Backstage beauty tips from New York Fashion Week

Not all of us are lucky enough to attend the runway shows at New York Fashion Week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a lesson or two from the beauty pros there.

Back To School: Basic Makeup Tips That Always Apply

After a carefree summer of simply smearing on some sunscreen and a coat of mascara before heading out the door, it’s time to head back to the harsh, fluorescent-lit classroom.


A little color never hurt anybody – especially when it’s on your face. While you may have been scared of implementing bright makeup hues, there are ways to do so without risking a garish finished look.

Striking It Big With Rose Gold Makeup

Rose gold has officially gone from a mere trend to a full-blown obsession.

Fall's Hottest Nail Colors

If there’s any indication that fall is here, it’s the changing colors on everyone’s nails.


Styling them can be a major hassle, they fall into your eyes, and then there’s the awkward growing out phase.