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Put fright into your night with Halloween-inspired nails

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Put fright into your night with Halloween-inspired nailsFrom eerie cobwebs to creating your own Frankenstein, what better time to get creative with your nails than Halloween? Consider a few of these tips to put the fright into your night come All Hallow's Eve!

Spinning a web of style
Cobwebs are super-trendy look for Halloween and can complement a variety of different costumes, which is perfect if you plan on switching it up over the course of several days! Just grab a black, nylon-based nail polish that won't chip easily and use this as a base coat. Once you're done, use a white or metallic polish to etch spooky cobwebs onto your digits.

It's alive – on your nails!
Want to bring new life to your party? You don't have to be the Bride of Frankenstein to rock one of the best nail looks of the season – your very own Frankenstein. Just grab a bottle of bright green nail polish and coat this over your nails. Once your base polish has dried, use your black polish to paint the bottoms of your digits. This will help you round out the face of Frankenstein and give an exciting burst of color to your fingertips.

Gently use the polish brush to make out eyes and a mouth. You won't believe how dynamic this style is until you're done!

How well do you care for your hands?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

How well do you care for your hands?Hands are essential to our daily lives and can be a great place to show off the latest jewelry and beauty trends, yet when was the last time you devoted your attention to your digits? From dry skin to inflamed cuticles, the signs of wear and tear on hands are obvious. Consider these tips to rejuvenate your palms and keep them feeling soft!

Did you know that almonds are one of the best things in the world for your skin? In addition to being a great source of vitamin E, almonds can help slough away toxins and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other blemishes. While you may be thinking that your mitts aren’t susceptible to age marks, you couldn’t be more wrong! However, with Caswell-Massey – Almond and Aloe Hand Cream with Silk, you can leave your hands feeling silky smooth and wrinkle-free.

Cuticles are another major concern, and if neglected, can potentially ruin the look of your manicure and freshly painted nails. You should avoid cutting your cuticles at all costs, as this can damage the sensitive skin around your nails, and instead opt for a hassle-free cuticle remover that will allow you to push back cuticles without hassle.

How to slough away cellulite

Monday, October 29th, 2012

How to slough away celluliteWhen it comes to celebrating the holiday season, there are more than a few tasty treats to go around. While this can make the late autumn and early weeks of winter some of the sweetest days of the year, it poses obstacles if you’re trying to trim down.

Worst of all, these treats can even lead to cellulite. Recognizable by the dimples it leaves across skin, cellulite is caused by fat deposits that exist just below the epidermis and is one of the toughest things to get rid of.

While some workout regimens are tailored to tackle this perennial problem, exercising can only do so much. BABOR – Stop Cellulite Set is a great way to give your fitness routine a boost and beat cellulite once and for all. This gel and cream set works to increase microcirculation in the areas where you have cellulite and strengthen collagen and detoxifying processes in the body.

To really get the most of this dynamic set, use Bliss – Fatgirlbrush Skin-Firming Body-Buffing Dry Brush to massage parts of your body riddled with cellulite. This popular spa treatment technique can help you slough away toxins on the surface of skin and get the smooth, touchable flesh you deserve!

Keep your face looking radiant – even with a Halloween mask

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Keep your face looking radiant - even with a Halloween maskHalloween is right around the corner and even if your face is flawless, you may be eager to scare up a rollicking good time at a party this weekend by donning an ultra-spooky mask. Whether you're showing off a sharp set of fangs or covering your whole face with the mask of a creepy creature, you probably want to be all the ghoul you can be.

But once the party's run its course, won't you want to continue looking your best in case you run into that special someone?

You don't have to avoid make-up just because you're masquerading! To ensure that your face looks effortlessly radiant, consider a matte finish foundation featuring micro-milled pigments. This long-lasting power is sure to stay smudge-free, and by adding a velvety-smooth finishing cream you can preserve your look throughout the night.

Your face may be covered up, but this is no time to play it safe with your eye makeup either! Go for big lashes and smokey eyes for a dramatic effect that's sure to be a real scream. 

Quick tips for achieving a blemish-free complexion

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Quick tips for achieving a blemish-free complexionMost women aren’t born with perfect skin – in many cases, it takes hours of exploring different combinations of exfoliants, moisturizers, serums and creams to find the right mix for your complexion. While this can be a great way to figure out what makes your skin tick, if you’re looking for a quick way to get the smooth, healthy-looking complexion you crave, consider these tips!

According to Glamour magazine’s blog, one of the best ways that you can achieve a flawless look is by prepping your skin with an anti-shine gel. Be sure to run this over your T-zone as this area can be especially prone to breakouts and other hard-to-cover blemishes. With a lightweight and translucent primer like Youngblood – Mineral Primer, you can ensure that your foundation will stay put throughout the day.

Once you’ve applied your foundation – blends featuring salicylic acid can be great for problem skin – it’s crucial that you use something like Dermablend – Loose Setting Powder to ensure your foundation stays in place. Setting powder can also be a great way to avoid cakey-ness over blemish areas.

Makeup brushes 101: What they’re for and how to use them

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Not sure which brush to use for what? Here's a handy guide!While it's true that having high-quality makeup products is definitely one part of looking flawless (can you imagine going without your favorite lip color?), application is equally important. You can't expect to look great all the time if you're smudging things on with your fingers or using cheap drugstore tools. Makeup brushes are surefire ways to get smooth, even applications every time, but you have to know which ones get which jobs done. Here's your guide to the many types of makeup brushes and how to use them to achieve a fabulous face.

Face brushes
1. Cream foundation brush. According to The Beauty Department, this type of brush is used with cream foundation and it has a flat, slightly slanted head that really presses the foundation into your skin. Bristles made of natural materials will help build even coverage that'll give you an airbrushed finish. Try something like the Dermablend – Professional Foundation Brush.

2. Liquid foundation brush. If liquid foundation is more your thing, look for a synthetic material brush with densely packed bristles that lie flat and spread out wide, suggests the source. Nylon bristles give a smooth finish, and a slight angle can help you follow the contours of your face.

3. Mineral powder foundation brush. If you're into mineral powder foundation, you'll need a brush with synthetic or natural bristles with a fat shape that's easy to swirl with. The Youngblood – Ultimate Foundation Brush is perfect for this job.

4. Kabuki brush. These round brushes usually have small handles and are very soft. They're good for a variety of powders, from bronzer to foundation to highlighter to shimmer. The Too Faced – Retractable Kabuki Brush is awesome for on-the-go multi-tasking.

5. Concealer brush. reports that these brushes have soft, flat bristles with a wider base and a pointed tip. They're good for covering up under-eye circles, blemishes and discoloration with a product like Dermablend – Smooth Indulgence Concealer SPF 20.

6. Blush brush. The source recommends using a brush with a rounded head and soft bristles for sweeping color onto the apples of your cheeks and up into your hairline.

7. Contour brush. If you're a fan of bronzer, it's good to have a contour brush with angled, rounded bristles that mimic the angles of your cheekbones and nose. It works well for contouring and highlighting the face for a sculpted effect.

Eye brushes
1. Lid brush. The Beauty Department suggests using a natural-bristled brush that's dense, thin and tapered. This will help you deposit color all over your upper lids, along your brow bones and on your lower lids. Try the GloMinerals – Eye Base Brush.

2. Crease brush. To darken your creases and give your eyes definition, use a tapered, angled crease brush made of natural bristles that fits perfectly into this area, recommends the source. This will help you achieve sexy smokey eyes.

3. Smudge brush. If you're really into smokey eyes, a smudge brush can help you get that lived-in look. Smudge brushes have short, dense natural bristles that are good at smearing lines. Check out the being TRUE – Liner Diffuser Brush.

4. Liner brush. There are two types of liner brushes: slanted and pointed. Slanted brushes are great for blending pencil or applying eyeshadow as eyeliner, while pointed brushes are fabulous for a precise gel eyeliner application, reports the source. Try the GloMinerals – Angled Eyeliner Brush.

5. Eyebrow brush. A spoolie, or eyebrow brush, helps you brush your brows up and out for a neat, defined look. If you use brow powder or pencil, they also help to blend in the color so it looks more natural.

Lip brushes
1. Lip brush. There's really only one type of brush you need for your lips, and it's called a lip brush, naturally. They have sculpted tips that are perfect for creating flawless lines, reports The bristles should be short and firm, like those in the Youngblood – Synthetic Retractable Lip Brush

Say hello to a cool new manicure trend: the sideways French

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Need a cool idea for a new manicure?You might think you've seen it all when it comes to French manicures: glittery tips, colorful tips, ombre tips and so on. But there's a new manicure trend in town that's edgy, sporty and chic all in one. That's the sideways French manicure.

According to Glamour magazine's beauty blog, this sideways stripe is easy to achieve the same way you would create a regular French manicure, only you'll be sectioning off the sides of your nails, not the tips. Use a sticker specifically meant for this purpose (which you can find at a local drugstore) or simply use a piece of scotch tape that's been pressed against your skin first. This ensures that it's not sticky enough to rip off your base coat.

Paint your nails with the base color of your choice, then let them dry completely, which will take about 30 minutes. Now use the sticker or tape to create a line along the side of your nail. It doesn't matter which side you choose, but you'll want to keep it the same on each nail. However, you could try making the line on the opposite side of the nails on your other hand.

Finally, use another nail polish color and paint inside the area sectioned off by the sticker or tape. After a few minutes, carefully take the sticker or tape off and then apply your top coat as usual. Chic, right?

How to steal Amanda Seyfried’s red hot look

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

How to steal Amanda Seyfried's red hot lookLooking sensational in her red bustier dress by designer Prabal Gurung and rocking a metallic box clutch and matching platform heels by Jimmy Choo, actress Amanda Seyfried dazzled at the 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala on October 22.

The pale-skinned beauty, who appears in the upcoming films Lovelace and Les Miserables, captivated spectators at the event with her magnetic look, which blended Old Hollywood with modern flair.

To claim Seyfried's style as your own, you'll need to make your lips a focal point. If your pucker is a bit on the thin side, you can create more sensual lips with a lip plumping complex.

Once you have the supple smooch you crave, grab a primer and dab it over your lips, then apply a rich, long-lasting lip stain in a vibrant shade of red to your pout. You'll be amazed at how stunning the color stays throughout the evening, and best of all, by adding a touch of lip gloss, your lips will really shine!

Last but not least, don't leave the house without applying a waterproof mascara to your lashes. While Seyfried showed off sleek smokey eyes at the event, you can channel the same energy by simply darkening up your peepers with mascara!

How to soothe your skin and strengthen it against razor burn

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

How to soothe your skin and strengthen it against razor burnTired of dealing with itchy red bumps and annoying stubble after you shave? If you crave the feel of smooth, ultra-soft skin, you don’t have to resort to expensive beauty treatments or visits to the salon to get the effect you want – all you need are the right beauty products and you’ll be on your way to caressable skin in no time!

The first trick? Resisting the urge to shave areas that are already irritated.

“You’ll cut the tops off the bumps and irritate them even more,” Jessica Wu, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California Medical School, told

Instead of ignoring inflammation altogether, apply a replenishing gel like Sothys – HOMME Hydrating Active Care to your skin to hydrate and soothe areas that are inflamed. Packed with nutrients, this gel can help your flesh feel more supple, even after you’ve shaved.

After using a razor, it’s important to nourish your skin with a calming balm. Not only can this help prevent ingrown hairs and inflammation, but it can feel great too! Featuring a great blend of natural ingredients, apply something like Dermalogica Post-Shave Balm to your skin after shaving.

Feeling nostalgic for the 90s? Channel the era with these beauty tips

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Feeling nostalgic for the 90s? Channel the era with these beauty tipsFrom cozy flannel tops to dusty vinyl records you've probably had tucked away in a milkcrate in the garage, reconnecting with relics from that bygone era known as the 90s can be a fun and innovative way to spruce up your style.

When it comes to beauty, the same logic holds true. With a few of these tips, you can give some of the best throwback looks from the 90s a sexy and modern flair.

Glossy brown lips
Remember when dark lip liner was a thing? While we're not recommending you leave the house sporting black lip liner along your pout, you can bring newfound sultriness to this trend by using a deep red liner to define your pucker.

To really make the most of this retro style, you should also apply a rich, moisturizing lipstick in a brown tint like dark Cedar or Rosewood to your smooch. Actress Julianne Hough recently showed off this look at the Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute to stunning effect!

Loose tangles
From the fashions to the hairstyles, the Grunge era was all about minimalism. You can channel this by leaving your hair unbound and ditching your trusty hair straightener and curling iron for a more au natural look. To avoid greasy locks, be sure to invest in a volumizing shampoo that can give your tresses a vital shot of nutrients.