Three Ways To Look Ballerina-Perfect

Given Natalie Portman’s plight in Black Swan, not all of us necessarily want to embrace ballerina perfection, but there are ways to borrow chic style tips from the world of dance without driving yourself crazy in the process.

Myth: Eye Creams Work The Same On Everyone

Certain beauty products look the same on everyone – no matter what your skin condition or coloring is like, just about any lady can benefit from the same mascaras, liners and lip balms.

Makeup Brushes Are The Great Equalizer

If you’ve ever studied the airbrushed photos that grace the magazine covers, you probably wondered if you could ever get your makeup to look that good.

Everyone’s favorite, the Smokey Eye! Makeup Artist Erica Carr will teach you how to create that perfect, intense Smokey Eye.

There's More Than One Way To Get Model-Worthy Lashes

If you’ve ever wondered how models appear flawless, rest assured – your makeup would look just as amazing if you had a team of professionals styling you up too.

Pro Tips For Nabbing An Enviable Sun-Kissed Glow

By now many of us are aware of the dangers of tanning, and often opt for safer methods of achieving the same sun-kissed glow. Self-tanners and spray tanning products are now being endorsed by professionals, who want us all to know that we’ll look that much sexier for taking care of our bodies.

Faking A Beachy Mane, Even If You're Nowhere Near The Surf

February may seem bleak compared to the promise of sandy dunes in the summer, but there are ways you can satisfy your beach cravings now, even if you can’t afford to book a trip to the tropics.

The Best Makeup For An Office Party

Whether you are welcoming a new CEO or bidding adieu to a coworker, office functions can occur fairly often. However, looking ready to party while also appearing professional can be tricky. So what kind of makeup is best for such an event?

Styling Tips For A Stick-Straight Up-Do

Perhaps it’s been years since you’ve heated up your straightening iron, but apparently, super-straight hair is in again.

Why Keeping Makeup Too Long Can Be Dangerous

It’s natural to want to get the most use out of your products, but in many cases, makeup will expire before we get the chance to use all of it.

A Little Baby Fat Goes A Long Way As You Age

After spending so many of our younger years focusing exclusively on slimming down, it can come as somewhat of a surprise to women that a little plumpness can do a world of good as aging begins. Sofia Vergara certainly knows this, and she made sure to mention it during an interview with Shape magazine.

The Debate On Age-Appropriate Makeup

National debate has swirled around the issue of age-appropriate makeup as of late as girls begin to experiment with cosmetics at increasingly younger ages.