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For photo-ready foundation

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

For photo-ready foundationIf you've been scarred by photos of women who clearly weren't treated very well by the flash feature, fear not – your makeup won't embarrass you in the limelight, provided you know which products to use and how much to apply.

Foundation and powder can look cakey and worse, like a douse of flour to your face when highlighted under certain camera flashes, but this is one issue that can easily be remedied. Many foundations are designed to enhance your photogenic qualities by incorporating light-reflecting pigments into their formulas.

These products aren't only beneficial for those who wish to take better pictures. According to professional makeup artist Susmta Patel, luminescent foundation is a great option for mature women who desire makeup that will make them look younger.

"Tinted moisturizers with luminescent particles or lightweight liquid foundations are best for lined skin," Patel told Health News Digest. "Unlike pressed powder, which settles into wrinkles and makes the skin look even older, a light-reflective liquid formula creates the illusion of a glowing complexion."

For modern makeup, mixing is key

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

For modern makeup, mixing is keyGoodbye, carefully-coordinated makeup palettes of the past and hello, crazy, every-which-way color combos. In case you were looking for an expert opinion, professional makeup artist Kate Sylvester believes "matchy-matchy" is meant for the history archives.

"I think it is very modern to slightly clash color, bringing an element of surprise – like playing off pink in an outfit with a jolt of red lipstick," Sylvester told The West Australian. "We are definitely not in an era of 'matchy-matchy' when it comes to makeup."

This runs counter to some women's tendency to coordinate their eye shadows to either match or contrast their hair or eye color, a strategy which does admittedly have some of its own benefits. But for the sake of staying current, women today may want to play toss-up with their makeup bags to see what kinds of strange and unusual color combinations they can come up with.

Complementary colors that fit on the red-green, blue-orange purple-yellow paradigms are always a safe bet, but stay away from exact oppositions. Rather than pairing a true-red lip with a kelly green eye shadow, persay, change it up with olive or honeysuckle instead.

Even rockstars’ manes get TLC

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Even rockstars' manes get TLC We know it seems like some of the world's greatest rockers get that unruly mane from years of leading their rough-and-tough lifestyles, never combing their bedheads and plenty of thrashing on stage. Not always so, our friends, not always so.

Even Ke$ha, the queen of the unruly, confessed to Elle that she liked to treat her hair to a special oil-based serum. As she puts it, she wants her mane to be "wild and fantastic, but healthy first and foremost." To accomplish this, she applies an oil treatment from the roots to the tips whenever her hair is craving some extra care.

There are many highly advanced and sophisticated treatments available for women who want to boost their haircare routine. A revitalizing serum or hair masque can work wonders when used on a weekly basis.

Of course, sometimes the last thing you want is more oil and slickness added to already-greasy locks. For an on-the-go rockstar hair fix, apply some dry shampoo to your roots to soak up excess oil and keep rocking on.

On-the-fly sunscreen solution

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

On-the-fly sunscreen solutionNo matter how much we nail it home to you guys, you won't always come prepared to every situation with a full line of sun protection products. Going to the beach is one thing, but what about those days where you unexpectedly spend way more time outdoors than you originally planned? It may not necessarily be easy to plan for every situation, but there are fall-back solutions you can implement if you're ever stuck in a sunscreen draw.

According to, many SPF-containing chapsticks can serve as a great sunscreen substitute when you're low on the real stuff. This is an especially useful tool for reinforcing areas that tend to get a lot of sun exposure, such as your forehead, nose, ears and cheekbones.

That being said, you don't need to get caught unawares as long as you practice good planning. Prepare a sunscreen kit containing one or two different types of SPF30 sunscreen as well as one especially designed for the face and an SPF-containing chapstick. If you keep your kit in your car (or your totebag in the summer, to avoid leaving it in high-temperature environments), you'll significantly increase your chances of always being prepared.

Debating DIY versus professional body scrubs

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Debating DIY versus professional body scrubsExfoliating is good for you – no contest there. But how we do it is another matter altogether. There are so many products you can buy to help slough away dead skin cells, and they're all good for a number of reasons. But that doesn't mean you can't get some of the same results by merely mixing a few kitchen ingredients together.

According to, you can prepare your own home-made body scrub by mixing sugar into your regular bodywash or by blending it into a vegetable oil, depending on how dry or oily your skin is. You would use it just like you would a regular store-bought product – by massaging it into your skin until the formula virtually dissolves.

This is a great solution if you need a quick fix around the house or you're on the go somewhere, but there's an undeniable advantage in using professional formulas as well. Many products contain skin-enriching vitamins and are carefully designed over time to provide the best balance of ingredients to soothe, beauty and enhance the glow of your skin.

Because sunburn isn’t sexy

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Because sunburn isn't sexyThere's nothing better for your beauty routine than a day (or a few) at the beach, but not every consequence of having some fun in the sun will necessarily be a welcome addition to your sun-kissed veneer.

If you don't want a little bit of redness to get in the way of your bronzed glow, there are easy, quick fixes to help you remove the undesirables.

"Got sunburned from a day at the beach, and want to look less like a lobster by dinnertime? The best bet is to take green tea bags, dampen them with cold water, and place on the red areas," dermatologist Noelle Sherber told

If you'd rather have a quick product fix in your bag with you at all times, opt for an after-sun treatment or aloe gel that you can apply topically to any sunburned areas. You'll be cooled and soothed in no time thanks to the unique cooling properties of many formulas, and this is a great step to take after any extended amount of time in the sun.

Your face is your canvas

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Your face is your canvasSome makeup looks aren't really meant for a day-to-day morning look, but it only serves to make them that much more special for the wild occasions where you do wear them out. If you've got such an event on your horizon, take a page out of Ke$ha's book and go for a no-holds-barred makeup look that's fit for a jungle safari (or just a club scene).

Stars like Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj are famous for their outlandish makeup looks, but these are not styles that are only meant to be worn on the red carpet by Hollywood's biggest A-listers. You, too, can unleash your inner artist as you play with face paints, shadows and glitters.

Before you unleash your creativity, however, it's important to provide a solid base for your makeup so your creation won't fade away into the mists of obscurity. Applying a primer to your face as well as your eyelids (yes, that's different than a foundation) will help create a seamless finish, even out your skin's texture and ensure a no-slip foundation for your whimsical designs.

Aside from selecting a cream-based shadow or other colorful pigment that can glide easily onto your skin, you can create a make-shift formula by using a cream shadow or blush and applying loose glitter while it's still wet. As for the rest – go wild.

This just in: There is a use for warm beer

Monday, May 16th, 2011

This just in: There is a use for warm beerNext time you go to dump that can of beer you've deemed too warm for drinking, consider saving it for a hangover beauty fix. According to celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson, beer is an excellent ingredient to use in a home-made hair conditioning treatment.

Gibson's easy-peasy home-made recipe consists of mayonnaise, avocado and beer, reports. All you need to do is apply it to wet hair, leave it on for half an hour and then rinse it out (but don't shampoo).

Still others will flinch at the thought of lathering their tresses with condiments, and that's okay. There are plenty of top-shelf hair treatments on the market specially designed to target certain problem areas and restore your hair to its natural, shiny, full-bodied bounce. It's generally best to use a hair masque or treatment about once a week – for the other six days, make sure you're using a quality hydrating conditioner to help you maintain that luster from day to day.

Clear skin sure ain’t cheesy

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Clear skin sure ain't cheesyIt goes without saying that acne is one of the biggest beauty bummers known to man. Even if you did your fair share of time suffering with the stuff through all of high school, adult acne can tag along well into your 20s.

For those who have tried everything but to no avail, Grace Gold of revealed her own shocking solution to a cystic acne problem that had plagued her for years. She tried everything in the book before she cut dairy out of her diet, and surprisingly, this simple solution did the trick. Gold explains that dairy and white sugar trigger reactions in acne-prone people that result in tell-tale bumps on your face, and cutting down on these foods is one sacrifice that may be well worth making.

Still, though, not everyone can hope for one magic solution. If you're still contending with the occasional breakout, use acne products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help clear things up.

For a moisturizer that’s just right

Friday, May 13th, 2011

For a moisturizer that's just rightMoisturizer is to our faces what water is to our bodies – our skin often thirsts for it and we should always make sure we're getting our daily dose of this vital beauty stuff. But like a lot of other things we can think of, it's important to understand how much is too little and how much is simply overkill.

For just the right serving size of moisturizer, you shouldn't need more than a pea-sized amount in your hand. To get it right, this will require you to make sure you're using the right moisturizer for your skin. Does it usually leave you wanting for more? If your skin still feels dry when you apply a normal amount of product to your face, you need a formula that's got a bit more of that moisturizing goodness – look for ingredients like olive oil and shea butter. If, after five minutes, your skin still feels greasy, that's a good sign that you don't really need that dry/sensitive skin formula.

That being said, the label on your moisturizer isn't arbitrary. Seek help from a professional who can help you determine whether your skin is truly dry, normal, combination or oily – though it's often easy to determine this on your own. Stick with a product that's made for you, and you'll be made for the limelight in a matter of moments.