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Going down under with coral shadows

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Going down under with coral shadowsYou don't need to be a Barrier Reef native to rock fresh, coral-toned shadows this spring, as this is one color family that's becoming quite the hot commodity around the world.

"Coral is the new black when it comes to runway-inspired makeup tendencies," according to "Makeup artists use the pastel or more flashy tones of this hue to create dazzling and hyper-dainty makeup looks."

That's because coral is the perfect middle ground between fleshy, neutral tones and the pastel hues typical of spring, both of which are major ticket items on this season's makeup trend roster.

Girls of all complexions can easily liven up their glow with a liberal sweep of coral shadow across their lids and their creases. This super-fresh look is best worn without too many competing shadows or liners, but a few coats of mascara and perhaps a touch of gold shimmer on the inner corners will be just the thing to really help you stand out.

Ladies can’t live without MOOM waxing kits

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Ladies can't live without MOOM waxing kitsMany of you may have never heard of this beauty brand, but according to, Amazon reported that Moom Express Pre-Waxed Strips For Face and Bikini are one of six top-selling products on their website.

These natural wax strips come with chamomile and lavender botanicals to soothe the delicate skin on your face and bikini area while providing a thoroughly effective hair removal treatment. The ready-to-use strips remove hair along with the root, which means you’ll enjoy silky smooth skin for up to two months. It’s easy enough for first-time users and those on the go, which leaves little wonder why these kits are selling like hot-cakes.

Additionally, the product’s formula comes with natural finishing oil that contains jojoba and cucumber oil, which soothes, moisturizes and helps remove left-over wax, making it a great option for those with sensitive skin.

MOOM also sells other top-quality hair removal products, such as its Organic Hair Removal Kit with Tea Tree and its For Men Hair Removal System Kit.

Shaving treats to bring you to the razor’s edge of delight

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Shaving treats to bring you to the razor's edge of delight We know shaving is a routine task for most men and women, but who said it had to be a droll, monotonous activity? You can turn your grooming sessions into regular treats for yourself by investing in a few choice products.

Ladies may well be tired of their razor routine, and for good reason. Many products just aren’t designed to keep up with the needs of women with sensitive skin. Why not opt for something along the lines of a MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit with Rose Essence? These formulas are gentle, and with aromatic rose, you’ll get the pampering experience you secretly crave.

If you’re not so ready to ditch the shaving cream, it’s highly recommended that you indulge your senses with a fragrant product – Whish Shave Crave Shave Cream comes in intoxicating lemongrass, pomegranate and almond scents.

As for men, you may not only need a new lather to bring you to shave heaven, but an after-shave upgrade may be in the works for you. Take Caswell-Massey‘s After Shave Balm for a spin – its formula contains a blend of natural oils, sea kelp and algae with natural extracts and vitamin.

How to keep your makeup an utter secret

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

How to keep your makeup an utter secretEver wondered if it was possible to do a full face of makeup without anyone being able to tell? It seems that some of the big names in fashion can, as minimalism played a big hand in some recent Fall 2011 shows.

"'No-makeup makeup' was how makeup artist Dick Page explained the look at Marc by Marc Jacobs, and it was an apt description: Page didn’t have to do much," reports. "He started by massaging a healthy dose of [night cream] onto the complexion (giving skin a lovely sheen) and followed it up with a little translucent powder, blush, and lip balm."

Some of you may be wondering what the point would be, but let us tell you – looking effortlessly flawless is always worth it, and it doesn't require a whole lot of rocket science.

Stick to shadows, blushes and lip colors in the same color family as your natural skin tone, though playing up the rosy tones just a tad is an excellent way to bring a rush of feminine appeal to your face.

Use blush for an instant pick-me-up

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Use blush for an instant pick-me-upIf you've been keeping up any makeup routine at all, you probably know by now that most of us look better with just a touch of blush on our cheeks, no matter how youthful or natural our looks.

As women get older, in particular, blush becomes a useful tool to help retain a healthy glow. Mature skin requires a slightly different set of rules, however, as some of the same products you used in your 20s are probably not fit for your most flattering look later on in life.

Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Litner and top beauty editor Lois Joy Johnson recommend applying blush to the cheekbones rather than the apples of the cheeks for an instant face-lift, USA Weekend reports.

Moving your pigment just a bit higher helps takes the emphasis away from fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and toward the structured part of your face. For an even more enhanced glow, use subtle cream highlighters on your cheekbones and browbones, but avoid the shimmer, as glittery products may not be the most flattering option.

New season? New you (on springtime color changes)

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

New season? New you (on springtime color changes)There's no time like spring to harness the energy of renewal – but why stop with budding blooms, balmier temperatures and a brighter, lightweight wardrobe? If your wintertime tresses aren't exactly uplifting, you can take the situation into your own hands and reinvent yourself with a fresh hair color.

The common mistake many women make is assuming that warmer temperatures necessarily mean lighter hair colors. While this is often true in a natural sense, what with the hair-lightening propensity of a week at the beach, your own personal transformation is entirely under your jurisdiction.

Stuck on ideas? If you already have highlights, consider adding a second tone. Perhaps you never considered what your head of blonde streaks would look like with some strawberry highlights, or maybe adding some smokey lowlights to your tresses can give you the sort of intrigue you never thought of.

Whatever mode you choose, remember that color-treated hair requires its own set of special treatment products to keep it healthy and conditioned. Indulge in an ultra rich hair mask once a week to restore shine, smoothness and vitality to your hair.

We must, we must, we must enhance our busts

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

We must, we must, we must enhance our bustsIn this case, we're not referring to any bust-increasing antics. We're talking about real, pertinent skincare that addresses the anti-aging concerns of your delicate decolletage, which is one part of your body you don't always expect to require this kind of attention.

For one, cosmetic dermatologist Ranella Hirsch told that some of the same ingredients that minimize the signs of aging on your face can also be your ____ (breast friend, bosom pal, you fill in the blank). Applying nighttime treatments rich in retinol and antioxidants will help you retain your youthful looks.

Not sure where to look to find such specialized products? Many retailers make skin treatments and anti-aging products specifically for the neck – these work quite well to address the needs of the delicate skin below.

Miss Oops Goblet Goop Firming Neck & Chest Cream is designed with your decolletage in mind, containing SPF, moisturizing and firming properties that all work together to give you younger-looking skin.

Rolling in with nude spring lipstick shades

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Rolling in with nude spring lipstick shadesWe realize by now that some of you have only been hearing about how bright, vivid lip colors are making their mark this season, leaving you with the sense that the other shoe is about to drop. If you had that feeling, you’re definitely correct – as with so many popular trends, there’s often an opposite obsession that makes its debut at around the same time.

This spring? Nude lip colors are also much sought-after items. Lest you be fooled, however, that just because these are understated tones, we thought we’d offer some advice to set you up with the perfect pink, peach or beige.

Accoding to, champagne-tinted lipsticks are best for those with fair complexions, as the goal is to warm up your natural lip color. True beige and pinkish nude is great for medium-toned gals, who look ravishing in either rosy or caramel-toned palettes. Dark-skinned ladies should avoid the pink and go for brown-based colors.

That’s all good if you’re looking for a natural-looking shine to your pout, but some women want to take this idea all the way and go for a slightly more muted mouth. For a more dramatic nude lip, apply a small touch of concealer to your lips and top with sheer or tinted balm. And if you’d like to experiment with different shades, just try out a new lipstick.

Emmy Rossum loves to let the conditioner stay for a while

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Emmy Rossum loves to let the conditioner stay for a whileIf any of you haven't turned wise to the benefits of a leave-in conditioner or hair mask, let Shameless star Emmy Rossum teach you how to hold your head up high.

Rossum told that she loves to use a shine-inducing spray for her hair. "Even if my hair just gets really dry, it masks any dryness," Rossum told the news source. "I like to sleep in conditioner. I find that really restores dry hair. So those are my little tricks."

Leave-in conditioner is the perfect beauty aide for ladies with curly or frizzy hair, making hair more soft and manageable throughout the day by packing an extra punch that most standard products simply don't carry.

If you're looking for something extra special with which to treat your tresses, a luxurious hair mask can take care of your needs in a most intoxicating way. A creamy formula, such as L'Occitane Ultra Rich Hair Cream Mask, is perfect for restoring moisture and shine to your locks.

Why mineral makeup is good for your glow (and your carry-on)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Why mineral makeup is good for your glow (and your carry-on)Regardless of what's compelling you to hold on to your liquid makeup, there's a growing body of evidence to support the benefits of mineral makeup, and it seems as though they're not just limited to justifying how healthy and good you'll look.

According to Reuters, mineral makeup is a great alternative to liquid because it'll cancel out your airplane anxiety when figuring out what to pack in your carry-on. Yes, it's fine to bring liquid concealers and foundations – but this way there won't be any doubt, and you'll get the combined benefits of three products in one.

"As you know, multitasking products are an important part of efficient packing," the news source explains. "Typically, [mineral makeup] doesn’t have preservatives or parabens, and it’s pretty high quality stuff. You can use the loose powder as a concealer or foundation by adding a little water and using a specific brush, then fluff powder over the top with a kabuki brush and you are good to go!"

This can apply to virtually any situation, of course – whether you're trying to trim time off your morning routine or looking for a high-quality cosmetics item that will take up less space in your purse, these minerals have got you covered.