Christie Brinkley's Skin Secrets Are Really Just Good Health Sense

Okay, so not all of the women we see and envy on the silver screen got their flawless skin from good genes alone – many enlist the aid of the world’s best dermatologists, the most expensive treatments and, on top of that, they’re usually airbrushed anyway – all things the everyday woman can’t plausibly hope to have access to in this or any other lifetime.

Then again, there’s Christie Brinkley, whose age-defying skin has nabbed her a role in the Broadway musical Chicago as 25-year-old Roxie Hart – at the age of 57! Wanna know this cougar’s secret?

According to, Brinkley’s skincare guru Patricia Wexler dished on some of her best-kept secrets, which aren’t really secrets at all, but are more like common sense health practices that everyone should follow. Brinkley religiously wears sunscreen, eats a good diet, exercises regularly and keeps the drinking down to maybe a glass after dinner, if that.

That being said, some of us can be bonafide health nuts and still not be blessed with skin like Christie’s. For a little help in the beauty department, stock up on high quality skincare products and stick to a regular routine. Choose cleanser, toner, moisturizer and any additional supplements and serums based on your skin type and individual needs.

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