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Enhance your cleavage with makeup

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Enhance the look of your chest naturally!If you're wearing a low-cut top and feel like you could use a little extra cleavage to make it work, you don't have to invest in a push-up bra or get breast implants to look like you're well-endowed. This little makeup trick is sure to give your girls an extra boost in no time.

First, put on your bra and the shirt you're planning to wear. You can protect them from loose makeup by tucking in a tissue to cover it. Next, use a bronzer, like Colorescience – Bronzer Brush, in between your breasts. Blend it up and out, creating a V-shape along the curve of your breasts.

Use a lighter colored powder with a subtle hint of shimmer, like GloMinerals – gloDust 24K, and apply to the top half of your breasts, blending well. Check in the mirror to see if you've added enough definition. If not, add a little more of the darker colored bronzer.

The key is to blend enough so that the contouring and highlights look natural. Once you get it right, you'll be surprised how awesome your chest looks!

Fast, easy updates to take your look from cute to smokin’ hot

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Crimson nails add a fierce factor to any look!It's not always practical to go out at night with the same look you wore to the office. When you go out on the town, you don't want subdued makeup that likely won't even show up in the dark – you want bold definition and eye-catching hair. Luckily there are a few tricks to amp up your style without having to re-do what you've already done.

1. Shimmery eyeshadows are an easy way to add glamour and draw attention to your eyes. Use a light shadow, like Bare Escentuals – Glimmer Eye Shadow, on the inner corners of your eyes, just underneath your brow bone and on the center of your eyelids for a strategic sparkle.

2. Crimson nail polish is a surefire way to get attention and give off a glamorous, sultry vixen vibe. Look for a fast-drying formula for quick color that you can throw on anywhere.

3. Play up your pout by highlighting the cupid's bow on your top lip with a shimmery cream eyeshadow or highlighter. It'll draw focus to the area and make your lips a whole lot sexier.

4. Spritz perfume into your hair for a scent that will linger all night. Calvin Klein – Secret OBSESSION For Women Eau de Parfum Spray is a sensual choice that'll leave any guy wanting more.

Peach on top, taupe on the bottom

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

You don't have to go this bold with the peach on top!Smokey shades look great on everyone, but they're not always appropriate for the office or for daytime events where so much light can make your style look a bit overdone. Luckily there's an easy, beautiful way to glam up your eyes without having to resort to your go-to dark brown or black shades of eyeshadow.

With a peach shade on top and a taupe hue on the bottom, you can do no wrong. The two different tones will help your eyes look more awake and radiant, and the best news is it works for all eye colors. A compact like Jane Iredale – PurePressed Triple Eye Shadow gives you three complementary shades that are perfect for nailing the look.

To pull it off, use a makeup primer on your lids to be sure it lasts. Then, line your inner rims and along your upper lash line with a brown pencil, like Colorescience – Eye Pencil in A Cup O' Joe. Smooth on a peachy shade on your upper lid, blending just above your crease. Then use a shimmery taupe shade underneath your eyes and in your inner corners for a wide-eyed look perfect for any occasion.

Banish cellulite for good

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

You shouldn't be worried about cellulite when you're out on the town!Natural cellulite treatments work well when paired with cellulite reducing products to diminish the appearance of existing dimples and prevent the formation of more.

Exercise is a proven method to keep cellulite at bay because you’re reducing your body fat. Cardiovascular exercise and strength training are most effective when combined together in a routine. Target the areas which are prone to cellulite and do moves designed to improve the strength and circulation of those body parts.

A product with CoffeeBerry extract, like PRIORI – CoffeeBerry Body Shaping Complex, smooths and firms your skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite when massaged into the skin twice daily. You may want to try stimulating your blood flow to the affected area by brushing your skin in a circular motion with a natural bristle brush to improve drainage and circulation. A massage oil, like Kneipp – Grape Seed Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil, can also help.

The things you put into your body can also have an effect on cellulite, so make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid consuming lots of salt, which can make you retain water. Drinking too much coffee and smoking cigarettes can cause cellulite problems because they constrict your blood vessels, making cellulite appear more noticeable.

Six ways to fight frizz

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Fighting frizz is possible with these tricks!Sleek hair can seem like an impossibility in hot weather, but there are plenty of ways to make your style look fresh and frizz-free during the summer or anytime your hair decides to be uncooperative.

1. Wash your hair less. The natural oils that your scalp secretes is a good frizz defense because it weighs your hair down a bit. If you get too greasy in between washes, use a shampoo like Leonor Greyl – Huile de germe de ble, which will combat excess grease. A dry shampoo between washings can also help.

2. Frizz occurs when dry hair soaks up moisture from the air, so deep-conditioning can fix the problem. L`Occitane – Milk (Shea Butter) Ultra Rich Conditioner will nourish your hair and leave it satisfied, so it won't look for outside refreshment.

3. Be gentle to your hair. If you rub it too hard with your towel, it could rough up your hair cuticles and strands won't stay flat.

4. Heat is damaging, so prevent frayed ends and fuzziness by using a protecting product before drying or straightening your hair.

5. Ionic blowdryers reduce frizz by compressing your hair cuticles so they don't soak up moisture. Upgrade your dryer for a sleeker look.

6. A silicone serum will coat each strand and make sure they stay smooth all day. Use on damp hair before styling.

Three easy summer hair ideas

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Chic low ponytails are just one look for summer!Heat and humidity can kill almost any hairstyle, but luckily, there are a few ways to beat summer hair blues that are easy and stylish.

Ponytails are always an easy option, but instead of the girl-next-door variety, try something a little chicer. A sleek, low ponytail looks glamorous and more grown-up. For the sophisticated look, apply a mousse (like Leonor Greyl Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice, which gives tons of body and shine) to your roots and comb through to the ends. Part your hair in the center and pull into a low ponytail. Take a flatiron to the ends for a more polished look, and feel free to add a fun accessory at the base like a ribbon or feathered hairpiece.

Waves are standard for the beach, but you don't have to spend much time creating this flattering look every day. Use a styling cream like Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle before twisting small sections of your hair into little buns. Pin them to the top of your head, then let them loose when dry for a flirty, undone look.

A messy updo is a cute way to stay cool. Just use the above wave technique to create body and texture, then pull the waves up into a messy bun and pin wherever you think is appropriate. A few loose pieces and tendrils here and there will add interest.

Makeup tricks to make your eyes pop

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Making your eyes look bigger is easy!If your eyes are on the smaller side or you just want to have a more bright-eyed look, there are plenty of ways to use product and shading techniques to your advantage.

Use light, shimmery shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of light, which makes your eyes look brighter and much more awake. Just apply a pale shade of shadow on the corner and a little bit along your top and bottom lash lines. Pixi – Eye Bright Kit comes with sheer, pick-me-up shades and a highlighter so you can't possibly go wrong.

Lining your bottom lids' inner rims with a white or pale peach eyeliner makes the whites of your eyes look bigger, which translates into a wide-eyed look perfect for daytime. Jane Iredale – Eye Highlighter Pencil has both white and pink to make your eyes dazzle.

If you wear a darker eyeliner on top and a lighter shade on the bottom, your eyes will look fresh and subtly alluring, especially if you mix up the colors. Use a dark blue on top and a lighter one on your lower rims for a fresh take on the flattering trend.

Your shower routine could be causing body acne

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Wash hair before you wash your body!Take a second to think about your daily shower routine. Step in, get wet…then what? If you wash your body before you wash and condition your hair, that may be the reason why you have acne on your back or chest.

Your conditioner may be staying on your skin after you rinse it out of your hair, clogging pores and creating those pesky pimples. To avoid this, simply wash your body after your hair. If you're one of those ladies who keep conditioner in while you do the rest of your routine, clip it up and off of your skin before rinsing it out. Give your back and chest an extra rinse before you step out of the shower.

It may help to choose a body wash specially formulated to clear up skin. June Jacobs – Green Tea and Cucumber Purifying Shower Gel sweeps away impurities while moisturizing. June Jacobs – Citrus Clarifying Conditioner will nourish and detangle your hair without leaving any oil or extra weight – perfect for keeping your skin clear of blemishes. It may take a while to get used to your new shower routine, but the benefits will be noticeable.

Your pillowcase could be responsible for acne

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Beware of dirty pillowcases!Believe it or not, your bed might not be as friendly as you think it is, especially if you don't regularly change your sheets. If you frequently wake up from a good night's sleep with a new zit or two, your pillowcase could be the cause.

With repeated use, your pillowcase builds up all kinds of dirt that can clog your pores and lead to acne. Conditioner residue after a shower, scalp oils and grease from your skin can all stick to your pillowcase. If you're allergic to dust mites, an unwashed pillowcase can even make your eyes red and puffy.

Experts recommend washing your sheets and pillowcases once a week – more if you're prone to acne. Use hot water to make sure you're killing any bacteria that may be present. It's a good idea to wash your face before bed (if you don't already). A product like Exuviance – Moisturizing Antibacterial Facial Cleanser will make sure your face is clean. Wash again in the morning.

If you do happen to wake up with a new pimple, use a treatment concealer like Jane Iredale – Disappear to cover it and get rid of it while you go about your day. Problem solved.

Prevent and soothe razor burn

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Nobody likes razor burns.Smooth, hair-free skin is every girl’s dream, but a close shave can cause ugly, painful bumps called razor burns. Ingrown hairs are also a possibility and are just as unwanted.

Hair that’s been shaved has a sharp tip from the angle of the razor. This point is capable of penetrating your skin if the hair curves back into it, which happens the most to people with curly hair. Inflammation and swelling results as your body’s defense mechanisms kick in to protect you from the intrusion.

You can prevent razor burns from happening by thoroughly preparing your skin before you start shaving. Make sure whatever area you’re shaving is clean and exfoliated, as this will help the razor glide smoothly across your skin and prevent any nicks from becoming infected. A scrub like Lycon Spa – Body Exfoliant will buff away dead skin and uncover any ingrown hair you already have.

When shaving, use a fresh razor and pull it across your skin in the direction that your hair grows. Avoid going over an area multiple times. When you’re finished, apply a product like Lycon Spa – Ingrown-X-it Solution to moisturize and soothe. Your legs will thank you.