In part 2 of this two part series, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr discusses more tips and tricks for bridal makeup!

Temper Your Makeup For Summer Swagger

The burgundy lips that looked so de mode come late December are better off replaced with a honeysuckle stain once we enter the month of June, and as with all lip colors, there are ways to temper the rest of your makeup to match the dreamy season.

Make Some Time For Nail Art This Summer

Bringing your oils, acrylics and canvases with you to the beach this summer is always a must-do activity, but even those of you who can’t draw a stick figure to save your lives won’t want to miss out on the newest nail trends that are cropping up on the style scene this season.

Top Things To Treat Your Hair To In Place Of New Highlights

It turns out summer actually isn’t an ideal time to do a root touch-up.

Penelope Cruz An Advocate Of Basic Beauty

If you ever doubted the merits of following basic beauty sense, take it from Penelope Cruz – being one of the world’s most beautiful women doesn’t exactly come from the use of many complicated, overwrought procedures.

Your Comprehensive Summer Beauty Guide

Among the many other countless reasons ladies everywhere are loving the change of seasons, we’re here to highlight all of the reasons why you look beautiful in the summertime – and what you can do to bring out your best during this season of warm, breezy nights and balmy afternoons.

On Creating The Perfect Summer Lip

We wouldn’t actually recommend stashing up on red popsicles just to get that perfect, stained pool-side pout that so many makeup artists strive to recreate, but you can stock up on great products and advice to better flaunt those bold summertime pouts.

When Crafting Your Sun Regimen, Don't Forget Your Hair

We’re sure most of you have your whole fun-in-the-sun skincare routine down pat by now, but we wanted to throw in this one extra little reminder before you set off on your summer-long romp. Your hair needs protection too, so don’t leave your tresses out of the equation.

Dita Von Teese On Conquering Rosacea

You wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but Dita Von Teese actually had a bout with rosacea that she fiercely overcame in true glamourpuss style.

In part 1 of this 2 part series, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr discusses tips and tricks for bridal makeup!

Make Your Shaving Cream Go The Extra Mile

Everyone knows that warm weather equals shorts weather, and whether you’re the kind of girl who shaves every day or once a month, you’re probably keen on getting the smoothest, sexiest pair of legs around to better flaunt those summer outfits.

Protect Your Mani!

It’s hard enough to find time to give your hands and feet the proper treatment they deserve, but it’s even worse to squander your efforts with one careless swipe of your hand. If you’re in need of some expert strategies to help prolong the life of your manicure, simply read on.