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You don’t have to expect stretch marks when you’re expecting

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Keep your skin moisturized so it can stretch without leaving marks!At least half of pregnant women get stretch marks, but that doesn’t have to be you if you slowly gain no more weight than what experts recommend, which is around 30 pounds. At the same time, moisturizing your skin on a daily basis can also help prevent those pesky marks from appearing.

Stretch marks appear most often on your belly in the later stages of pregnancy, but some women also get them on their breasts, butt, thighs and hips. These annoying stripes are caused by changes in the elastic tissue underneath your skin. The rapid growth you experience during pregnancy strains it, creating pink, red, purple or brown marks that eventually fade to whitish colors but never actually disappear.

Moisturizing creams and oils can prevent your skin from itching as it stretches – these products can also make skin more elastic, which can prevent those dreaded marks from appearing. Ingredients found in products like those found in Mama Mio – BBB Kit keep your skin nourished and glowing during your pregnancy. A Tummy Rub, Wonder-full Balm, and Mama Mio – Boob Tube can strengthen the vitality of your skin cells and make your skin firmer, softer and more toned. Your growing skin will look radiant, and your post pregnancy body will appreciate your efforts!

Combat hyperkeratosis for smoother skin

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Your feet will be smooth as a baby's!Hyperkeratosis is a thickening of the skin due to an excessive accumulation of a protective protein called keratin. Your skin forms keratin to protect against rubbing, pressure and other irritation. Irritating chemicals, chronic inflammation, infection and excessive sunlight can also cause hyperkeratosis.

Elbows, knees, palms and heels are the areas most commonly affected because they tend to bear a lot of weight. Calluses, corns and a darkening of the skin often develop, which can be unattractive. Wearing comfortable shoes and protecting your skin from rubbing can help prevent hyperkeratosis. Avoid too much leaning on your elbows and knees so they don’t thicken.

If you have hyperkeratosis on your feet, a product with glycolic acid, like NeoStrata – Foot Gel Plus AHA 15, can help relieve your dry, thickened heels and moisturize for a smoother surface. For all other areas, use NeoStrata – Gel Plus AHA 15 for the same type of relief. Call a health care professional if your corns or calluses are painful or if you notice a thickening of your foot, which looks like a plantar wart – these conditions might require special treatment. As long as you take the time to prevent and treat symptoms, your skin will look smooth and supple.

Kill your spider veins

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Keep your legs sexy and free from spider veins!Experts estimate that 50 percent of women experience vein issues like varicose veins and their smaller counterparts – spider veins. If you're one of those women who's concerned about spider veins, there are ways to treat it and make them less noticeable.

Spider veins usually appear in the legs because of the pressure of your body weight and gravity. Your legs work the hardest to pump blood up to your heart as a result. Spider veins are often caused when there is a backup of blood. Hormonal changes, injuries and sun exposure can also cause spider veins. They're not dangerous, but they can be uncomfortable.

Massage is a great way to relieve any discomfort caused by your veins and to stimulate blood flow to the area, which can prevent more from showing up. Try rubbing on a product like Mama Mio – Massage Oil, which smells great and will make your massage movements smoother. A treatment gel like Cellex-C Mother & Child Skin Care – Spider Vein Complex can minimize the appearance of your veins and increase the firmness of your damaged capillaries. Your legs will be looking fabulous again in no time.

How to prevent and treat athlete’s foot

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Treat your feet right!You don't have to be a sports superstar to get athlete's foot. The infection, caused by a fungus, thrives in warm, moist areas. Athlete's foot is contagious and can be passed on by direct contact with someone who has the infection or contact with something with the fungus growing on it, like a shower floor. Believe it or not, the fungus can grow not only on your toes and heels, but on your fingers and palms.

Your risk for getting athlete's foot increases if you wear closed shoes that make your feet sweat a lot, recently exposed your feet to moisture for a long time or developed a minor surface injury on your foot. To prevent catching the fungus, wear sandals at public pools and showers, keep your feet dry as much as possible and choose shoes that are well-ventilated. Remember – a product like NeoStrata – NeoCeuticals Antifungal Daily Foot Care Therapeutic Cream used daily can prevent infection. Follow it up with MOOM Aromatherapy Foot Spa Cream and your tootsies are bound to feel amazing!

If you notice any cracked, peeling skin in between your toes or on the sides of your foot, or experience red, itchy skin, pain or blistering, take measures to control the infection. It won't be long before you and your lower extremities are back to normal.

Facial spritzers – the beauty secret French women may not want you to know

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Facial spritzers are like an instant shower for your face!French women are renowned for their healthy, glowing skin and it's no longer a secret that facial spritzers remain one of their go-to products. These easy face refreshers give skin a boost while keeping carefully applied makeup looking flawless. Jam-packed with minerals, moisturizers and antioxidants, these sprays are a must-have for your face.

Products like Evian – Mineral Water Spray rehydrate your visage after a long day in a dry or overheated office or on a hot summer day by infusing it with moisture. Some mists even offer anti-aging benefits, like Dermalogica – AGE Smart Antioxidant HydraMist. The spritzer creates an antioxidant barrier on skin's surface to protect against damaging free radicals while Vitamin C and collagen-stimulating peptides work to firm and minimize fine lines.

Spray a mist on in the morning before you begin putting on your makeup so it can absorb into freshly cleansed skin. Then, just give a spritz or two throughout the day as a pick-me-up in order to keep your face feeling rejuvenated and looking radiant. You don't even have to use your fingers to apply. So easy!

The many pros of makeup primer

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

What can't your primer do for you?Makeup primer is relatively new to the market but is gaining popularity due to the many benefits it provides. Primers prep your skin before you put makeup on to ensure your look lasts and appears flawless.

Most primers are oil and fragrance-free and usually come in a gel formula that offers even coverage and easy application. It’s good for all face types, like oily or combination skin, as it controls shine by absorbing excess oil. Even those with dry, sensitive skin can benefit from primer, as it calms and nourishes. Products like Jane Iredale – Absence Oil Control Primer have sunblock in them so you don’t have to worry about putting sunscreen on top of all your makeup at the beginning of the day. Colorescience – Let Me Be Clear Primer For Problem Skin even helps reduce and prevent the appearance of blemishes.

Apply your primer after your moisturizer and before your foundation and other makeup. It will allow your products to go on smoothly and last all day. It can even out skin tone, disguise imperfections, minimize the appearance of pores and fill in lines and wrinkles. Primer should be one of the main products featured in your makeup bag. It’ll be your new best friend.

Fragrance tips for men

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Scent is an important element of attraction!Studies have shown that a person's smell gives clues to their genetic traits, which makes it easier to tell if someone is a good potential mate. Women are attracted to guys who have a strong natural scent, but many ladies also like it when their man wears a signature cologne that reminds them of him even when he's not around. Fragrance for men should complement a natural scent with musky overtones and manly ingredients.

Once you've picked out your signature scent (Ralph Lauren – Polo For Men Eau de Toilette Spray can do no wrong), you need to figure out how much of it to use to smell sexy yet avoid assaulting people's noses. Cologne sprays are easier to apply because you can easily control how much you put on. Try not to spritz yourself with more than two sprays of it each time you put it on. If you have a regular cologne bottle, don't splash it on, just use one finger to dab it on in one or two places.

Pulse points are the best places to apply cologne, as they will help spread the scent with their warmth. These spots include your neck, your inner wrists and your chest. Put it wherever your woman is sure to smell it and she'll be drawn to your sexy aroma.

Keeping your teeth bright and stain-free

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Keep those chompers sparkling!If you're worried about a lackluster smile, have no fear. Plenty of teeth-whitening products, like Supersmile – Professional Whitening System, can gently and safely whiten your teeth 'til they're practically blinding! Once you've gotten a brighter smile, you will likely want to keep it that way, so be careful what you eat and how you treat your teeth to avoid re-staining them.

Dental care is important to maintain a healthy, white smile. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day to remove plaque. A whitening toothpaste will also help to remove stains and prevent yellowing. Not only will taking care of your teeth prevent stains, but you'll also keep them healthy and avoid cavities.

Brush or rinse your teeth immediately after eating or drinking foods that can potentially color your teeth permanently, like red wine, tea, berries and coffee. A straw can help your teeth avoid coming into contact with staining liquids.

Every so often, consider retouching your teeth with a whitening product. If you smoke or drink lots of stain-inducing beverages, you may need to re-whiten more often. As long as you keep up your dental hygiene, there's no reason why your pearly whites won't stay that way!

Face shape should influence your hairstyle

Monday, August 8th, 2011

What shape is your face?The best hair care products and hairstyles are all about framing your face and drawing attention to your best assets. If you pick a style that doesn't go well with the natural shape of your face, you might be playing up features that you'd rather hide. To avoid choosing the wrong haircut, all you need to do is determine what general shape your face is and go from there.

Oval. If you have an oval face, the width of your forehead is equal to the width of your jaw. The length of your face is about one and a half times your width. You can pull off just about any style – just pick cuts that bring out your favorite features.

Round. Round faces are circular and the length and width are almost the same. Look for a style with volume up top to add length. Middle parts also create the illusion of sleekness.

Square. If you have a square face, you have a broad forehead and an angular jaw. Side-swept bangs are a great choice to minimize squareness, along with styles that have height.

Heart. Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads and cheekbones and a narrow chin. Try out a chin-length, textured hairstyle or a longer cut with wispy layers.

A haircut for every style

Monday, August 8th, 2011

A lob works for every type of hair!Hair care experts everywhere are raving about the do-it-all long bob, or "lob," as it's being called. This hairstyle is a longer version of the classic bob and there are plenty of ways to tailor it to fit your face and style. Here's two.

The blunt lob. This cut is the most basic version of the trendy 'do, with no layers or complicated prepping secrets. In fact, it's easy to style in as little as five minutes. The cut makes your neck look longer, as a regular bob would, but gives you enough to work with so you can still put it up in your go-to ponytail. If your hair looks like it needs a refresher, try this cut to get rid of fried ends and make it look thick and healthy. Use a product like Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream to de-frizz.

The long-layered lob. This look works well with longer faces because it adds width with extra layers. Unlike the blunt lob, this cut adds texture to your locks so you can get the illusion of waves even if your hair's straight. If you get it cut around shoulder-length, you'll still be able to try out tons of new trends, like braids and updos. Part it down the middle or to the side for a more sophisticated look.