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The best makeup for your hair color

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Your hair color can help you choose the most flattering makeup looks!Choosing the right makeup looks has a lot to do with your skin tone, but another factor that should be taken into consideration is your hair color. Ladies with red, black, brown and blond hair can mix and match makeup looks that will take advantage of the color and play up their stunning features. Here’s a run-down of what kinds of products and techniques you should be looking for based on your hair.

If you’re blond
Lighter hair is gorgeous, but it’s easier to go overboard with your makeup color choices, according to Marie Claire magazine. With such a pale color surrounding your face, colorful features often take center stage. As a result, it’s best to choose one feature to make pop rather than several. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, use dark or neutral shadows to create contrast, like you’d find in the Jane Iredale – PurePressed Eye Shadow collection. The same goes for eyeliners and mascara. A lighter lip color, like peach, will complement darker eyes. One thing to keep in mind is the color of your eyebrows. Whether you keep them darker than your hair color or match them to it, it’s crucial to keep brows filled in with Paula Dorf – 2 + 1 for Brows to avoid them looking scarce.

If you’re a redhead
Neutral shades are a redhead’s best friends, as they won’t compete with the vibrant color of your locks. Browns and greens work well on their own, but layering brighter colors with toned-down shades will create a subtle burst of color. Pick up a compact with plenty of variety, like POP Beauty – Eye Cake, which has chic options. Marie Claire also suggests using purple as one of your go-to shades, as well as other jewel tones, so experiment with violet eyeliners and plum lipsticks. BORGHESE – B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour has plenty of purple choices that will make your lips truly luscious.

If your hair is black
Ladies should “play up the mysterious, sexy vibe of black hair by accentuating just one feature with sultry color,” Jerrod Blandino, founder and creative director of Too Faced Cosmetics, told Women’s Health magazine. Use colorful smokey eyeshadow paired with sheer cheek and lip tints, like you’d get with GloMinerals – gloTint for Cheeks & Lips. Plenty of mascara will pull together the look, so apply one coat of Blinc – Mascara then let it dry before coating lashes with another application. Use a lash comb to separate them afterwards for a feathery look.

If you’re a brunette
With brown hair, you can pull off a variety of colorful makeup looks. Brighter colors look fresh against a neutral brown shade, so try out something like vibrant orange lipstick or navy blue eyeshadow. Marie Claire warns not to forget about your eyebrows however, as they make a natural frame for your face. Colorescience – Eyebrow Stencil can help you achieve the desired shape. Feel free to experiment with a variety of colors, and don’t forget that shimmery shades and glitter can be fun for a night out!

Don’t forget that you can always switch up the color of your hair, so you don’t have to stick with the same coloring all the time. Even subtle highlights can open up a variety of makeup looks to experiment with, so don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for color advice.

Exfoliate before shaving to prevent ingrown hairs

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Exfoliate before you shave or wax to prevent ingrown hairs!Shaving is probably one of your daily routines, so by now you should have it mastered. However, if you’re still falling victim to ingrown hairs, you may be missing an important step of the hair removal process. That’s exfoliating beforehand, ladies!

According to Allure magazine, exfoliating is your best defense against ingrown hairs no matter what hair removal method you choose – waxing  or shaving. Use a body scrub like Bliss – Super Minty Soap’n Scrub Energizing Exfoliator For The Body before you start shaving in the shower and before you start applying waxing strips.

It also helps to moisturize your skin afterwards with a body lotion that contains alpha hydroxy acids, like Archipelago Botanicals – Boticario de Havana Body Lotion. This will keep your skin free of dead cells that could block hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs.

If you tend to get ingrown hairs after a waxing session, you can eliminate the problem by using the lotion a couple of days before and after the wax to ensure smooth skin.

How much perfume is too much?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

How much perfume is too much?Wearing perfume makes many women feel sexy and confident, and wearing cologne can make any man feel powerful and seductive. However, some people are sensitive to scents and can't handle being around someone who's wearing too much. Recently, New Hampshire even proposed a bill that would ban state employees from wearing perfume at work. So how much is too much?

As you've probably noticed, wearing the same perfume day after day can desensitize your nose to it. As a result, you may start to put more on so you can catch a whiff. Avoid doing this by putting on the same amount every day, whether you can smell it or not, or choose a new perfume for a while, like RALPH LAUREN – Romance For Women Eau de Parfum Spray.

If you do end up wearing a bit too much and happen to get a few comments, you can always make the scent less intense by layering a bit of unscented moisturizer over the areas you spritzed. COOLA – Total Body SPF 30 Unscent is a good choice.

Use red carpet lips as inspiration for your next date

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Red lips are perfect for a date!Sometimes things can get a bit boring in relationships, which means that spicing it up is always refreshing. Fortunately, that includes your makeup! If you're looking for something new to try for your next date, consider wearing siren-red lips like the stars sported on the red carpet of the Golden Globes.

According to Allure magazine, Angelina Jolie stole the show with a gorgeous combination of fiery red lips, gray eyeshadow and black liner. The pop of color on her lips matched the unexpected red fold of her dress, proving that matching your makeup to your outfit can be a good idea.

Other celebrities, like Claire Danes and Mireille Enos, sported red lips with their smoky eyeshadow looks. You can easily copy the look yourself with a bold liner like BABOR – Liquid Eyeliner. Smudge a taupe shadow on your lids, top your lashes with mascara, then finish up with a bright red shade of Paula Dorf – Lip Color. Remember to take your skin tone, hair color and eye color into consideration when choosing the perfect hue!

Secrets for getting shinier hair

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Shinier hair is at your fingertips!No matter what type of hair you have, it's definitely possible to achieve a high-shine finish. The key is to make sure your hair stays healthy and protected from damaging treatments and environmental stressors. Here are a few tips from Marie Claire magazine.

1. Treat yourself to a weekly hydrating treatment, whether it's a leave-in serum or a mask like Leonor Greyl – Masque Fleurs de Jasmin (All Hair Types).

2. If you have curly hair, use your fingers instead of a brush to separate strands when they're dry. Using a hairbrush will only cause frizz and dullness.

3. Don't use styling products too close to your scalp. This can weigh down your hair and make your locks look greasy, not shiny.

4. Use a leave-in conditioner like Hamadi – Shea Spray to keep your hair smooth and silky.

5. Don't pile on products right before using heated styling tools. Formulas which aren't meant to protect against heat can actually damage your hair more when they're heated up.

Tips for fabulous lashes

Monday, January 16th, 2012

These tips can help you get the lashes of your dreams!Sometimes, grabbing the same old mascara day after day just doesn't cut it anymore. When you want to make a bold statement with your lashes, it's a good time to experiment with new products and techniques. Here's how to get the most gorgeous lashes you've had in a while, according to Marie Claire magazine.

1. Choose a mascara that's right for you. This means picking a flattering color and formula. Black looks great on most people, but fair-haired ladies may want to go brown for an effect that's less harsh. Jane Iredale – PureLash Lengthening Mascara has plenty of colors to choose from.

2. Get more crimp by heating up your lash curler. Just holding it under your blowdryer for a few seconds is enough to give your lashes major curling power.

3. Add volume by layering loose translucent powder on top of your lashes, then sealing it in with another coat of mascara. This will also help to blend in any fake lashes you decide to include with your natural fringe. Youngblood – Natural Mineral Foundation should do the trick.

How to match your makeup to your outfit

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Matching your makeup to your outfit can be a great idea!You may have heard somewhere along the line that matching your makeup to your clothes is a bit over-the-top. However, it can actually look very chic as long as you do it the right way. Glamour magazine's beauty blog noticed a few looks from the Critic's Choice Movie Awards that managed to pull off the effect flawlessly.

Busy Phillips wore a bright red dress, and to complement the color she chose a perfectly matching lipstick. The key to pulling it off was keeping the rest of her makeup subtle so the bright red lips were the star of her face. You can get the same effect by choosing a shade of BABOR – Classic Lip Color to match your next outfit.

Emma Stone wore a green and blue ensemble, and instead of using a matching eyeshadow, she chose to pick up the blue notes in the dress and go with a smokey blue eyeliner. It was a less obvious choice that was bold without trying too hard. Get the same look by using POP Beauty – Glitter Stix to match an accent of your outfit.

Easy tips to get a whiter smile

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

A whiter smile is easier to achieve than you think!Most women would jump at the chance to get a whiter smile, but not everyone has the time or money to spend on intense whitening treatments at the dentist. Instead of feeling self-conscious about a lackluster smile, there are a few ways you can incorporate whitening habits into your daily routine, recommended by Marie Claire magazine.

1. After every meal, swish water around in your mouth for 30 seconds. Doing so will prevent stains from food sticking to your teeth.

2. Eat raw fruits and vegetables with a bit of crunch. This will not only help to scrub the surface of your teeth, but it will produce extra saliva, which works to naturally whiten and clean your teeth.

3. Before brushing your teeth, use Supersmile – Whitening Floss to remove any food particles and discourage stains from forming in between your teeth.

4. Wear a smile-brightening lipstick, like ModelCo – Star Smile Teeth Whitener and Hydrating Lipstick. Blue undertones make your teeth appear whiter, but steer clear of orange, which could bring out yellow hues.

Eat your way to a healthy glow

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Certain fruits and veggies can help you get a sun-kissed glow!It's tough to maintain a believable tan in winter – especially if you want to avoid tanning beds – but it's not impossible if you combine the right self-tanners and bronzers with glow-improving foods.

According to Marie Claire magazine, researchers have found that certain fruits and vegetables with organic pigments called carotenoids can help those with pale skin tones to darken up in as little as a month. Orange and dark green fruits and vegetables, like carrots, mangoes, squash, kale and spinach will do the trick.

In addition, you may want to use an easy self-tanner like TanTowel – Self-Tan Towelette. All you have to do is swipe it on clean, dry skin. It will dry in a minute or so, so there's no need to wait long to put your clothes on, and it develops over the course of three to four hours.

Youngblood – Natural Mineral Radiance (Sundance) can be used on your face to create a matching glow with the perfect natural highlights to brighten your complexion. By eating these fruits and vegetables and using bronzing products, you'll be looking radiant in no time.

How to handle cream makeup

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Creamy makeup formulas are easy to apply!Creamy makeup formulas have a lot to offer. They provide good coverage and bold hues, so they're perfect when you want to add a little extra punch to your makeup routine. However, with so much blendable color, it's easy to go wrong. Here's how Marie Claire magazine recommends handling the following types of cream makeup.

1. Creamy pots of lip color. Lip products like Too Faced – Candy Box should be applied with a lip brush. This is not only more sanitary, but it saves you from using too much and offers a more precise application.

2. Eyeshadows. Creamy color should be labeled crease-proof to prevent smudging and followed up with powder for a long-lasting look that will stay put. Try Too Faced – Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow.

3. Blush. Creamy blush looks dewy and natural, so it's a good choice if you decide to wear just one creamy shade. Just be sure to take plenty of time to blend, and avoid rubbing the color into your cheeks too much.