More Reasons To Let The Real You Shine Through

As if you needed anyone to tell you that the less face makeup you wear, the more beautiful you’ll ultimately look. Still, though, many women have flaws they’d rather see covered up, but if you can manage to minimize the undesirables while still retaining a natural look, all the more power to you.

Put That Tester Down!

Somewhere in the backs of our minds, we know that it’s not a good idea to apply the same tube of lipstick that countless others have been trying – yet we do it anyway for the sake of convenience when we’re out sampling makeup at the department store.

How To Be Photogenic In Pictures

As many of you who have ever stood before a camera know, the way you look in the mirror before you leave the house isn’t necessarily the way you’ll look in photographs. To help you stay abreast of this riddling dichotomy, here are a few tips to make yourself up for the cameras as well as for the real world.

Some Winter Hues Are Truly Evergreen

Spring is definitely the time to trade in your winter color palette for something a bit more vibrant and uplifting, but that doesn’t mean that all of your December favorites have no business in the warmer months.

Lip Gloss Has Been Poppin' Since The 1930s

Even certain pop culture classics that tout the poppin’ status of a pout can’t claim to be the first to do so. According to, lip gloss was quite popular during the 1930s, which was right around when it arrived on the scene.

Backing Up That Color Change

In light of Blake Lively’s recent turn to strawberry fields (specifically, we’re referring to her recent redhead conversion), we thought we’d address all of you out there who are probably in the mood for a spring renewal of your own.

Essential Oils Are Earth-Friendly And Oh-So-Luxurious

Next time you duck into the shower, reconsider your routine – there are so many more natural alternatives to the highly processed products weighing down your shower rack, and beyond that, they’re less damaging to the environment.

On Pampering Your Locks

You treat your body to some relaxing time out, sink into fragrant bubble baths and lather your skin with luxurious masks and essential oils – so why not do the same for your hair?

True Story: Piecey Hair Is Today's Perfection

Not that there’s anything remotely wrong with prim, pin-straight hair or flawless spirals that look like they’re fresh off the curling iron, but today’s vision of glamour involves tousled, piecey hair that is gorgeously imperfect.

In part 1 of this video tutorial, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr goes over Kim Kardashian inspired eye makeup!

Your Body Is A Temple - Blush Accordingly

Consider the way you look after a day in the sun – are the apples of your cheeks the only part of your face that receive a dose of healthy color? We think you know what the answer is, which is why we’re encouraging you to look skyward as you extend your blush to your temples and forehead.

Brush Your Way To A Flawless Mug

Even the most expert makeup gurus can’t attain quite the same level of makeup perfection without using a brush, and here’s why – brushes not only help one be precise with the application of the makeup, but they aid in distributing the pigments in a much more even fashion.