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Fuchsia lips: this season’s hottest new accessory

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Fuchsia lips are this season's hottest accessories!Not everyone has the cash to drop on a new handbag or a pair of trendy shoes to celebrate the new season. If you’re looking for an affordable way to update your style, Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog recommends picking up a fuchsia shade of lipstick.

Not only is this pinkish-purple shade showing up on lips everywhere, but it’s super-wearable for ladies of all skin tones. Whether you’re fair, tan, olive or dark – there’s a shade of fuchsia BORGHESE – B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour with your name on it!

According to the source, the lighter your skin is, the more blue undertones you want to incorporate into your lip color. Darker skin tones can experiment with pinker shades of fuchsia. Just make sure that before you apply the lipstick, you line your lips with Jane Iredale – Lip Pencil. This will not only give your lipstick a base to stick to, but it will prevent the color from feathering onto your face. Pair the lips with bold smoky eyes or go neutral to make the hue really pop!

It’s time to warm up your complexion for spring

Friday, April 13th, 2012

A bit of bronzer and self tanner can warm your skin right up!After spending the majority of your winter inside under the blankets, your skin might be looking a bit pale. Rather than putting yourself at the mercy of dangerous tanning beds, why not darken up with a few self-tanning and bronzing products that can give your complexion a healthy glow?

Start by bronzing your entire body with an easy-to-use tanning wipe like TanTowel – Self-Tan Towelette. You won’t notice any streaking, and the formula dries quickly so you won’t have to stand around naked waiting to get dressed. Too Faced – Tanning Bed In A Tube is another option that will give you gradual color with a yummy Pina Colada scent.

Once you’re looking more like you’ve just gotten back from a tropical vacation, use Jane Iredale – So-Bronze 1 to keep the color lasting on your face. Brush it onto areas that would naturally get tan, like your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your cheeks. Follow up with a subtle highlighter on top of those areas for truly glowing skin.

Now that you’re not looking quite as ghostly, you might be inspired to pick up a few more springtime products that will enhance your beachy appearance!

Turning a ponytail into a hairstyle – not a last resort

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Ponytails can be chicer than you think!For many women, the ponytail is not necessarily a hairstyle in its own right. It’s more of a way to hide the fact that you haven’t showered, or to get hair out of your face at the gym. However, Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog asserts that ponytails can certainly be fashionable, as long as you wear them right. Here’s how.

To avoid looking plain and boring from the front, it’s a good idea to make a small part or leave a few wisps of hair out to frame your face. You don’t have to fully commit – just a hint of something extra going on is all it takes to avoid the slicked-back look.

Finished ends are a must, whether you choose to curl the tail, flip strands out or flat-iron them straight. Regardless of what you choose, use Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle to hold your efforts in place.

Lastly, your pony should look polished. This means using a bit of Hamadi – Shea Spray for extra shine and wrapping a strand around your elastic to conceal it. Now your hair will match the glamour of your perfectly-applied lipstick, eyeshadow and blush!

Hot hair accessories to rock this spring and summer

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Hair accessories can be as loud or subtle as you want!Many women take spring as an opportunity to switch up their hairstyles. Whether it’s going from long locks to a chic bob, lightening up dark strands or just ditching the straightener for a while, you might be looking for new ways to jazz up your tresses. Aside from awesome beauty products, you might want to stock up on a few of these trendy accessories. Here’s how to wear them.

Headbands are always a chic addition to any hairstyle, whether it’s in an updo, a side ponytail or a braid. They’re versatile because they come in all kinds of colors and styles, and they can be placed in numerous positions on your head. Use a volumizing product like Leonor Greyl – Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice, tease your hair to create body, then slip a headband behind your ears, close to your hairline, over your forehead (hippie-style) or far back on your crown. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re not afraid to be a bit cutesy, bows are totally hot this season. Glamour Magazine recommends wearing them on a headband, tying a ribbon around your ponytail, securing the end of a braid with one or tying a bow to the front of a retro updo. Just make sure your strands are glossy with Hamadi – Shea Pomade.

Many fashion designers consider barrettes as hair jewelry. As such, the trendiest styles are often big and sparkly, much like cocktail rings for your digits. Use one to pull your hair back into a half-updo, bring your hair to one side or secure a strand behind your ear. Just make sure to keep everything else you’re wearing understated, as you don’t want your look to be overwhelming.

While feather extensions are certainly an option, a few simple feathers placed temporarily in your hair is often more budget-friendly and less of a commitment. Stick a few into your braid and secure with Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle, or attach a few to a plain headband. As long as they’re not sticking straight up, they’ll look chic.

Scarves can be worn in a variety of ways, which is what makes them such a hot commodity this season. You can wrap one around your head to create a cool retro-inspired updo or tie one like a headband. It might look great with a head full of curls, so use Leonor Greyl – Algues Et Fleurs to enhance your hair’s texture and get it ready for a curling iron or hot rollers.

Hair combs
According to, hair combs are perfect for sticking into a high bun or holding back glamorous side-swept curls. Find a comb with pretty details, then backcomb strands to create texture that will keep the comb in place.

Hair nets
You don’t have to be a lunch lady to rock a hair net, reports Elle Magazine. One celebrity stylist uses hair nets to wrap chignons and other updos. Paired with a few antique pins, the style looks old-school gorgeous. Choose a net that’s the opposite color of your hair to make it stand out, then rock a red lipstick like BABOR – Filling Lip Color for an old Hollywood look.

Bobby pins
These handy tools aren’t always meant to be hidden behind the scenes. Pick up a few brightly colored bobby pins and place a few together in a row to hold back a section of hair behind your ear. It’s a classic standby that’s unexpectedly chic. Consider matching the colors to your Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers manicure.

Nail stickers you can make yourself

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

It's easy to create your own nail stickers!Nail art is all the rage these days, but stocking up on the tools necessary to create your favorite looks can be expensive. Along with nail polish, you'll often need special brushes, gems and adhesives to achieve manicure perfection. Luckily, The Beauty Department has a great idea for making your own nail stickers that look just as cool as the ones you can buy in stores.

All you need is a roll of scotch tape, scissors and your favorite shades of Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers. Simply apply the polish directly to the tape, then let it dry. The source recommends waiting 30 minutes to make sure that it's ready to be handled.

Once the polished tape has dried, use the scissors to cut out designs. You could do simple shapes like squares or triangles or get more creative with your cuts. You might also want to cut out a few straight lines.

Now, apply the pieces of tape to your nails with the sticky side down. It's best to use a base coat before you do this. Once you have your pattern set, finish it up with Lippmann Collection – Addicted To Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat. You'll have a pretty geometric manicure!

Would you ever curl your bottom lashes?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Have you ever curled your bottom lashes?For many women, the lower lashes often present problems. It’s tough to decide whether you really need to use mascara on them to make them stand out, as it could throw your look off-balance. And sometimes certain formulas can smear and smudge, leaving you with raccoon eyes. But have you ever considered curling your lower lashes?

Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog recently wondered whether curling your lower lashes is necessary. One makeup artist posted a video of herself applying false lashes, and during the tutorial she stopped to curl the hairs on her lower lash line. Weird or completely normal?

If you’re thinking of testing the effect out for yourself, a tool like Blinc – Heated Lash Curler could come in handy. After all, a manual lash curler might be a bit awkward to maneuver under there, even though that’s what the makeup artist in the video used.

As for the mascara problem, you don’t have to worry about migrating formulas if you use Too Faced – Lash Injection Pinpoint Mascara. It creates waterproof tubes around your lashes that will last all day.

Take the colorblocking trend to the next level

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

The colorblocking trend is huge right now - and it's not just for clothes!If you like the idea of colorblocking your outfits, you’ll love the opportunity to translate the trend into your makeup choices. According to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, colorblocking can easily be done with your lipstick and nail colors, as long as you do it right. Here’s how.

The whole point of colorblocking is to pair unexpected hues together to create a bold, creative look, but they should all complement each other. You can easily achieve this effect by choosing two different colors of lipstick and nail polish and wearing them together to make a statement.

All you have to do is pick shades that are in the same color family. This means pairing pastels with other pastels, neons with neons and primary colors with other primaries. For example, you could choose to wear Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers in Call Me Irresponsible (a bright purple) with a vivid red lipstick like BABOR – Classic Lip Color in Summer. Totally easy and definitely trendy! Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit a bit understated – otherwise your look could be a bit overwhelming.

If Jenni Farley (a.k.a. JWoww) can clean up her look, so can you

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Jenni Recently, Jenni Farley, also known as JWoww on The Jersey Shore, showed up at the premiere of The Three Stooges looking nothing like her normal self. Instead of piling on smoky makeup, overdoing the fake tan and showing off wacky hair streaks, she kept it simple with a conservative dress and understated makeup, reports Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog.

Farley showed up with a simple smoky eye, defined arches and a pretty, soft pink pout. She practically looked like a different person! If you think it’s time that you revamped your everyday look a bit, you might want to take a cue from Farley (which sounds pretty strange).

Instead of harsh black mascara and liquid liner, you might want to opt for lighter brown shades of Jane Iredale – Cream to Powder Eye Liner and BORGHESE – Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara. Rather than a dark wine-stained pout, opt for a soft pink. These small tweaks can help make you look more approachable and more ladylike – especially in the daytime when bright light is reflecting on your features.

Peach eyes and wine lips: an unexpectedly chic combination

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Jessica Lowndes recently rocked a pretty makeup color scheme worth trying!If you’ve been on the hunt for new ways to pair your makeup shades, the color scheme that Jessica Lowndes wore to the premiere of The Devil’s Carnival in Los Angeles might be worth checking out.

According to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, the actress used a metallic peach color on her lids and a wine-colored matte lipstick that was not your average pairing. However, she made it work by using black liquid eyeliner, plenty of mascara and a hint of shimmer on the inner corners of her eyes.

You can easily get the look yourself by checking out the gorgeous colors of BABOR – Eye Shadow. The Clay or Fever shades will definitely capture that peachy essence, and they’ll look especially great on blue or green eyes. Use a wash all over your lids (a bit past the creases) and underneath your lash line. Then use a highlighter to dot the inner corners.

As for your lips, try out some of the bold colors from Lipstick Queen. For a matte finish, simply dust on a bit of translucent face powder on top, which will also help to set the color.

How to create a gorgeous glow that’s noticeable yet natural

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Natural, yet done-up: the perfect look!Sometimes, you want people to know that you tried hard putting on your makeup. Yet you still want your face to look naturally beautiful without screaming “I’m full of product!” Enter the rosy-bronze look from a makeup artist who worked with the models at one of DKNY‘s runway shows.

According to Allure Magazine, you should start by swirling a rose-hued blush like BABOR – Classic Powder Blush in Rose right below your cheekbones. Then, sweep bronzer around your temples, over your cheekbones and on your eyelids (instead of eyeshadow). It shouldn’t have any shimmer involved, as you want the color to look believable. This will give you a natural-looking flush as if you just went for a jog on the beach.

The rest of your face should remain simple, so all you really need is a bit of brow shadow to fill in sparse areas, a brown eyeliner and mascara combination, a dot of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and a sheer raspberry lipstick like Too Faced – Lip of Luxury in Sex Kitten. Nice, right?