How (Not) To Achieve Precision With Your Makeup

Some ladies may strive to achieve precision with their makeup, but while perfectly arched brows and expertly winged eyeliner can look undeniably stunning, it’s also been said that a more carefree look is better than perfect.

No one knows this better than Heidi Klum, who recently posed with makeup that was literally drawn on by a 7-year-old boy. If you can imagine, the results were impressive – the normally flawless Klum threw a fierce pout at the camera with mismatched streaks of neon-pink blush, lipstick smeared across her mouth, a penciled-in unibrow and a liberal application of glitter across her face.

Of course, Klum was doing it for her new show, dubbed Seriously Funny Kids, the Daily Mail reports. But we can all take a page out of her (coloring) book by emulating such a style.

You obviously don’t want to mess around where red lipstick is concerned, but being a little carefree with smudgy shadows and eyeliners never hurt anyone. Use the smudging tip on the end of the pencil for a sultry look.

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