Hair Care Tips For Men

While ladies can get lost in a shampoo-and-conditioner haze for hours before spending almost as long blowdrying, curling and pinning back their locks, most guys don’t spend much time worrying about their hair (unless they’re losing it, of course).

Curling Eyelashes

Long, dark eyelashes are a sexy part of any gal’s makeup routine, but they’ll be for naught if you can’t see them.

Caring For Your Hair In The Summertime

Taking care of your tresses is always a full-time job, but they’re subject to a lot of extra abuse in the summertime.

The Face-Washing Routine That Dermatologists Recommend

Still dealing with stubborn acne blemishes or a dull, uninspired complexion?

Finding The Right Shade Of Lipstick

Everybody longs for that perfect pink pucker – and with the right lipstick, you can achieve it instantly!

Fixin' Up Your Brows

You wax ’em, you pluck ’em, maybe you even dye ’em – for many women, dealing with their eyebrows is a hassle. No matter how often you head to the salon or break out the tweezers, it feels like your stubborn brows are never just the right shape. How do the stars achieve such a […]

How To Make An 'Organic Braid'

You might think you know how to braid your hair, but you really have no idea. Ready to learn?

How To Apply Concealer

If you suffer from occasional breakouts and blemishes, you know how tempting it is to cover them up with a little concealer.

Skin Sins You Might Not Even Know You're Committing

You know to wash your face, exfoliate, stay out of the sun and use plenty of moisturizer, but do you know about all the other tips and tricks that can save (or ruin) your skin?

There's More To Hair Care Than Shampoo And Conditioner - Try A Masque

Sure, you know about shampoo and conditioner – but if thought that’s all there was to hair care, think again.

How To Get Flawless Skin - Instantly!

Everybody’s prone to a pimple here, a wrinkle there and a bit of uneven skin tone every once in a while.

When Is The Right Time To Apply Lotion?

Whether you moisturize after every shower or don’t even own a bottle of lotion, you might be noticing that your skin needs a little extra care in the summertime.