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Easy marbleized nails

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Get nails that look like these marbles!Not everyone was born with a steady hand, which means the nail art trend is practically impossible for those who simply can't manage to make neat designs. But don't worry – there's a cool new way to do nail art that's easy and just as gorgeous. Here's how to do it, according to

Gather your materials. You'll need a top coat and a base coat, like Nailtini – Mixer Nail Base Color. Then gather up the polish colors of your choice, which you could find from POP Beauty – Nail Glam. You'll also need a bit of tape, a toothpick, nail polish remover, Q-tips and a paper cup of water.

Start out by painting all of your nails with base coat, then painting one coat of polish on the nails you want to marble, and two on the ones you don't. (You could marbleize all of them if you want!) Then, on the fingers you are marbling, apply tape everywhere but leave the nail exposed. Drop dots of different colored polish into the water, creating a bulls-eye.

Use the toothpick to make the design of your choice, then hold your finger parallel to the surface of the water and dip your nail into it. Use the toothpick to stir up the excess around your nail while it's submerged. Take your finger out and remove the tape. It'll be a bit messy, but just use the Q-tips and remover to clean it up. Apply top coat and you're done!

How to save your favorite blush

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Rescue your favorite blush!Picture your favorite blush, which you've had for a while and simply can't live without. The stuff makes your face look so fresh and awake! Now imagine that you're desperately in need of a quick pick-me-up, so you rummage around for it in your makeup bag and pull it out, only to drop it into the sink or onto the floor. Most packages don't protect it from getting broken, so you're left with a sad pile of blush chunks.

Before you tear up a bit and end up throwing it out, know that it can be saved! A blush like Youngblood – Pressed Mineral Blush simply needs to be crushed up a bit. Transfer the pieces into a container and use a spoon to mash up the pieces. Try to get the powder as fine as possible. Mix in a translucent face powder with a hint of shimmer, like GloMinerals – gloDust 24K. This will ensure you don't get too much blush on your brush at once.

Put everything into a smaller makeup container that you can store in your bag. You can buy these at beauty supply stores for cheap. Now you have a loose powder blush with a hint of shimmer that's still just as flattering – and you didn't have to buy a new compact!

Cute tips for looking like the girl-next-door

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

The girl-next-door look is cute and simple!The whole girl-next-door look is characterized by simple gorgeousness. They don’t need a ton of makeup or fussy hairstyles to be considered drool-worthy by their male neighbors, which makes the effect totally easy to pull off. Here are a few ways you can amp up your everyday makeup and hair to look extra cute and subtly attractive, inspired by Glamour magazine.

It all starts with the hair. One of the most classic and flattering styles is a side braid at your hairline, which mixes pretty with friendly. Just part your hair where you normally do, then use a smoothing product like Jack Black – Sleek Finish Texture Cream. Make a braid along your hairline, then tuck it back behind your ear. You could either pull the rest into a low side bun or keep it down.

As for your makeup, all you need is a bit of black eyeliner along your upper lash line and a shimmery pink shadow, like Youngblood – Crushed Mineral Eyeshadow in Tourmaline. Sweep it all over your lids and up to your brow bones for a hint of glow. Finish it off with some mascara and a peachy blush. Be sure to apply your makeup evenly and don’t overdo it. So adorable!

Sleep in tomorrow morning without worrying about your hair

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Sleep late knowing you won't have to slave over your hair in the morning!As fall sets in and winter looms on the horizon, the days are getting shorter. This means that you may find yourself having to wake up when it's still dark out, which is never fun. Instead of getting up early to give yourself plenty of time to do your hair, use these tips, courtesy of Allure magazine, to get awesome hair that you can practically wake up to.

For beachy waves, all you have to do is shower at night, apply a product like Leonor Greyl – Algues Et Fleurs (Curl Enhancer), then part your hair in the center and create one or two braids, depending on how tight or loose you want the waves to be. When you wake up, take the braids out and use a bit of texturizing spray to scrunch your strands. Easy!

To make a blowout last for days, just use a dry shampoo before bed each night and create two buns on either side of your head. Use pins or something other than ponytail holders to get a crease-free look.

If you absolutely have to dry your hair in the morning, skip flat ironing afterwards if you normally do by using a straightening and anti-frizz product, like Leonor Greyl – Serum de Soie Sublimateur (Anti-frizz), which will cut down on styling time.

Guy products that girls love

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

He shouldn't mind if you use a couple of his products!Ladies have many more products to choose from when it comes to bath and beauty products, but there are plenty of men's products that women just can't seem to get enough of. Whether it's because girls simply like the cleaner smell or think a few of the male products work better, there's no shame in turning to your guy's staples every now and then.

Deodorants are one product that just seem to work better when they're made for guys. They often do a better job at preventing sweat, so go ahead and borrow his Jack Black – Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant. You'll be sweat-free and smelling fresh for hours!

If your guy suds up with a body wash instead of a bar of soap, you may want to try it out for yourself. Baxter of California – Invigorating Body Wash – Bergamot / Pear smells amazing and has plenty of luxurious moisturizers.

Even guys' shaving tools work for girls, so get your hands on his razor and try using a brush like eShave – Shaving Brush Fine Badger (Blue) to lather up and exfoliate your skin, which will give you a closer shave. Just be sure to say thank you and restock his supplies if he's ever running low!

Some guys actually care about their brows

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Some guys actually care how their brows look!When it comes to eyebrows, most guys couldn't care less. They may pluck the occasional hair in between their brows, steering clear of the unibrow, but other than that guys prefer to let them go. However, The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article about army men who have been turning to eyebrow shaping as the latest grooming trend.

One solider apparently had his eyebrows shaped "by accident" while he was getting a haircut, and ended up with slimmer, tapered arches that he has since touched up twice. Although Islam forbids eyebrow shaping for Muslim men, barbers in Afghanistan have happily been tweezing and threading the brows of U.S. soldiers.

If your man's brows are getting a bit unruly, just point him in the direction of these brave souls, then help him out. Tweeze any stray hairs that don't fit in with the bunch, then make sure to use Tweezerman – After Tweeze Soothing Cream so he doesn't complain about how much it hurts! While you're at it, why not give him some HE Minerals – Lip Balm to smooth out his smile. He'll thank you later!

Avoid subjecting your feet to torture

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Are your shoes killing your feet?If you care more about how your shoes look than how they feel on your feet, you're probably doing yourself a huge disservice. Allure magazine recently pointed out how models' feet were badly beaten-up after the spring fashion shows, then offered a few tips to help you avoid the same ugly, painful fate.

1. Don't wear shoes that don't fit. This seems obvious, but many times women chose a size too small simply because their normal size wasn't available. Shop for shoes later in the day when your feet are a bit more swollen – you'll get a more realistic fit.
2. Prevent blisters by placing a blister guard or a piece of tape over areas that are being rubbed by your shoes.
3. Keep your heels low if you know you're going to be walking for long distances, or opt to bring a pair of sneakers. Leather shoes are breathable and provide just the right amount of support. If you do wear heels, wear chunky ones or shoes with platforms.

If you do end up with any calluses, blisters or other painful foot issues, treat them with plenty of TLC. Caswell-Massey – Dr. Hunter Foot Comfort Creme will help soothe your soles, while a product like Lippmann Collection – Get Off Callus Softener can help them look their best again.

Make a top knot your new go-to style

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Top knots are totally chic!If you're not familiar with the term, a "top knot" is simply a bun that's worn high on the head so that it can be seen from the front. Celebrities everywhere are pulling of the trend again and again, and if you haven't tried it out yet, it's probably time. In order to avoid a severe look that's more of a miss than a hit, keep a few of these ideas in mind, according to Glamour magazine's beauty blog.

If you want to keep the focus on your face and flawless makeup application, keep your top knot slick and polished but not looking like hard plastic. Jack Black – Sleek Finish Texture Cream will give you the perfect look.

For a more casual vibe, try parting your hair in the front and keeping the bun wide. It's fine to have a couple of loose tendrils near the front to frame your face and add a bit of softness. A few curls would work well too – just keep them shaped with Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle (Strong-hold hair spray).

The perfect makeup for a candlelit affair

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Wear the right makeup to flatter your face in a candle's glow!The soft yellow glow of a candle is one of the most flattering lights out there, but if you're not careful, your makeup could seem a bit too dark and overpower your natural beauty. If you have a romantic dinner date planned for the near future or just want to try out a softer look, consider emulating Elizabeth Olsen, whose makeup was featured on Glamour magazine's beauty blog.

Smokey and bright colors don't work well in candle light, so it's better to opt for softer hues that aren't heavily applied. Use your regular foundation and powder, but add a touch of highlighter, like TRUE Cosmetics – Accents, anywhere that would be illuminated by the light. It will catch the glow of the candle and make your face look brighter.

Use a purple or navy eyeshadow, like what you could find in GloMinerals – gloEye Shadow Trio, and only apply it to the outer corners of your eyelids. It's reminiscent of a smokey eye but not too dark. Apply plenty of mascara, then finish off the look with a soft mauve lipstick or gloss. You'll look radiant!

The benefits of hair serums

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Serums are good for a lot of reasons!Some hair serums have gotten a bad reputation – mostly because women with fine hair are frustrated by oily products that weigh their hair down for days. But there are tons of different products out there which help your hair look and feel luxurious without the grease. The key is to use them correctly. Here are a few tips for using hair serum, according to Allure magazine.

1. Use before you blow dry. Just use a pea-sized amount of something like Leonor Greyl – Huile de Palme (For Dry Hair, protects from sun & water) just on the dry ends of your hair. Don't get close to your roots at all.
2. Grab a serum like Hamadi – Healing Serum and put a dime-sized amount on your hair at night. Stay away from your roots, then put your hair up before bed and you'll have soft, wavy tresses in the morning.
3. Use a tiny drop of serum as a spot treatment on your frizzy areas. It won't weigh your hair down like an all-over product.
4. For any hairstyle, a drop of oil can add tons of shine. Try slicking your hair back into a ponytail and rubbing a bit over the crown and the tail. You'll be instantly sleek without looking greasy.