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Turquoise makeup is having a serious moment – how will you wear it?

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Turquoise is having a moment in fashion!People say that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, and apparently makeup colors are no exception. Right now, it's all about turquoise – that ultra-cool, shimmery blue and teal shade that's well-known for being featured in hot jewelry items. So how can you incorporate it into your routine?

According to Allure Magazine, using liquid eyeliners is the easiest way to rock bold colors without scaring people off. Too Faced – Starry Eyed Liquid Eye Liner in Drunk Dial is the perfect choice. Just make a thin line along your upper lash line, then apply black liner to your inner rims and top it off with mascara. It's fresh without seeming over-the-top.

Naturally, in the midst of the nail art craze, turquoise has its place. You can go wild with this shade on your fingers or toes, and The Beauty Department has a couple ideas that might pique your interest. Try painting on a turquoise hue from Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers, then top it off with gold glitter for a robin's egg vibe, or crinkle up a plastic bag and use it to stamp on cool stone patterns for a truly turquoise look. The possibilities are endless!

Four must-have products you need to tame oily skin

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

With these four products, oily skin is no longer a problem!The worst part about having an oily complexion is that your makeup seems to slide right off every afternoon – it's like clockwork! It's no fun having to deal with watching your carefully applied makeup start looking like an impressionist painting, but luckily there are four products that can help you get a grip on the situation. Add them to your list of must-haves.

1. Primer. A primer like Exuviance – Matte Perfection is ideal because it helps to zap shine. Your makeup will also stick around for a lot longer.

2. Powder. After your makeup's been applied, sweep on a translucent powder. It's an extra layer of grease-sucking goodness that'll keep your face from melting.

3. Setting spray. Jane Iredale – D2O Hydration Spritz keeps your foundation, eyeshadow, blush and powder in place, stops shine and gets rid of that cakey look that the powder might leave behind. It's truly worth it to add this extra step to your routine.

4. Blotting papers. For on-the-go fixes, blotting papers are your BFFs. Stash a pack in your purse and use one when things get oily. They won't even mess up your makeup!

Do you match your pedicure to your summer footwear?

Monday, June 25th, 2012

With so many options, you'll need a few different polishes!During the summer, women have a lot more options when it comes to shoes. You don't have to resign yourself to styles that feel confining, which means that your toes may very well be on display. With the latest fashion trends focusing a lot more on color, you may find yourself with a bright pair of espadrilles that beg the question, "What polish should I wear with these?"

According to The Beauty Department, you have two options when it comes to choosing a nail polish shade that will flatter your footwear. The first is matching the color of the shoe completely. It's very pulled-together, and luckily there are plenty of hues from Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers. You shouldn't have a hard time finding a color that works.

Your second option is to clash the colors, but that doesn't mean that any old polish will do. A smart clash will be either a complementary color or one that's in the same color family. For example, you might wear a pair of coral sandals with an orange polish, or some green flip flops with yellow-painted toenails. Either way, don't forget to make your pedi chip-resistant with a top coat like Lippmann Collection – Addicted To Speed Ultra Quick-Dry Top Coat.

Three easy ways to get your bangs off your face

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Bangs look cute now, but they might need to be kept off your face in hot weather!In the summer, there's nothing worse than having to deal with hot weather – especially when you're trying to look cute! Add bangs to that ordeal and you're likely looking at hair that's plastered to your forehead with sweat. Is there anything less appealing? If you're trying to find ways to get your bangs off of your face without having to give up style, try one of these three easy fixes.

1. Pull them off to the side. There's nothing simpler than blowdrying your hair down, then parting it on the side, using Hamadi – Shea Spray for extra shine. All you have to do after that is gather up the section of bangs, pull them over to the side and pin them in place using two bobby pins crossed in an X-shape.

2. Braid them. If you have long sideswept bangs, you should be able to make a braid out of them. Just divide them into three sections, then braid them along your hairline, taking extra pieces from the side so it's secured. Tie a small elastic around the end behind your ear.

3. Twist them. Twists are easier to create than braids, but you'll likely need a strong hairspray like Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle if your bangs are short. Mist a bit onto your bangs before you start twisting, then just separate into two sections and twist along your hairline. Spray again after pinning the ends.

How to make your skincare serums work better than you ever thought possible

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Want to make your serums work better? Here's how!Serums are one of skincare's greatest champions – saving the faces of women everywhere. Whether you need extra moisture, redness-reducing ingredients or brightening action, serums can totally deliver the goods. But wouldn't it be great if you could make them work even better than they already do?

According to Allure Magazine, you can help your serums (like Dermalogica – Skin Hydrating Booster) become even more potent by trapping them against your skin with a heavy moisturizer. Thick creams with natural butters, petrolatum, oils or waxes work best, so think along the lines of a product like BABOR – Perfect Combination Day Cream.

However, you don't want to do this with serums that have really potent ingredients already, like retinoids, acids, vitamin C or hydroquinone. Sealing them in with a moisturizer can potentially double their strength, which could result in irritation that you didn't sign up for. It's also not a good idea to try this method if you're prone to serious acne, as rich moisturizers in general can clog pores. But if you have normal or dry skin and basic serums, go for it! You'll be glad you did.

Amy Nadine shows you how to exfoliate your lips like a pro

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Chapped lips shouldn't ruin the way your favorite lipstick looks!There's nothing like a set of dry, chapped lips to ruin the look of lipstick – even if it's perfectly applied. No matter what color you choose, flakes will automatically take over as the main focus. Whether you're prone to dry lips naturally or you spent a little too much time in the sun, there's an easy way to fix the problem.

According to makeup maven Amy Nadine, who posts on The Beauty Department, all you need to do is scrub your lips on a regular basis – but not just with any old tool. A clean mascara wand like GloMinerals – Spoolie Brush will do the trick. You'll also need a great lip balm like June Jacobs – Lip Renewal.

Apply the balm to the spoolie brush so that most of the bristles are covered, then rub it back and forth over your lips. Small side-to-side motions and tiny circular movements will help you exfoliate each and every rough spot. You'll find that after a while, the flakes just come right off. When you're done, wipe the excess balm off with a tissue or washcloth, then be sure to clean the spoolie brush. Apply a thin layer of balm, and you're good to put on lipstick or just go bare for the day. Do this every couple of days for kissable lips on the reg.

Colorescience Sunforgettable SPF 30

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Product Used in This Tutorial

Colorescience Pro - Sunforgettable SPF 30 Orb

Colorescience Pro – Sunforgettable SPF 30 Orb

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Need a summery lipstick that’s bright but not too bright?

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Can't decide on a wearable bright for summer? Try melon!Bright lipsticks are a summer staple, but not everyone is comfortable wearing shades that practically scream “look at my lips!” If you’re the kind of woman who feels too self-conscious wearing the latest trends in bright lipstick, like magenta, fuchsia, coral or bubblegum pink, there’s one shade that can still evoke the summery vibe without making you wonder if everyone’s staring at your pout.

That color, according to Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, is melon. MTV Europe’s Laura Whitmore was recently seen wearing a soft, sherbet shade of melon lipstick that proved exactly how summery it is. Paired with minimal makeup – a bit of black eyeliner like Jane Iredale – Eye Pencil and some shimmery white eyeshadow – it looks effortlessly chic.

As long as you keep the melon shade soft, there’s no reason to wear lip liner – in fact, the effect will be more laidback if you skip liner altogether. A little smudging is perfectly okay. If you’re not sure which shade would work best, try something like BABOR – Classic Lip Color in Melon as a good starting point.

For more interesting lipstick ideas check out Lipstick Queen.

Top 10 office-appropriate nail ideas that your boss won’t flip over

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Can't get away with crazy nails in the office? No problem!Not everyone works in an environment where colorful nail polish and the latest nail trends are okay. If you need to be more professional, that doesn't mean you can't rock cool nail polish. Here are the top 10 nail looks that your boss will probably approve of.

1. Milky nudes. White or cream looks best. Try BABOR – Nail Color in Natural.
2. Shimmery beige. Neutral but slightly edgy.
3. Pale peach. More chic than baby pink and totally on-trend.
4. Sheer pastels. They'll give a subtle hint of color.
5. A shimmery top coat. Just a hint of shimmer on bare nails is hot.
6. Pearly polishes. Pearl finishes are sophisticated – just like real pearls.
7. Matte finish. A not-too-bright shade gets a makeover when it's not shiny.
8. Soft lilac. A color this soft is barely noticeable and hints at your girly side.
9. Trendy taupe. A taupe polish like Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers in Fashion is so not boring.
10. French with a twist. Instead of pale pink with white tips, try a more unexpected combination.

How often do you use highlighter to play up your glow?

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

A bit of highlighter around the eyes can really make them pop!You may be diligent about applying a serum, moisturizer, primer and foundation, but how often do you remember to use a highlighter? Many women think of highlighters as a special occasion product that can help you look great for an important event, but they shouldn't just be saved for these instances.

A highlighter like GloMinerals – gloHighlighter can help make your skin look positively radiant. By reflecting light and calling attention to certain areas of your face, the product can help you create contours and flattering effects that you couldn't get from any other makeup. But how and where do you apply it?

Start by making thin lines on the very tops of your cheekbones, following the curve up to the side of your eye. Use your finger to blend. Another set of lines underneath your brow bone will give your eyes a lift, while a dab in the inner corners looks fresh. A thin line down the bridge of your nose is also flattering.

For maximum impact, use a bronzer like Jane Iredale – Sunbeam Quad Bronzer to shade the areas underneath the highlight so they stand out more. Effective, right?