'm not letting my children wear makeup before the age of 16."

Rock highlighter in the wintertime

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Rock highlighter in the wintertimeThe winter can lead to a change in your complexion. And while dull skin is often treated with moisturizers and lotions, women looking for a quick pick-me-up can use a highlighter for an easy fix.

However, the key to a realistic glow is applying the highlighter in moderation – you shouldn't look like you ran through a sparkling rainstorm. To curb a glitter overload, Allure magazine suggests combining the highlighter with foundation. The mixture will deposit shimmer – not color – to your skin.

You can use a cream or a powder, whichever formula you prefer. Apply the highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and the inner corner of your eyes for subtle radiance after you've put on your other cosmetics.

"Focus on the tops of the bones so it looks like the light is catching them," makeup artist Pati Dubroff told the news outlet. You can also use highlighter on your pout, shoulders and collarbone.

Finally, the news source recommends using a separate brush for the shimmer so that your blush and foundation brushes aren't flecked with glitter.