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Red nails and red lips: the perfect combo

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Michelle Williams knows how to rock red lips and nails together!Red lips and nails have been around since cosmetics became mainstream. Women often chose to wear both looks at once, as red was one of the only color options out there. However, red lips and nails worn together aren't as popular these days – but they should be!

Glamour magazine's beauty blog recently pointed out the look on Michelle Williams at the Paris premiere of My Week With Marilyn. She paired the bright lips and manicure with a pastel pink dress, which made the colors pop and gave her ensemble an unrivaled cuteness.

If you want to get the same effect, look for a deep watermelon shade of Youngblood – Lipstick. Apply two coats of the color, blotting in between. Use a clear lip gloss in the center of your lower lip to create dimension and add a hint of shine.

For your manicure, trim your nails short and slightly squared, then apply base coat and two coats of Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers in a shade that matches your lipstick. Finish with a top coat and put on a light pastel outfit. You'll look fabulous!

An easy way to get glitter ombre nails

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Colorful glitter ombe manicures are easier to do than you think!The ombre trend is still in full swing, but many woman have found it difficult to pull off on their nails without the help of a professional manicurist. Blending those colors can be tricky, but luckily Glamour magazine's beauty blog has a great idea for easily creating your own glitter ombre manicure.

First, you will need to buy three different colors of glitter, all in the same color family. One should be dark, one medium and one light. You can stock up at your local craft store.

Next, you'll need a base coat like Nailtini – Mixer Nail Base Color. Apply one coat, then let it dry. Choose a color of nail polish that will go well with the glitter you bought, then paint a stripe across the base of your nails, near your cuticles. Shake on the darkest glitter, then let it dry. Repeat the same process with the medium and light shades of glitter, painting a stripe of polish across each nail and letting it dry before you change glitter shades.

To finish up, apply a top coat like Lippmann Collection – On A Clear Day Top Coat. Pretty, right?

Red lips are hotter than ever at New York Fashion Week

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Red lipstick is hotter than ever!In case you haven't noticed, red lipstick is having a serious moment in the spotlight. Granted, it's been around for ages, but never has a red lip looked so stunning. Case in point: designers like Victoria Beckham, Thakoon and Zac Posen featured red lipstick on their models for New York Fashion Week, and they looked gorgeous.

Luckily, it doesn't take much to get the perfect red lipstick application. After you've picked out the perfect shade of BORGHESE – B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour, follow these steps from The Beauty Department.

First, prep your lips by exfoliating them. You could use a wet washcloth, toothbrush or a lip scrub. Next, outline your lips with a nude lip liner, like BORGHESE – Perfetta Lip Pencil. This will prevent the red from feathering out into any fine lines around your mouth.

Once the liner is in place, apply the lipstick straight from the tube. Blot your lips to create a base, or use a bit of translucent face powder on top. Apply another coat of lipstick, and you're ready to dazzle!

Jewel-toned eyeshadow: an instant update

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Jewel-toned shadows are in for spring!New York Fashion Week has been showcasing some pretty strange makeup, hair and fashion looks, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a couple of things that can be translated into everyday life. Take, for example, jewel-toned eyeshadow.

According to The Beauty Department, designers like Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung and DVF all featured vibrant peacock shades of eyeshadow on their models. It added a dimension and intrigue to their faces that's hard to find with muted hues of shadow.

To get the look yourself, the news source suggests using a wet brush to apply a shadow like Too Faced – Single Eye Shadow in Neptune or Mess in a Dress. Just dip an eyeshadow brush like Jane Iredale – Eye Shader Brush into some water, then swirl it around in the shadow.

You can stop at the creases, or extend a little past the corners of your eyes for an edgy, cat eye shadow effect that will look gorgeous with practically any outfit. Don't forget to finish up with mascara to define your lashes.

Hydrating mists: not just for summer

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Facial spritzers have a number of great uses!You might think that facial spritzers like Jane Iredale – D2O Hydration Spritz are only good in the summer when your face needs a little cool refreshment after so much sweating. However, they're actually useful throughout the entire year, especially if you're concerned about keeping your face hydrated.

According to Glamour magazine's beauty blog, these sprays are great for loosening up tight skin. After cleansing your face, you may sometimes notice that your skin feels tight and dry. If this is the case, a liberal mist of a product like Evian – Mineral Water Spray can moisturize and plump up your skin, prepping it for a flawless makeup application.

Facial spritzers are also useful for toning down excessive makeup applications. If you happen to go a bit overboard on blush or bronzer, a mist is all you need to dilute the color.

Lastly, a quick spritz of a facial mist can help your skin look dewy and glowing – which is always a good thing, no matter what season it is! The best part is that many of these sprays can fit easily into a purse, so you can freshen up on the go.

A quick fix for over-plucked brows

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Over-plucking your brows isn't the end of the world!Many women have made the mistake of over-plucking their eyebrows. Sometimes you just happen to find the perfect lighting and all of those little stray hairs are exposed – which then leads to intensive shaping – which can then result in sparse brows. It's not the end of the world, however.

Cosmopolitan magazine has a few tips for fixing up over-plucked brows, and all it takes is a good brow pencil, a bit of powder and a clean mascara brush before your eyebrows look full again.

First, pick out a pencil shade that perfectly matches your brows. Too dark or too light will look obvious, so take your time finding the right shade of Too Faced – Brownie Eye Brow Pencil. When you're applying, make short strokes that mimic the look of your natural brow hairs. Be sure to fill in your entire brow – not just the bare areas. A bit of Paula Dorf – 2 + 1 for Brows will make them look softer.

Finally, use a clean mascara wand to feather your lashes and get rid of any harsh pencil lines. Comb them up and out for the most natural look.

Are you letting your skin repair itself at night?

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Your skin needs rest as much as you do!By now, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that beauty sleep is a real thing. Just think of what you look like after a restful snooze session compared to what your face looks like after a rough night. Your skin restores and rejuvenates itself as you sleep, but it’s important to help the process by engaging in a few habits before bedtime.

According to The Beauty Department, there are four steps that should be taken before bedtime. These are properly removing your makeup, cleansing your face, exfoliating and applying a rich night cream. All of these can help your skin cleanse itself of the toxins it accumulated throughout the day and protect your complexion from the signs of aging.

Use a cleanser like Exuviance – Purifying Cleansing Gel to start off your bedtime routine, then find an exfoliating scrub that’s gentle enough for everyday use. It will slough off dead skin cells and make your skin appear brighter when you wake up in the morning.

Finally, apply a cream like BABOR – Vita Balance Night Cream. It will promote cell regeneration while thoroughly moisturizing your skin. You’ll wake up glowing no matter how little sleep you got!

This tip could save time on your next manicure

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Tired of waiting for your nail polish to dry? No need to worry with this tip!If you frequently paint your own nails, you know it can be a time consuming process. With a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat, there's a lot of drying time involved. However, Glamour magazine's beauty blog recently got a tip from Essie Weingarten (the woman behind Essie nail polish) that might change this.

According to the news source, the optimum drying time between each coat is two minutes. That basically means that you can start on the next coat right after you finish painting all 10 of your nails. This makes sense considering how fast it takes professionals to paint your nails!

Next time you pull off a DIY manicure, use a base coat like Lippmann Collection – Ridge Filler Base Coat to give yourself a smooth surface to work with. Wait two minutes, then apply your color. Put on one more coat of color, then wait another two minutes before using a top coat like Lippmann Collection – On A Clear Day Top Coat. You should find that this saves you a lot of time – and your manicure should last longer as a result.

How to pick the best bangs for your face

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Bangs can look great on everyone!Celebrities and real gals everywhere are getting in on the bangs trend. It's an easy way to transform your look without having to commit to a brand new style. However, it's important to figure out what type of bangs would look best. Allure magazine has a few tips to consider.

If you have a high forehead or a long face, bangs that go straight across your forehead can help to balance your features. Aim for them to hit somewhere between your eyebrows and eyelashes. Heavy, thick bangs work for straight hair, while whispy styles are better for wavy locks. Use a bit of Hamadi – Shea Pomade to style them.

Long, side-swept bangs look great on mostly everyone. If you have a heart- or square-shaped face, they can help to soften the angle of your chin. As an added bonus, you can clip them back whenever you want them out of your face. Just be sure to keep them grease-free throughout the day by sudsing up with Leonor Greyl – Huile de germe de ble (For devitalized or oily scalp) and touching up with a dry shampoo as needed.

Mix up your decal manicure

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Your manicure deserves a touch of class!Stick-on manicures are all the rage lately. Whether it's because they're so easy to apply or they simply look great, women everywhere are getting in on the trend. The Beauty Department has an easy way you can dress up the look to make it even more stunning.

Half-moon manicures are also in style, which probably explains why this paint job makes the perfect match for those intricate decals. To get the look, simply pick up some decorative nail stickers from your local drug store. The type of design you get is up to you, but leopard print is always fun.

Apply the stickers by following the directions they come with. Next, use reinforcement stickers (the circular kind you use on hole-punched paper) to create a circle at the top of your nail. Pick out your choice of Nailtini – Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer, then paint everything below the sticker. You'll notice that the half-moon is where the decal shows.

Finish up with a coat of Lippmann Collection – Addicted To Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat, then prepare to get compliments!