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Have you been inspired by any spring makeup trends?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Have you been inspired by any spring makeup trends?

If you’re interested in expanding your makeup collection this spring, you might want to take a look at some of the hottest trends seen on the runway thus far. Even though winter is in full swing, there have been many styles worth noting from fashion shows around the globe.

Of all the trends that have made themselves known, minimalism seems to be one of the most popular among celebrities, according to Vogue magazine. Going natural is all the rage as more women opt for less mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. A light foundation and concealer can help you easily capitalize on this style.

Another trend that has become a hit is bright lips. Bold colors such as neon pink and deep magenta are being seen everywhere from the red carpet to the catwalk. If you’re still wearing soft mauve and a subtle nude red on your pout, it’s time to make the change. A black mascara can top off a dramatic look by giving lashes some much-needed volume.

Whether you’re already in a spring state of mind or you’re simply looking to upgrade your makeup collection, these trends are worth taking into consideration.

Three tips for wearing a new bronzer

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Three tips for wearing a new bronzer

If you recently purchased a new bronzer after using the same one for months, you might be hesitant to try a new shade on your face. However, there are a few tips you can take into account to apply it flawlessly and achieve the look you desire. Whether you’re heading to the office or out on a hot date, try these tricks to ensure a perfect look every time.

1. Change your foundation
Cosmopolitan magazine states that you may have to change your foundation once you buy a new bronzer. Depending on how dark it is, you’ll want to warm up your foundation color to establish a balance.

2. Don’t be afraid of shimmer
A little shimmer might be just what you need to enhance your bronzer once it’s on your face. Try applying shimmer liberally to create a radiant look.

3. Use the right brush
Using the right tools is everything when it comes to applying any type of makeup, whether it’s eyeliner or foundation. A large, fluffy brush is perfect for bronzer and can help you cover all areas of your face without going to too much trouble.

Do you wear green eyeshadow like a pro?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Do you wear green eyeshadow like a pro?

You might be into the idea of wearing green eyeshadow regularly, such as Colorscience Pro Loose Eyeshadow in Matte Green, but what if you’ve only sported this color once before? Are you bold enough to try it on a Tuesday at the office or on a Friday night date? Here are some tips to ensure that you never have to worry about looking your best while wearing this hue on your peepers – wherever you may be.

Go natural on the rest of your face
If you’re using a metallic shade of green on your lids, Marie Claire magazine recommends going natural on the rest of your face. This can keep your look from becoming too overwhelming.

Highlight your lashes
Are you afraid of your eyeshadow falling flat? Before immediately trying to add more color, see what a little mascara can do for you instead. Giving your lashes some volume and depth may be just what you need to create an impressive appearance.

Complement it with blush
If you’re in a casual setting where you can have a little more fun with your makeup, think about using a pink blush on your cheeks to bring more intrigue to your face.

Claire Danes goes bold with magenta lipstick at SAG Awards

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Claire Danes goes bold with magenta lipstick at the SAG Awards

One woman who decided to go a little bold on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last weekend was Claire Danes. The actress may not have made headlines for her makeup in 2012, but she’s certainly put herself on the map in 2013 following her appearance at the recent event.

Danes kept her hair tied back in a loose ponytail and allowed her pout to do all the work as she walked across the red carpet. She opted for a deep magenta lipstick – a daring move that paid off. Danes used a little beige eyeshadow on her lids and went natural throughout the rest of her face, which seems to be a trend across Hollywood. Showcasing your features sans makeup is one style you may want to try if you’re in the market for a new look.

So how do you get Danes’ pout without looking like a clown?

The key to wearing a bold color on your lips is owning it. Confidence is key when sporting anything from hot pink to deep purple. Another way to ensure that you aren’t going overboard is to go low-key on the rest of your face like Danes. Natural is beautiful!

Jessica Chastain shines on the red carpet

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Jessica Chastain shines on the red carpet

If you’re always on the hunt for makeup tips from the red carpet, one woman you should look to for inspiration is Jessica Chastain, the star of the recent movie, “Zero Dark Thirty.” Recently, Chastain showed up to the Screen Actors Guild Awards sporting a red-hot Alexander McQueen gown and the perfect eyeliner, mascara and lipstick to match.

On her lips, the actress wore a lovely berry shade to bring out the red in her dress. Chastain went light on her cheeks and seemed to steer clear of blush altogether. Instead, she opted for a natural look using concealer and foundation to hide any imperfections on her face. When it came to her peepers, Chastain went with a dark eyeliner on her upper lids and topped it off with black mascara.

Want to create a similar look? For the most part, it isn’t hard to do so with the right concealer and foundation. Chastain proved that going natural can be beautiful. When it comes to your lips, go bold with color and create volume with a dark mascara on your lashes. In the end, you’ll look ready for the red carpet!

How to wear blue mascara and own it

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Wearing blue mascara and owning it

How many times have you wished that your peepers were more bright and intriguing? If you’re still using black mascara, you might be holding your eyes back from making a memorable statement each time you walk into a room. Ditch the dark, dreary hue and opt for a color such as blue to make your eyes seem larger and more captivating.

Even if you’ve never used color on your lashes before, you can easily apply blue mascara and look like a pro. First, it’s important to choose a shade that works with the other colors of makeup you apply. For example, fire engine red lipstick isn’t going to mesh well with cobalt blue mascara, but navy may be a possibility.

Next, don’t go overboard when applying the mascara. Doing so can increase the risk of clumping and adding too much color to your peepers, taking away from the rest of your makeup and appearance as a whole.

Finally, go neutral on other areas of your face if you’re afraid of the blue becoming overwhelming. Use a neutral lipstick and blush to balance out the look and help you make the impression you desire.

Tips for keeping blemishes at bay

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Tips for keeping blemishes at bay

You might think that your days of blemishes and unsightly pimples are over once your teenage years are behind you. However, the combination of bacteria and oil on your skin can create the perfect environment for blemishes to thrive in. Before you run for your BABOR Camouflage Cream to cover them up, take a few of the following tips into account to effectively treat these areas and keep blemishes from returning.

Be mindful of what you eat
Believe it or not, the food you put into your body can make a big difference when it comes to blemishes on your skin. Daily Glow recommends boosting your intake of vitamins A and E to maintain the health of your complexion and stop breakouts before they happen.

Use the right foundation
Prevention magazine reports that using the right foundation can make all the difference when treating and covering up a blemish. A cream-to-powder formula can reduce shine without clogging your pores.

Choose a face wash that works for your skin
Becoming more familiar with your skin can ensure that you’re giving it the TLC it deserves. Look for face washes that pertain to the needs of yours, whether it’s oily, sensitive or dry.

Are you missing one of these 10 manicure must-haves?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Do you have all the tools you need for an at-home manicure?

There’s nothing like giving yourself a manicure to dress up your hands and save money on salon costs, but do you have all of the supplies you need to get the perfect paint job at home? Here’s a checklist of the 10 things you need for a fabulous manicure every time.

1. Hand lotion. AHAVA – Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream is perfect for softening and smoothing hands before polishing.

2. Cuticle oil. This stuff will keep your cuticles hydrated and easier to push back.

3. Orange stick. Very handy when it’s time to remove gunk under your nails and push back cuticles.

4. Nail buffer. Great for evening out ridges and creating a smooth nail surface.

5. Nail file. Essential for shaping the nail into an attractive style.

6. Base coat. Smoothes the surface and gives nail polish something to stick to.

7. Nail polish. A high-quality polish from Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers provides color.

8. Top coat. Adds shine and long-lasting protection from chips.

9. Drying drops/spray. Makes your manicure dry much faster.

10. Nail polish remover. Good for cleaning up the cuticles after polishing.

With these 10 tools, you should have everything you need to carry out the coolest new nail trends!

Three tips for taking off gel nail polish

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Gel nail polish can be hard to remove - but not with these tips!

Gel nail polishes are popular these days, not just because they have a high-gloss finish, but because they last for weeks without any signs of wear! But since these polishes are designed to stay on for the long haul, it can be tough to take them off without damaging your natural nails. Here are three tips to help you out.

1. Buff the top coat before removal. Use a nail buffer to lightly rough up the top layer of gel polish before you start the removal process. This will allow the nail polish remover to penetrate to the layers underneath.

2. Soak them in acetone. Pure acetone is available at most drug stores, and it’s best qualified to take off that tough gel polish. Soak your fingertips in a warmed-up bowl of acetone for 15 minutes, then you should be able to use an orange stick to begin scraping off the softened polish. You could also try soaking a cotton ball in the acetone, placing it over your nail and using tinfoil to keep it in place. Do this for all 10 nails.

3. Use the Lippmann Collection Gel Lab Nail Treatment Duet. Instead of slaving over the removal process, use this base and top coat set to give your nails the look and durability of gel polish without the tough-to-remove formula. Any regular nail polish remover will get the job done when it’s time to take it off!

Three tips for treating an unsightly pimple

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Three tips for treating an unsightly pimple

Just because you aren’t a teenager anymore doesn’t mean you’re never going to have a pimple again. When the unthinkable happens, you don’t have to run for your foundation and concealer to cover it up. There are a few tactics you can use to treat the actual zit and prevent it from leaving a nasty scar. Here are some tips you can take into account to speed up the healing process.

1. Wash your face twice a day
To keep your pores clean and prevent bacteria from agitating the pimple, it’s important to wash your face twice a day, according to Medical News Today. Use a mild soap to keep your skin from drying out.

2. Use benzoyl peroxide.
One ingredient you may see in your skincare products as you try to combat your pimple is benzoyl peroxide. This chemical can get rid of oil within pores and keep zits clean, promoting the healing process.

3. Go light on the makeup
To prevent future breakouts and give your pimple a better chance of subsiding, try not to cake on makeup, which can clog your pores and make it tough for your skin to breathe.