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Three tips for tackling an unexpected, unsightly blemish

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Three tips for tackling an unexpected, unsightly blemishNothing is worse than waking up in the morning and finding an unsightly pimple or blemish right in the middle of your face. However, it happens to the best of us – luckily, there are several tricks you can use with your concealer and foundation to keep your flaws under wraps. Here are some quick tips you can try when you're in a rush.

1. Use a concealer with a hint of yellow.
Because your blemish or pimple is likely an ugly shade of red, Yahoo! recommends selecting a concealer that has a yellow tinge to it. This can help offset the redness on your face and keep it from becoming more evident.

2. Treat your skin properly.
If you have this problem on a regular basis, upgrade your skin care routine with a product such as the being TRUE Purifying Blemish Treatment. This item can help eliminate existing blemishes and clear your pores.

3. Don't overdo your makeup.
It might be hard to resist the urge to cover up your face with as much makeup as possible when you have a pimple, but don't do it! This can clog your pores and make it even tougher for your skin to heal. Apply your makeup normally and ride out the blemish – patience is a virtue!

Do you have trouble controlling your oily complexion?

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Do you have trouble controlling your oily complexion?If you weren't blessed with small, clear pores, don't worry – you're not alone! Many of us have large, oily pores that can be difficult to keep clean and flawless on a regular basis.

However, it's possible to keep your skin in check with light foundation, concealer and an exfoliant that controls natural oils without drying out your face. One way to ensure that you aren't making your skin dilemma worse is by avoiding heavy makeup, according to

To cover up any blemishes or pimples, consider using a product such as Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Concealer. This product is packed with vitamins and nutrients that can give your face the TLC it deserves.

If you have oily skin, Discovery Health reports that it might be worth your while to try treating the problem from the inside out. This means consuming more foods such as nuts, beans and whole grains, which have vitamins B5 and B2 – a lack of these vitamins may be to blame for your troublesome complexion.

By taking just a few of these tips into account, you can give yourself one less thing to worry about when it comes to your appearance.

Three tips for selecting the perfect blush

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Three tips for selecting the perfect blushIf you don't regularly apply blush in fear of looking like a clown, you're not giving yourself a chance! Anyone can flawlessly wear it by fine-tuning their application technique and using a top-quality product. Here are some tips on how to hunt down the perfect blush for your skin tone and flaunt it like a pro.

1. Try and try again.
Similar to concealer and foundation, you'll want to try a few different blushes before settling on one for your skin tone. Glamour magazine recommends doing the pinch test – pinch your cheeks to see which shade of blush best matches your face. If you want to avoid the pain, applying a couple of varieties can help you achieve the same goal.

2. Avoid shimmery blush.
Unless you're going to a high school dance, you should avoid shimmery blush that can potentially create an unnatural look. Instead, opt for a product such as Youngblood Pressed Mineral Blush for a flawless appearance.

3. Look for brightness. states that your blush should make your face brighter and help you turn heads. In the end, the right product should be able to anchor your entire look and pull it all together.

Three steps you can take toward more luscious, kissable lips

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Three steps you can take toward more luscious, kissable lipsYou might have soft, supple skin and glowing eyes, but what about your lips? If your pout isn't as moist, plump and intriguing as you'd like it to be, there are a few tricks and tips you can use to achieve your goal. With the right luscious lipstick and a little TLC, anything is possible!

1. Exfoliate your lips.
You exfoliate your face regularly, so why not your lips? Martha Stewart recommends using your toothbrush (no toothpaste required!) to gently rub away dead skin once a day – you'll be surprised at the results!

2. Choose a moisturizing lipstick.
Many lipsticks are designed to last for hours, but the downside of these formulas is that they can sometimes dry out your pout. Look for a hydrating lipstick to give your lips the TLC they deserve and keep them looking fabulous.

3. Drink water frequently.
If your lips are constantly dry, it might be a sign that you aren't drinking enough water, according to Try to stay as hydrated as possible throughout the day by consuming water – not sugary sodas – to keep your pout beautiful.

Soft, smooth skin isn’t impossible with these 3 tips

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Soft, smooth skin isn't impossible with these 3 tipsDo you naturally suffer from dry skin to the extent that you’re embarrassed to show your arms, legs and face? Has every moisturizer at the drug store seemingly failed you? The fact of the matter is that your makeup and daily skincare routine may be to blame. Smooth, beautiful skin isn’t impossible with the right foundation, concealer and moisturizing tactics.

1. Choose a foundation that supports your skin.
Foundation is a must when you’re trying to hide blemishes, but it can clog your pores and dry out your skin if you aren’t careful. Make sure you’re using a foundation with nourishing ingredients for a flawless look.

2. Avoid hot water.
A hot bath is acceptable once in a while, but as the American Academy of Dermatology reports, it can remove essential oils from your skin and dry it out quicker – opt for warm rather than hot water whenever possible.

3. Moisturize after bathing.
As soon as you dry off after a bath or shower, apply moisturizer. This can ensure that it becomes absorbed by your skin, giving you the best chance to achieve the smooth, soft look you’re going for.

Six hot celebrity makeup tips you can try at home

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Six hot celebrity makeup tips you can try at homeWhen you’re flipping through magazines, it can be hard to look away from the flawless eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara that celebrities flaunt as they pose on the red carpet. While you might feel like you need to have a professional makeup artist to achieve these looks, the fact of the matter is that anything is possible with the proper cosmetics!

You can easily look like a star by simply taking care of your skin, knowing the appropriate amount of makeup to wear and understanding which hues complement your skin tone. Here are some professional makeup tips from artists who’ve worked with the stars that you can use to your own advantage.

1. Pat on creamy foundation with a sponge.
Elle magazine reports that applying a creamy foundation with a brush can create streaks that make for a less-than-flawless look. Makeup artist Mary Burton, renowned for working with actress Angelina Jolie, recommends using a makeup sponge to apply your luxurious foundation. You’ll find it easier to create the perfect appearance that you strive for when it comes to your skin.

2. Always opt for waterproof eyeliner.
Ever wonder how stars’ eyeliner stays in place throughout award shows and after-parties? It might be their waterproof formulas! When in doubt, opt for a waterproof eyeliner that’ll keep your look intact throughout hours of wear. Even if you’re only going to be spending eight hours in the office, no one wants to see their eyeliner run halfway through the day. Invest in a professional product and you’ll see satisfying results.

3. Choose a moisturizing gloss or lipstick.
It’s no secret that certain lipsticks can dry out over time and leave you feeling uncomfortable. One way that celebrities keep their pouts plump and beautiful is by opting for lip gloss and lipstick that have moisturizing oils, according to Be mindful of hydrating ingredients as you shop around for the perfect treatment for your lips.

4. Look for colorful eyeliner.
Cosmopolitan magazine states that one of the best celebrity makeup tricks you can add to your arsenal is using colorful eyeliner on your top lids. Skip the dramatic black and opt for something from the rainbow. Doing so can make your eyes appear larger and more intriguing. To go the extra mile, apply metallic silver on the inner corners of your eyes to create a stellar look.

5. Use a concealer brush.
When it comes to covering blemishes and unsightly pimples, it may be in your best interest to use a concealer brush to efficiently hide these flaws in your skin. This brush can give you more control over where the makeup goes. By cleaning your pores regularly and using a face scrub for your skin type, hopefully you won’t have to worry about covering up blemishes too often!

6. Go neutral if you’re using color on your eyes.
Glamour magazine recommends going neutral with the rest of your makeup if you’re using dramatic colors on your eyes. When selecting your lipstick, blush and bronzer, go plain and allow your natural beauty to shine. Then, apply bold colors to your eyes to make a memorable statement in true celebrity fashion.

Whether you have a big event to attend in the near future or you’re simply trying to rework your makeup routine, these six tips can help you see results. Even if you don’t see yourself looking like Angelina Jolie any time soon, you can increase your level of glamour by simply being mindful of these hints.

How to use metallic eyeshadow to make a memorable impression

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

How to use metallic eyeshadow to make a memorable impressionThere's nothing quite like making a statement with bold eyeshadow, and metallic tones make it easier than ever to steal the show. Whether you're trying to impress a specific person or you simply want to look your best, there are a few ways you can use metallic eyeshadow to create a unique look.

First, recommends using a metallic tone such as silver on the inner corners of your eyes to create a whimsical appearance. A product such as Colorscience Pro Loose Eyeshadow in Shimmer Silver can do the trick.

Next, Real Simple magazine encourages you to make your eyes more dramatic by lining your rims in black. Doing so can also make your peepers look larger and more intriguing.

Finally, don't assume that you only have to use tones such as copper, bronze and silver! There are many eyeshadows out there to match every color of the rainbow and help you create the perfect look.

Want to top off your masterpiece? Consider applying a deep black mascara to add length and volume to your lashes. This can enhance the impact of your appearance.

Three things to avoid while applying your mascara

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Three things to avoid while applying your mascaraIf you've always been a black liquid eyeliner girl with naturally long lashes, you may not apply mascara on a regular basis. However, that doesn't mean you won't want to do so in the future, especially if you have a special event coming up. Here are a few mistakes to avoid if you aren't completely familiar with the application process.

1. Don't pump the wand.
It may be tempting to repeatedly pump the mascara wand into the tube prior to applying it, and some people do it out of habit. However, doing this can dry out the mascara faster and make it tougher to use.

2. Try not to blink.
This one can be tough, but it's important not to blink once you apply your lengthening mascara to your top lashes. Keeping your eyes open for several seconds can help keep the look you've created intact.

3. Curl your lashes before applying mascara.
There's no going back once you begin putting it on! Take a few moments to use a lash curler to give your eyelashes the glamorous look you desire prior to using your mascara.

Three tips for taking advantage of red lipstick

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Three tips for taking advantage of red lipstickDo you have eye-popping red lipstick sitting in your makeup bag but no reason to wear it? While it might seem like there's never a good occasion to sport fire engine red on your pout, there are plenty of ways you can make it work. Whether you're going out on a lunch date or hanging out with your girlfriends, red might be perfect for the situation.

1. Go rosy if you have a pale skin tone. reports that if you have a light skin tone that could use some warming up, don't be afraid to use a bold lipstick to make a statement. Choose something rosy to complement your skin and show off your pout.

2. Do plenty of experimenting.
You never know which shade of red is right for you until you try! Don't settle for the first red lipstick you find – try a wide variety until you discover one that you're comfortable wearing when you look in the mirror.

3. Complement your lips with your cheeks.
To drive the look home, Real Simple magazine recommends adding a little bit of pink blush to your cheeks. Doing so can complement your lipstick and pull your appearance together.

Three ways to impress your spouse with sexy makeup

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Three ways to impress your spouse with sexy makeupWhen was the last time you got glammed up for your hubby? Have you let yourself go since tying the knot and settling down? Don't worry, you're not the only one! That being said, there's no reason why you can't revamp your makeup routine and show your spouse that you've still got it. Here are some tips you can take into account next time you apply your waterproof mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.

1. Bat your eyes with long lashes.
What's sexier than long, voluptuous lashes? Give your lashes the TLC they deserve with a volumizing mascara that gives you an edge when you lock eyes with your hubby.

2. Think hot shades when selecting lipstick.
There's no reason why you shouldn't go bold when selecting lipstick to impress your spouse. In fact, a fire engine red or hot pink pout might even tempt him to kiss you sooner!

3. Taste as sweet as you look.
To take things up a notch, Cosmopolitan magazine recommends trying some cosmetics or perfume composed of edible ingredients. Many items are specifically made to please taste buds as well as help you look your best.