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How to achieve the perfect lash curl

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Curling your eyelashes is easier than it sounds!There's nothing like a good curl to define your lashes and make your eyes appear more open. However, it can be tough to get a lasting curve without torturing your lashes. Luckily, Allure magazine has a few tips to help you out.

Use a curler like Paula Dorf – CURL-UP Eyelash Curler before you apply your mascara. This will ensure that the sticky formula won't rip out your lashes and get stuck to the device. Applying afterwards also helps to set the curl and make it last all day.

When you're curling, it helps to look sideways into a mirror so that you can see the progress you're making. Squeeze the curler at the roots of your lashes, being careful not to get too close, as you could pinch your eyelid. Hold for three to five seconds, then move the curler to the middle of your lashes and do three one-second squeezes.

After you're done, seal in the curve with a product like Jane Iredale – PureLash Mascara. It might also help to use a primer beforehand, which will ensure that your lashes stay gorgeous and lush all day long.

Mascara to meet every need

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Use a different mascara formula for each effect you want to achieve!Despite what you may think, there's no such thing as a do-it-all mascara, according to Allure magazine. "A single tube can pack only so many effective ingredients, and formulas usually have to sacrifice one benefit for another," reports the news source.

As a result, you're better off choosing a different mascara for each effect that you want to create with your lashes. For example, if you want to extend the length of your fringe, Jane Iredale – PureLash Lengthening Mascara is a good choice that adds fibers to the ends of your natural lashes.

If you're looking for volume, Rilastil – Makeup Volumizing Mascara is the perfect option. It has a creamy texture with plenty of conditioning waxes, which work to cover every individual lash and separate them for thicker fringe.

Waterproof mascaras come in handy whenever you think you might be exposed to humidity, and defining mascaras work when you're simply trying to focus the attention on your eyeshadow.

As long as you choose a different formula to accommodate each of your eyelash needs, you should have no problem flaunting gorgeous eye makeup looks.

Makeup to please guys and gals

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

You might want to change your makeup choices based on who you're hanging out with!Women wear makeup for a variety of reasons. It could be to make themselves feel better about their looks, impress a man or simply show off their fashion prowess to other women. If you wear makeup for all of these reasons, you might want to alter your beauty routine to reflect each one.

For yourself, do whatever makes you feel prettiest. This could mean reaching for a confidence-boosting red lipstick from Paula Dorf – Lip Color collection, or it could be adding a sparkly eyeshadow into your routine.

When it comes to guys, less is often more, according to Glamour magazine's beauty blog. Instead of piling on the makeup products, focus on perfecting your skin with a concealer like CoverBlend – Multi Function Concealer SPF 15. That way, your natural beauty can shine through.

As for the gals, impress your friends by trying out the latest trends. Perfect your cat eyeliner skills or work the latest shade of blush, which is a peachy-pink. Your girlfriends are sure to love the fact that you're experimenting, and you may give them new ideas!

How to get the most out of a winter shower

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Your shower habits should change a bit in the winter!It feels great to take a nice, hot shower when you're cold in the winter, but you've probably heard how long, hot showers can dry out your skin. Here are a few tips from that you might want to consider next time you hop under the stream.

1. Lower the temperature. You don't have to take a freezing cold shower – just take the heat down a notch so it's warm, not hot.

2. Use a simple, creamy moisturizing body wash, like Dermalogica – Conditioning Body Wash. Gels and other clear washes can dry up your skin in the winter months.

3. Turn off the water while you're sudsing up. This will reduce the amount of heat and steam in the bathroom and limit the drying effects of being exposed to the water.

4. Do a quick cold rinse before you step out. This will not only wake you up a bit, but it will tighten your pores.

5. While you're still a bit wet after the shower, use a lotion like Caswell-Massey – Almond & Aloe Hand & Body Emulsion with Silk all over your body. It will soak in better on damp skin.

Tips for applying perfume

Monday, January 30th, 2012

There's a right way and a wrong way to apply perfume!Fragrance seems like it would be a no-brainer to apply – just spritz on and you're done, right? Wrong. Perfumes can be pretty sensitive and are best applied strategically, according to BellaSugar. Next time you want to smell your best, consider these tips for application.

First, you should never put perfume on top of any kind of lotion or skincare oil. Scents like Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy For Women Eau de Parfum Spray can interact with moisturizers and result in some pretty funky smells that you probably didn't count on wearing.

Also, it's never a good idea to rub your scented wrists together, even though this is pretty much the stereotypical way to apply perfume. Doing so can crush the fragrance molecules and alter the scent of the spray. It will also fade faster throughout the day.

Finally, be sure not to overdo it. Eau de parfums are more concentrated than sprays like Archipelago Botanicals – Pomegranate Eau de Toilette, which is okay to spritz generously on your body. You don't want to offend the noses of anyone you're near with too much perfume.

Taking off glittery nail polish

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Glittery polish doesn't have to be a pain to remove!Glittery nail polish is super trendy these days, whether it's monochromatic, rainbow, chunky or fine. While this manicure idea is definitely fun and exciting, removing the stuff isn't nearly as awesome. It can be very difficult to get glitter polishes off without spending a few minutes scrubbing each nail. However, there are a few ways you can make removing the glitter easier.

For starters, be sure to use a base coat before your initial application. Lippmann Collection – Ridge Filler Base Coat is a good choice that will smooth the surface of your nails while protecting them from staining.

It also helps to keep your polish's thickness to a minimum. This means using only two thin coats of colored nail polish over the base coat, followed by a glittery topcoat. If you go any thicker, you'll have more trouble taking it all off.

Finally, soak a cotton pad with BABOR – Nail Color Remover, then hold it over each nail for about 15 seconds. This should loosen the polish and allow you to remove the glitter faster.

Avoid dairy to help fight acne

Friday, January 27th, 2012

If you're experiencing breakouts, you might want to cut down on your dairy intake!When it comes to fighting acne, your best bet is to go directly to the source. For many women, that means following up a skincare regimen with the right foods that can help your skin repair itself from the inside out.

The Beauty Department got a few tidbits of advice from Dr. Jessica Wu, a Los Angeles dermatologist who wrote the book Feed Your Face. Among her helpful hints was the fact that dairy can do a lot of harm to your skin if you’re already breaking out. The hormones associated with many varieties of dairy can be transferred into your body and stimulate your own hormones, making your skin more oily with more clogged pores.

Try using almond or soy milk as a substitute for milk, and choose organic, nonfat or skim dairy products for everything else, which don’t contain as many hormones.

Also, be sure to use an acne cleanser twice a day, like Exuviance – Moisturizing Antibacterial Facial Cleanser. Then, follow it up with Exuviance – Blemish Treatment Gel, which can help your skin restore its former glory.

Recreating Zooey Deschanel’s voluminous curls

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Zooey Deschanel knows how to work voluptuous curls!Actress and singer Zooey Deschanel is known for her near-perfect locks, which is why it might not be a bad idea to channel her style for your next social occasion. If you're not quite sure how to get those voluptuous curls, Glamour magazine's beauty blog has the scoop.

First apply Leonor Greyl – Condition Naturelle to your hair, which will give you plenty of volume while you're blowdrying. Use a large round brush to achieve smooth, rounded curls while you're drying.

On top of your head, use curlers or your fingers to create a row of hair rolls. Pin them in place and use a bit of hairspray to set them while you create the rest of the curls.

Spritz the rest of your strands with Leonor Greyl – Laque Souple Gentle Hold Hair Spray, then use a medium or small-barreled curling iron to curl the rest of your hair. Use your fingers to separate the curls, then apply a bit of shine serum.

Finally, take out the curls on the top of your head and flip your hair upside down, fluffing with your fingers. Pretty easy, right?

Highlight brown eyeliner with gold eyeshadow

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Kate Beckinsale knows how to rock softer eye makeup looks!Brown is quickly taking over as the color of choice when it comes to eyeliner, but not all women are satisfied with it. Brown liner is softer than black, and thus less dramatic, which doesn't please those trying to turn heads on the sidewalk. However, it's easy to amp up the wow factor by adding a subtle highlight.

Glamour magazine's beauty blog spotted this gorgeous look on Kate Beckinsale, who recently wore a smoldering smokey eye that featured brown and gold rather than the more traditional black and gray combination.

It's easy to get the look yourself. Just pick up a brown eyeliner, like Jane Iredale – Eye Pencil in Basic Brown or Black/Brown. Line the inner rims of your eyes, then use it to define your upper and lower lash lines. Once that's all set, use a golden tan eyeshadow like BABOR – Eye Shadow in Fox. Add a small line right next to the brown and your eyes will be sparkling. Finish off the look with two coats of mascara. It might be a good idea to use a brown color instead of black to keep the effect softer.

Taking care of chemically straightened hair

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Chemically straightened hair needs a bit of extra care!Sometimes, even the curliest girls want stick-straight strands, which can easily be accomplished with chemical straightening treatments. However, you can't just go about your normal hairstyling routine after you get it treated. Here's what Allure magazine recommends.

1. Don't wash your hair right away after treatment. Wait a few days or even a week before you suds up. When it's time, use sulfate-free products, like DS Laboratories – Revita.COR Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner, which won't get rid of the chemicals on your hair.

2. If you want to color your hair, do so after the straightening. This will ensure that the color doesn't rinse out during the chemical processing.

3. You don't need to use any heated styling products after a straightening treatment – your hair should look naturally straight. However, a flat iron and a blowdryer can make your hair a bit sleeker and smoother if that's the look you're going for. Leonor Greyl – Condition Naturelle will ensure that your tresses are protected.