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Orange you glad for this lipstick trend?

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Orange you glad for this lipstick trend?If you've been keeping up with beauty trends at all, you've probably noticed the widespread fascination with orange lip color come later winter or early spring. Now that the warm weather is in full swing, however, there's really no better time to whip out the melon and tangerine glosses for a fresher-than-fresh face.

"With its palette-cleansing power, the buoyant shade seemed an instant antidote to fashion's dwindling love affair with all things short, dark, and moody," muses. "As it turns out, it's every bit as compelling on the lips, where it radiates a similarly addictive blend of couture elegance and unabashed optimism."

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff pointed out to the news source that those who are too timid to reach for a full-on shade of matte orange can try a sheer tinted gloss or a lip stain instead.

Lip stains happen to be a great summer alternative to heavy lipsticks and reflective glosses. Regardless of whether you're reaching for a tangerine shade or a deep berry hue, stains are great for lending that "just-eaten popsicle" look to your mouth that's so coveted for the summertime.

Work with the sun and the surf

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Work with the sun and the surfAnyone who's ever been to the beach knows that it doesn't pay to fight the current too much. The same tactic applies to beach beauty, though. If you can learn to use the elements to your advantage, you can avoid getting swept out to sea with vain attempts to look perfectly polished.

Provided that you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapply often, the beach is one of the best environments for your skin. A veritable natural spa, the minerals in the sea coupled with the exfoliating texture of the sand and a bit of gentle sunshine is exactly what you need to get a gorgeous natural glow. If you decide to fight with nature, though, you might wind up with an unsightly (and dangerous sunburn), so let the elements do what they will and be sure to lotion up often.

As for your hair, leave that salt in! Many hair stylists agree that sea salt is a great natural texturizer. After a day at the beach, spray some leave-in conditioner onto your tresses to help detangle them a little and restore a bit of shine. If you're headed to a nice dinner, use a curling iron to polish a few select pieces, but don't go too crazy – the tousled look works for you, we promise.

When was the last time you payed attention to your legs?

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

When was the last time you payed attention to your legs?In the summer, we bare it all, so it comes as no surprise that this is also the most important time of the year to make sure we've got a head-to-toe beauty routine going on. In being thorough, it's especially important to make sure we're not leaving the "toe" part out of the equation.

Your legs may do most of the footwork around here, but they deserve just as much treatment as you'd give to your face. Keeping them smooth, moisturized and stubble-free is one part of the recipe, but you can also take a few extra steps to make them look their very best.

Legs are especially prone to scarring, bruising and bug bites, so be gentle with them when you shave and avoid perfumed lotions (which tend to attract bugs). Religiously applying ointment to any cuts will help them go away without leaving a permanent mark, and you can always enlist the aid of a body concealer to cover up any bruises or blemishes.

If you're interested in a bit of cosmetic power, recommends using a luminizing lotion with shimmer in it on the fronts and backs of your legs to create the illusion of slimmer gams.

Hannelore Knuts demonstrates the importance of makeup remover

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Hannelore Knuts demonstrates the importance of makeup removerYou'd have to be "knuts" to wear this much makeup, but a team of makeup artists decided to see what a year's worth of cosmetics would look like all at once. By meticulously painting 365 layers of foundation, blush, gloss and eyeshadow onto model Hannelore Knuts' face, they've given us all a shocking visual aide that demonstrates what we'd all look like without makeup remover.

With seven bottles of foundation, two eyeshadows, three lip glosses and two bottles of blush sitting on her face, we sure hope that Hannelore wasn't especially prone to breakouts. The resulting look reminded one of a wet stuccoed wall with eyes and lips that were barely distinguishable.

If this has sufficiently disturbed you, there's no better reason to stock up on a high-quality makeup remover to make sure that you go to bed each night with a perfectly clean face that's both free of makeup but not totally stripped of moisture.

L'Occitane Immortelle Milk Makeup Remover has a rich, velvety texture that's perfect for use with or without water.

Shimmery shadow ideas to get you through summer

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Shimmery shadow ideas to get you through summerTraditionally speaking, summer isn't really the time to go heavy on your eye makeup (save for those special occasions you've got planned for the evening). Light, shimmery shadows work best, but there are variations on this theme that will serve your changing moods throughout the season.

For tried and true colors, stick to neutrals such as white, cream, gray, beige and brown. These are colors that are universally flattering and are bound to be a good choice for any lady – as well as be reliably work-appropriate.

If you're bored of these colors, cheer yourself up with loud, fluorescent shades that still pack a lightweight texture. If you're going to amp up the color, it's best to apply a solid stripe on your upper lids paired with minimal makeup on the rest of your face.

That being said, you don't even have to stick to eyeshadow if you feel like mixing it up. Using a cream highlighter on your lids (or even a blush) is one way to get a subtle sheen – as is adding a touch of balm for a glossy lid effect.

When was the last time you indulged in a bath treat?

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

When was the last time you indulged in a bath treat?There's nothing overly indulgent about letting yourself slip into a fragrant, scented bath from time to time, especially if those 10-15 minutes you have in the shower every day are among your only chances to really relax all day. If you're feeling over-stressed and over-worked, make it a priority to carve out some time in your day for a luscious bath.

This would require you to put your regular shower gels and body soaps away and replace them with something a bit more, shall we say, exotic? Bubble baths, bath oils, bath bombs as well as salts and pearls are all among the numerous items you can indulge in after a long day of work.

Using a mixture of said ingredients isn't an altogether bad idea, either. A good helping of bath salts added to your moisturizing bath oil or bubble bath will be the perfect way to help exfoliate your skin and heal any imperfections, while the soothing properties of the latter will nourish your skin and give it a healthy, hydrated glow.

Don't forget to invest some thought into the mood you create. If you're going to carve out some time in your day for a relaxing bath, you might as well make it count with some music, candles and all the fixings.

Moisture the (relatively) unsung hero in fight against free radicals

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Moisture the (relatively) unsung hero in fight against free radicalsWhen you hear the term "free radicals," you either think of politically-polarized hippie activists or you think of beauty concerns that plague the modern-day woman. When beauty experts talk about these harmful environmental particles, they often use the word "antioxidants" in the same sentence, as they're the classic defense against environmental stresses.

According to, a slightly more commonplace item may also have a great deal to do with how your skin reacts against free radicals.

"Dehydration leads to oxidative stress, which generates free radicals," dermatologist Fredric Brandt told the news source. "Without moisture, your skin isn't able to repair itself and suffers even more damage."

You heard the man – lay on that moisturizer if you're not already. Better yet, reach for a moisturizing product that's rich with antioxidant ingredients to get the best of both worlds. Experts agree that a mix of antioxidants work better than a single ingredient.

Antioxidants best served together

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Antioxidants best served togetherNo facial product is an island, and there's something to be said about the power of skincare items to work together to bring you wonderful (or sometimes not so great) results.

It goes without saying that you should always check the ingredients in your products to make sure they're not counteracting one another or combining to produce potentially harmful results. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some ingredients are best used together, and this is one area where antioxidants really excel.

"Every morning, protect your skin with a product containing a cocktail of antioxidants, since they often work best in synergy," says New York City dermatologist Howard Sobel (who recommends those with vitamins A and C and coenzyme Q10, suggests.

As long as you're treating your skin to a nice combination of these vital ingredients, it wouldn't hurt to get a good helping of them in your diet either. Choose foods that are rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, tea, pomegranates, red wine and olive oil.

Dill good for much more than just salads

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Dill good for much more than just saladsNext time you sprinkle that herb in your salad, take a closer look at its green, natural glory. A little known fact about dill is that it actually contains the power to put elasticity back into aging skin.

"Here's why you should get acquainted with elastin: the often-neglected cohort of collagen is responsible for making young skin snap back when you press it (a key quality of firmness)," explains. "Unfortunately, we stop making elastin around the time we hit puberty. But…scientists have figured out how to make more of it: dill extract."

When shopping for anti-aging products, it's generally a good idea to look for such time-tested ingredients as retinol, Retin-A, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy or other ingredients that boost collagen production. Add a product with dill extract, and you've got an added secret weapon against the onset of aging.

Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream contains dill extract as well as LOXL Stimulator and a multi-action peptide complex of SNAP-8, Argireline®, and Leuphasyl® to reduce the look of wrinkles.

What your beauty routine has to do with mosquitoes

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

 What your beauty routine has to do with mosquitoesMost ladies in the midst of their morning routines have plenty of things on their minds, and we're willing to bet that mosquitoes are probably last on that long list. But what you don't know about your beauty routine could be the reason you're covered in more bug bites than you wish.

"If you're prone to bug bites, avoid perfume, scented lotions and other products, and bright clothing when you're planning to spend time outdoors – they attract insects," suggests.

This obviously goes hand in hand with wearing an SPF lotion with anti-bug repellent if you're planning on spending time in a woodsy, bug-infested area, of course.

If you're prone to skin irritation of all kinds, it's generally a good idea to avoid products with scents, perfumes or other potentially pore-clogging substances. This is one key tip to keep in mind if you're trying to avoid razor burn.