Astrological Signs and Beauty

Your personality and your personal style frequently go hand in hand, after all. Be sure to check out Beauty Bridge for more exciting makeup options that are geared toward your sign.

anti-aging retinol

You’ve heard of retinol as a skin care revolution, but is it right for your skin?


This week we were so excited to have our Dermalogica training here at Beauty Bridge!

destress your body

Your new go-to routine for reducing your stress levels should be centered on a few simple beauty products and practices (plus a few pieces of chocolate).


. To help you get a more lovely bust, here is a practical guide to bust and decollete care.


Implementing a few fun ways to organize your makeup is a way for you to quickly access any color palette or type of makeup you need within seconds.

how to choose a fragrance

While you like to dabble with different scents from time-to-time, you would like to know how to pick out a scent that is your very own.

fall makeup trends

Fall beauty trends are fashion forward, bold and combine a daring mix of great products.

fall skincare

As much as you love your summer style, you also want to make sure your skin is ready for the fall. After all, you can get some windy days where your face could become chapped.

nail care

While proper nail care has always been a priority for you to some extent, you just haven’t put the necessary time and effort into it. You can still get strong and healthy nails by changing some of your habits.

waxing do's and dont's

Tired of the constant expense of disposable razors, the pain of knicks and cuts, and the constant acrobatic display of flexibility while shaving in a tiny shower?