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Chic new hairstyle idea: the loop

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

A loop is all you need to transform your ponytail from boring to chic!If you’re the type of woman who loves a good ponytail but wants to jazz it up a little, there’s one style that was all over this season’s runways that might suit your fancy. That’s the loop.

According to Allure Magazine, the hairstylist at Carolina Herrera created the look for the models, who were supposed to look effortless yet still pretty and polished – which is probably exactly what you want from a hairstyle! Luckily, this simple style is easy to create yourself.

First, use a great conditioner like Dermalogica – Silk Finish Conditioner in the shower to get soft strands with no tangles. Blowdry your hair, then use a styling cream like Leonor Greyl – Eclat Naturel to smooth your tresses, add shine and tame flyaways.

Part your hair in the center or on the side, then gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Instead of pulling your hair all the way through the elastic, only go halfway, so that it creates a loop. Pull out one strand to twist and secure around the ponytail, then pull the sides of the loop a bit to loosen it into a triangle shape. Done!

Want beachy hair this spring and summer? Salt spray can help

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

You don't need to ride the waves to have surfer-girl hair!If you’re a fan of beachy surfer-girl waves, you don’t have to actually stand on a surfboard and let the ocean rough up your hair to get the look. In fact, you can easily get the look at home with a DIY salt spray, using ingredients you may already have. Here’s a recipe from Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, as well as a few products that will enhance your waves.

First, make sure your hair is prepped and ready by lathering up with BORGHESE – Shampoo Purificante Cleansing Treatment for Hair and Scalp in the shower. Also, grab a gentle-hold hairspray like Leonor Greyl – Laque Souple Gentle Hold Hair Spray to set your waves after you apply the salt spray.

Now, fill a clean spray bottle with water and sea salt. Use one teaspoon of salt for every eight ounces of water. Add in ½ teaspoon of coconut-scented conditioner or coconut oil, which will smell great and combat the salt’s tendency to dry out your hair. A tiny bit of unscented hair gel added in will also help to hold the wave.

Shake it up and spray it on before curling your hair or just leave it in to enhance your tresses’ natural waves. Easy!

How to make a sock bun

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

All you need to get a big bun is a sock!Have you ever wondered how ladies with hair that’s not particularly thick manage to create those huge, beefy buns? Aside from a bit of volumizing product, there’s one other thing that’s used to create this look, and it might be a bit unexpected: a sock.

Sock buns are nothing new, but if you haven’t heard of this little hairstyle secret before, you’re in for a treat. All you need is a tube sock and a hair elastic to pull off this effortlessly gorgeous style. Simply snip off the toe of the sock, then take the end and roll it back on itself to create a “sock doughnut.”

Amp up your hair’s volume by using Jack Black – True Volume Thickening Shampoo in the shower, then Leonor Greyl – Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice before you blowdry. Once your hair is dry, pull it back into a high ponytail and secure with the elastic.

Now, take the sock doughnut and position it over the end of your ponytail. Fan the hair out over the doughnut, then roll it all the way down your hair until it meets your head. Tuck any loose strands underneath and you’re done! Easy and chic! Just make sure the whole sock is covered.

How to get hidden hold from your bobby pins

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Here's a great tip for getting those bobby pins to do their job right!With the arrival of spring, many women are eager to try out gorgeous new updos and intricate braids. They’re totally trendy right now, and you can find many helpful tutorials to help you master any style imaginable. However, if you don’t have the right tools and tricks to achieve hair perfection, your attempts may fall flat.

The Beauty Department has a great tip that’s simple but totally worth knowing. After you’ve lathered up with a shampoo like Dermalogica – Shine Therapy Shampoo and have dried and styled your hair, you’ll probably need a few bobby pins to hold your careful work in place. To hide them and get the best hold, insert the pins up into the hair in the opposite direction that your strands are going.

This will give you a strong hold on braids, twists and any other styles you’re bold enough to attempt. Of course, a great hairspray like Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle also helps to keep your locks in place and looking flawless all day. Easy, right?

Orange: unexpectedly chic for eyes, cheeks and lips

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Orange is totally hot when it comes to makeup colors!By now, you probably know that Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s color of the year, which means that it’s been popping up everywhere, from gardens to runways to makeup palettes. While you might think that bright orange is a tough shade to pull off, it’s actually a lot more doable than you think. To prove it, Rihanna recently stepped out wearing orange eyeshadow and blush at the Battleship premiere in Tokyo.

According to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, the key to wearing orange eyeshadow is to choose a peachy shade that’s on the softer side. Something like Jane Iredale – PurePressed Eye Shadow in Glimmer Gold should do the trick. Just do a wash of color on each lid, then use a darker shade of orange for the crease.

To add to the look, an apricot blush will offset the eyeshadow and make you look positively radiant. Try BORGHESE – Blush Milano in Frascati for a natural-looking flush. Be sure to apply it to the apples of your cheeks, then blend out toward your temples.

As for your lips, a gold-flecked lipgloss will match the orange shadow and blush without making your face look monochromatic. Look for tiny bits of shimmer – not sparkles – to shine without blinding anyone.

Three ways to wake up your eyes

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Waking up tired eyes only involves a few simple tricks!When you’re tired, you might that that with a little coffee and a bright shade of lipstick, you can perk yourself right up. However, your eyes are probably giving away the fact that you’re not completely awake. Here are some tips to wake those peepers up, according to Allure Magazine.

1. Use a beige liner on the inner rims of your eyes. This trick can make the whites of your eyes appear larger, which effectively makes your eyes appear bigger overall and more open. Try Jane Iredale – Eye Pencil in Taupe.

2. Conceal undereye circles. Yellow-toned concealers help to make purple-ish circles fade away, so choose a very blendable cream concealer that can mask the problem. Use a few strokes of a Dermablend concealer, like Dermablend – Smooth Indulgence Concealer, to cover the circles, then dot it along your lower lash line and blend.

3. Curl your lashes. Many women don’t think to curl their lashes in the morning, which probably explains why lots of them look tired! Curling your lashes makes your eyes look wider and more awake, so grab that curler and go to town.

Tips for going with a darker hair color

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Going with a darker hair color is easy to pull off for most people!Just because spring is here and summer is on its way doesn’t mean your hair has to go lighter. In fact, dark hair color is totally trending right now. Whether you go with a rich chestnut or a jet black, you’ll need a few tips to pull it off. Here’s what Allure Magazine had to say about ways to make sure your color looks great.

First, it’s important to make a firm decision. Dark hair isn’t for the faint-hearted, as it’s dramatic and not easy to turn back from. Not all skin tones look great with dark hair, but in general, fair complexions look fabulous with deeper shades of brown. You might want to try on a wig or experiment with Photoshop to see how you’d look before diving in.

“When you have dark hair, you want it to be super shiny and glossy,” one hairstylist told the news source. Use shine-enhancing products like Dermalogica – Silk Finish Conditioner and a nourishing serum to achieve this effect.

Once you go dark, you can experiment with dramatic makeup like rich red lipsticks from Borghese Cosmetics and bold eyeshadow colors, like those found in Too Faced – Eye Shadow Insurance Policy Collection.

How to make your blush last all day long

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Keeping your blush looking fresh all day is easier than you think!Chances are, if you know how and where to apply blush, it looks great right after you put it on. However, after a few hours, you might notice that the color is gradually fading, leaving you with bare-looking cheeks. Luckily, Allure Magazine has a couple of steps that will ensure that your blush lasts all day (or night).

To start, pick out a peachy-pink shade of cream blush, like Jane Iredale – In Touch Cream Blush Stick in Connection. Use your fingers to dab it onto the apples of your cheeks, then blend up and out. After the formula’s had a chance to settle in, use a light dusting of translucent powder over the area. This will set the cream.

After the translucent powder, follow up with a sweep of powder blush, like TRUE Cosmetics – Interference Color Rich Blush. It should closely match the shade of cream blush that you used before. This should give you a pretty flush that will last until you’re ready to take it off.

The 3 best new polish shades for spring

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

These three shades will prove fashionable this spring!Now that the warmer weather is (almost) here, it’s time to switch up your manicure. Dark, vampy shades like purple, navy and black are best kept in winter. Spring’s all about bright, cheery colors that will get you pumped up for summer. Here are three of the hottest shades for this season, according to Allure Magazine.

1. Coral. There’s nothing like a red/orange mix to lighten up your entire outfit. Whether you choose a pastel coral or a vivid one, this shade is great for both fingers and toes. Try Nailtini – Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Mai Tai for an orangey take.

2. Toasted Almond. This shade elongates and slims your fingers just like nude pumps work for your legs. It’s great for all skin colors, especially olive and dark tones. Just opt for really light brown.

3. Muted teal. For a more sophisticated take on teal, try muted tones with shades of gray underneath. This feels like spring without being over-the-top. Once you find the perfect polish, make it last with Lippmann Collection – On A Clear Day Top Coat.