Guy Products That Girls Love

Ladies have many more products to choose from when it comes to bath and beauty products, but there are plenty of men’s products that women just can’t seem to get enough of.

Some Guys Actually Care About Their Brows

When it comes to eyebrows, most guys couldn’t care less.

Avoid Subjecting Your Feet To Torture

If you care more about how your shoes look than how they feel on your feet, you’re probably doing yourself a huge disservice.

Make A Top Knot Your New Go-To Style

If you’re not familiar with the term, a “top knot” is simply a bun that’s worn high on the head so that it can be seen from the front.

The Perfect Makeup For A Candlelit Affair

The soft yellow glow of a candle is one of the most flattering lights out there, but if you’re not careful, your makeup could seem a bit too dark and overpower your natural beauty.

The Benefits Of Hair Serums

Some hair serums have gotten a bad reputation – mostly because women with fine hair are frustrated by oily products that weigh their hair down for days.

Root Camouflage

There’s nothing worse than having obvious roots show up way before the day you booked your next salon appointment.

Rose Gold Is Everywhere This Season

In case you haven’t heard, rose gold metallics are huge this season.

Frosty Blue Can Be A "Do"

Blue eyeshadow may bring back bad memories of junior high school…or the 1980s.

Skip The Harshness Of Black By Going Brown

For many women, black eye makeup is a necessity.

The Sexiest Smoky Eye Possible

There are bound to be nights when you want to look extra stunning, sexy and mysterious – all at once.

Rock A Retro Hairdo

Recently, Hilary Duff was spotted by Glamour magazine’s beauty blog members sporting a hair bump that was so big it almost crossed the line into “don’t” territory.