What you need with bare toenails

August 17th, 2011 | Contributed by:

Your toes don't have to be painted to look good in sandals!Lately, tons of fashion runways, streets and celebrity-packed events have been teeming with ladies who are sporting bare toenails. It may sound pretty crazy not to polish your toes, especially when wearing fancy shoes, but obviously there's something going on.

Perhaps some people are realizing that pedicures just aren't in the budget anymore. Maybe girls are a little lazier in the summer and can't bring themselves to paint their toenails. Whatever it is, bare toenails seem to be a new trend, which is good news for anyone who'd like a break from polish.

To show off bare nails, it's imperative to keep them perfectly groomed. Your feet should look practically perfect before you even think about going without color. Get rid of unsightly calluses with a product like Lippmann Collection – Get Off Callus Softener, which will make it easier to rub them off with a pumice stone. Then use a moisturizer like Miss Oops – Pedicure In A Bottle, which smooths, exfoliates and hydrates while giving your tootsies a subtle scent. Slip on a pair of sandals and head out feeling like a minimalist.


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