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Your body is a temple – blush accordingly

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Your body is a temple - blush accordinglyConsider the way you look after a day in the sun – are the apples of your cheeks the only part of your face that receive a dose of healthy color? We think you know what the answer is, which is why we're encouraging you to look skyward as you extend your blush to your temples and forehead.

"Pat McGrath – the makeup guru who engineered the blushing-at-the-temples look for Versace spring show – rightly notes that blush sitting on the apples of your cheeks alone has a tendency to look oddly 'done,'" writes "Kind of like you're on your way to your first dance recital or a retiree who didn't have her bifocals on when on when she was slapping on some color."

This is also a good trick to keep in your back pocket for days when you need a bit of a wake-me-up. Nothing can perk you up more than a healthy dose of blush applied to your cheekbones and temples, as opposed to color positioned on the center of your cheeks, which will likely make you look a little tired and weighed down.

Brush your way to a flawless mug

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Brush your way to a flawless mugEven the most expert makeup gurus can't attain quite the same level of makeup perfection without using a brush, and here's why – brushes not only help one be precise with the application of the makeup, but they aid in distributing the pigments in a much more even fashion.

Take it from beauty editor Lois Joy Johnson, who told that foundation brushes and concealer brushes are two of the top three beauty items a woman should own.

"A foundation brush really makes the difference between putting on foundation and having it look like skin, and putting on foundation and having it sit on top of your face like makeup," she told the news source. "Whether you use a concealer brush to pad on opaque concealer over brown spots or over blemishes, it still gives you more accuracy and helps you to get all the angles around what you're doing."

Depending on whether or not you use more liquid or powder makeup, it's important to investigate which kinds of brushes are right for you. Whether you you opt for synthetic or natural hair brushes, finding the right tool can be the difference between makeup mediocrity and mastery.

Would you use makeup to enhance your cleavage?

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Would you use makeup to enhance your cleavage?Yep, you heard us right – there's apparently a way to create the illusion of fuller breasts using just a bit of bronzer and shadow.

According to, the technique is similar to those used to contour one's face. Choose a bronzer that looks natural on your complexion and blend it into your existing cleavage (and the keyword here is blend!). Next, apply a lighter-colored eyeshadow to the top of your breasts to bring out the contrast, making sure to blend it all in extra well.

Some of you may have doubts about the effectiveness of this trick, however, and we're not about to bust your bubble. There are other ways to enhance one's chest that don't involve makeup.

Look for skin-firming creams designed for the neck and decolette area – these may not make you grow a cup size, but they will help create the appearance of firmer skin, ultimately enhancing the visage of your ta-tas. Weight-lifting and toning exercises for your pectoral muscles should also do a little bit of magic.

Pastels are your ticket to pretty this spring

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Pastels are your ticket to pretty this springEvery season comes with its own set of unique advantages, and this spring, pastels will look as lovely as ever. If you've gotten tired of the dark, netural tones that characterize winter, now's the time to embrace the seasonal change and upgrade your makeup.

If you were wearing a deep shade of blush in the winter (to match those holiday color palettes), lighten up with something sweet like a cotton candy pink, berry shade or even coral if you're into warmer hues.

Eyes are decidedly where one gets to have the most fun. Experiment with soft, pastel shadows, neon-colored eyeliners and even colorful shades of mascara for a subtle hint of eye-opening radiance. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit, but if you'd rather stick to basics, the monochromatic shadow look is all the rage. Apply your color of choice to your upper lid only, or blend around for a subtle smokey eye effect.

As for lips, keeping your pout sweet and natural is always the way to go – if your mouth needs to do more talking, indulge in a honeysuckle or berry lip stain.

Top 3 nighttime beauty fixes

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Top 3 nighttime beauty fixesNight isn’t just your chance to revisit that awesome recurring dream you’ve been having. It’s literally and figuratively your time to get your beauty rest, so that you not only wake up feeling poised and refreshed, but so your cells have enough time to do their turnaround.

In this spirit, here are the top three nighttime beauty fixes to go to bed with:

1. Heavy night cream. There are specialized products developed for virtually any age range, but heavy cream is a beauty staple for anyone ranging from women in their 20s to mature women hitting retirement age. This soothing dose of moisturizing goodness will leave your skin feeling refreshed, recharged and smooth as a baby’s bottom.

2. Heavy-duty lip balm. Even in the summer when your lips aren’t so dry, it’s important to keep your lips moisturized at night. Lips are more sensitive than the rest of your face, so they need extra TLC, especially at night.

3. Cuticle cream or hand cream. It’s important to moisturize your body every day, but hands tend to take the worst beating. For that reason, it’s important to give your manos (and your cuticles, if you’re a biter) a bit of extra loving before you hit the sack.

Would you match your lipstick to your eye color?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Would you match your lipstick to your eye color?We’ve talked about matching eyeshadow to one’s hair color, matching or contrasting your shadow to your irises, and now, we’re exploring the possibility of finding one’s perfect lipstick shade by using your eye color as a reference. No, we’re not suggesting that blue-eyed gals get freaky with a tube of sapphire lipstick – the advice is much more subtle than that.

According, makeup artist Tim Quinn maintains that any lady can look good with a red pout, provided she knows how to bring out her eyes. Quinn recommends orangey-red lipstick for light brown, hazel or green eyes, “Wonder Woman” red for blue-eyed gals and berry tints for those with dark brown eyes, which normally have tints of mahogany and purple.

In this same vein, we wonder if this provides a good basis for lipsticks of all color families. See for yourself – do those with brown tints in their eyes generally look best in taupe, bronze or brown lip stains? And can you emulate that fresh blue tint in cool tones of pink for blue-eyed ladies. We’d say there’s a whole lot of other factors that go into the decision as well (such as skin tone, hair color and so on), but it’s always fun to have a basis for experimentation.

If you’d like to discover more lipstick options and bolder colors, check out Lipstick Queen.

How to get your makeup to stay and stay

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

How to get your makeup to stay and stayMakeup, like all things, is transient – but that doesn't mean it needs to give up on you before you're ready for it to. To make sure that your makeup outlasts the stresses of the day, here are a few essential products all ladies should have in their makeup bags.

1. Base primer (for face and eyes). Primer is not the same thing as foundation – it's actually a bit airier and it works to even out the skin's texture before you apply your makeup, also serving to keep it there for longer. As for the eyes, you'll never have to worry about creased or smudged eyeshadow when you've got a base primer working to back you up.

2. Translucent powder. This is one catch-all item that has more uses than you'd think at first glance. Beyond helping to keep your face makeup intact, powder can also be used on the eyes and lips to keep eyeliner from smearing and provide a more resilient base for your lip color.

3. Waterproof mascara. You may be privy to all kinds of environmental (and internal) stresses throughout the day, so make sure your mascara doesn't run away with you too.

Royal wedding melee and makeup predictions

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Royal wedding melee and makeup predictionsKate Middleton has been the subject of so much talk in the months following the announcement of her engagement to Prince William, and with days (gasp!) left until the big day, people everywhere are itching with anticipation to see her get-up as she steps out before the world in Westminster Abbey.

There's been enough talk about her dress to fill up an epic tome, but we're especially curious to see what her wedding day makeup will look like. Since she's doing it herself (take that, convention!), it's interesting to consider whether she'll doll herself up in her usual style or go for something a bit more daring and unique.

In any case, sources say Kate was spotted shopping for makeup last week, which leads us to presume she's getting stocked for her big day. "Kate bought eye makeup and basics that were a shade darker than she usually uses in the winter," a source told Us Weekly. "Something better suited to a tan."

Perhaps Kate's forecasting her makeup needs for her honeymoon, or maybe she'll be sporting a bit of a darker complexion than her usual ivory self on April 29. Whatever the case, we're sure she'll look fantastic.

How to give yourself a royal treatment

Monday, April 25th, 2011

How to give yourself a royal treatmentIf you’ve already had it up to here with “the royal wedding this” and “the royal wedding that,” have mercy on us. We couldn’t help but be intrigued by Kate Middleton’s choice to do her own makeup for the grand affair, especially when you bear in mind the vast influence she’s had over feminine style and sensibility.

Perhaps Miss Middleton is here to teach us that you don’t need to shell out big bucks in order to look your best, especially if you already look amazing given the makeup skills you’ve perfected over the years.

Either way, we’re sure some of you are clamoring for a piece of the royal pie too – here are some basic do-it-yourself beauty tips, inspired by the ever glamorous and practical Kate.


Ever wondered how Kate managed to keep her skin so radiant and flawless through the months-long media circus that ensued following her engagement? Alright, we relent, not all of us have our photographs airbrushed when we make public appearances, but at least we can’t chalk this one up to our lack of a team of professional makeup artists.

Fortunately for us, it’s not beyond our grasp to get our hands on the same products that Kate relies on to nourish her dewy complexion. Ever since she was introduced to them by a friend, Kate swears by products developed by Swiss beauty brand Karin Herzog, according to Karin Herzog’s U.K. managing director, Julie Cichocki, told the news source that Kate uses the Professional Cleanser, the Vita-A-Kombi 1, the Vita-A-Kombi 3 Spot Zapper and the Oxygen Face Cream.

This last ingredient in particular is something that will let women everywhere breathe a little easier – Karin Herzog was one of the first companies to use oxygen in its beauty products.

“Stress is the number one culprit for depleting oxygen in the skin, and, poor girl, what could be more stressful than an international announcement of a royal wedding, with cameras from every news agency pointed at you,” Cichocki told the news source. “A wedding of any kind is stressful for a bride, and still, her skin looked just beautiful – dewy, plump, fresh.”


You and I both know that we wouldn’t be so captivated by Kate’s effortless glamor if it weren’t for those commercial-worthy chestnut locks.

Kate’s hair is the next shiniest thing besides her engagement ring, so ladies who want to cop her look should reach for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. A shine-enhacing serum or spritzer can help add a little extra reflective oomph.

As for that classic polished style, instructs women everywhere to nab it for themselves using “the round-brush twist.”

“Using a medium-sized, boar-bristle round brush, blow out your hair as usual, until it’s about 80 percent dry,” the news source explains. “Then start rolling sections onto the brush and [flip] it vertical to your head. Hold each section that way and blast with heat from the dryer for several seconds, then pull the brush straight down until the hair slides up and off.”

Voila – you’ve got sleek, subtle ringlets that will make for a rather royal impression.


Last but not least, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the beauty prowess that is now so accessible to women everywhere. Kate has inspired many with her clean, basic makeup that bodes well for a run down the grocery aisle just as well as it does for a professional photoshoot.

With the already-impeccable complexion you acquired thanks to Kate’s skincare regimen, apply just enough tinted moisturizer or foundation to even out your skintone.

A soft, rosy blush paired with sheer pink or neutral gloss will add the subtlest tint of color to lips and cheeks, as eyes are what tend to steal the show in true Middletonian fashion. A basic rim of black or dark brown liner applied to the top and bottom lash line is of utmost importance, followed by a couple coats of black mascara and a pencil or mousse to get those brows in tip-top shape.

If you thought that was easy, rest assured – the hard part largely involves waiting on that prince to show.

Your endless guide to looking natural

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Your endless guide to looking naturalFor a look that shouldn’t make you appear much different than your natural self, there are so many ways to pull off a nude makeup style, especially if you’re yearning for some versatility in your morning (or evening) routine. To help you navigate the sea of flattering, effortless choices, here’s a quick pocket guide that will assist you in making up your mind as well as your face.

For your glow

There’s so much that goes in to having great skin, but most of it can be explained rather simply. Eat well, stay well-rested, drink plenty of water and get your weekly dose of fitness. As the largest organ on your body, your skin presents a tangible reflection of your body’s health, so great skincare always starts with great youcare.

Beyond that, there are quality skincare products available that will help you slip into your most beautiful skin yet. Remember – the key to a natural makeup look is having a beautiful complexion that speaks for itself. Your skincare routine will ultimately be devised based on your skin type and individual set of needs, but virtually every woman’s regimen should involve a non-drying cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream and any other supplements and serums you might need to target specific concerns.

When your skin is hydrated and healthy, you probably won’t require too much makeup to achieve a flawless complexion, but for whatever problem areas your routine doesn’t correct on its own, using high quality foundations, concealers and powders can help you get that extra boost.

For a timeless, natural look, mineral makeup has been all the rage as of late. Many formulas, such as BABOR Mineral Powder Foundation, are designed to do the work of three products in one, offering unbeatable coverage with a matte, natural finish that conceals as it evens out your skin tone.

Once you’ve got a flawless base, making your complexion pop with some subtle hints of blush and highlighting creams is the perfect finish for a radiant mug. Stick to a cream or powder blush in the rose or peach color family, striving to stick to shades that closely match the tone of your natural glow. Swirl onto the apples of your cheeks and up toward your temple, adding a little to your forehead or nose to finish off a natural sun-kissed glow. Dab a highlighting cream on your cheekbones, temples and browbones to add subtle definition and a romantic dewy glow.

For eyes that sparkle in their own right

Eye makeup is arguably where ladies tend to have the most liberty, so it may be hard to restrain yourself when trying to stick to a nude theme.

Remember, though – a natural aesthetic doesn’t have to look bare, so feather on the mascara and groom those brows as you normally would (structured brows are actually key to pulling off a natural look).

Eyeliner, if used at all, should be kept to natural, neutral tones of brown, navy or gray and applied in short, feathery strokes to the inner lash line and blended softly onto the upper lid.

As for shadows, feel free to play around with any combination of beiges, champagnes, taupes, bronzes and coppers – anything to give your lids an extra pop of shimmer without straying too far from your natural skin tone. If you’re feeling playful, don’t think you need to rule out all the fun – a hint of gold shimmer near your upper and lower lash line will blend right into your tawny look but feature just the right amount of glamour for a night out.

Pout if you want to

As the last (but certainly not the least) part of your makeup routine, lips can be left about as bare as a button or dressed up in a lovely shimmery gloss. Nude makeup looks aren’t the time to break out your bold berry lipstick, but a light lipstain that closely matches your natural coloring will add just a hint of color to your lips without looking overly obvious.

Some nude fashions go for an altogether muted mouth, which is best achieved with a skin-colored lipstick or by applying concealer to your mouth before finishing with a coat of balm or gloss. The result is high-fashion and always chic.