The Best Ways To Test Your Beauty Products

There’s nothing worse than picking up a new makeup product only to realize that the color or formula doesn’t work for you.

Beauty Tip: Mix A Drop Of Oil With Your Liquid Foundation

If you use liquid foundation, it might be because your skin is a bit on the drier side.

A Natural Makeup Look Works Best With Spring's Bright Fashions

While you might be tempted to use bright lipstick, blush and eyeshadow shades to match your bold spring fashion choices, it’s usually a hit-or-miss strategy.

Deck Your Nails In St. Patrick's Day Colors And Designs

If you’re planning to go out and get wild on St. Patrick’s Day, or you just really like to show off your festive side, there’s no better way to get glammed up than with cute shamrocks and spring colors on your nails!

Coral And Yellow: Two Must-Have Brights For Spring

If you’re looking for the perfect color combination to wear for spring, you probably know by now that pastels can get a bit boring.

A Tip For Purer Lipstick Color

If you look at your lips in the mirror, you’ll notice that they’re most likely a different color than the surrounding skin.

Gold Lip Glosses Are Big For Spring

If you’re ready to update your makeup collection for the spring season, one product that you’ll certainly need to pick up is gold lip gloss, reports Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog.

The Key To Natural-Looking Blush

We’ve all seen women walking around with doll-like circles of blush on their cheeks, or even worse, an obvious stripe of the product across their cheekbones.

Bring In Spring With Bold Lips

When you envision the shades of spring, you’re probably thinking of pastels like lilac, jade green and baby pink.

Purple Lip Gloss: Your New Go-To Lip Look

It’s tough to find a shade of lip gloss or lipstick that is appropriate for all occasions.

Leopard Print Nails: Easier Than You Think!

The nail art trend is still going strong, but not everyone has the artistic talents of a professional manicurist.


Are you suffering from mid-winter crocodile skin?