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How to conceal undereye circles

Friday, October 29th, 2010

How to conceal undereye circlesWomen may have dark undereye circles for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they form due to a lack of sleep or allergies, but they can also be genetic. Whatever the reason, gals who have discolored skin beneath their eyes can easily conceal the circles with a few handy pointers.

According to Allure magazine, thin skin makes blue-tinted circles more noticeable. Ladies can use an eye cream with retinol to thicken the skin, like Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cellular Eye Repair Gel. A product with vitamin K, such as Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Creme, will help to prevent leakage from capillaries.

Brown circles, however, may require a bleaching cream that contains two percent hydroquinone. The news source recommends Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Treatment, but cautions that women should apply sunscreen as well, as skipping it will undo the work that the eye treatments have done.

Finally, a good concealer is key to hiding the pesky circles. According to the publication, use a formula that is slightly lighter than your skin tone but only apply it to from the inner corners to the middle of your eye.

Question about Under-eye Puffiness?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Question: Is there any product that actually reduces under-eye puffiness?

Answer: I like Neova Eye Therapy and Neova Advanced Refining Lift Eye GeleeMurad  Renewing Eye Cream and SkinMedica  Uplifting Eye Serum. Just remember that they are treating the APPEARANCE of puffiness… not addressing the cause of the problem. How much sleep do you get? What medications do you take?

Don’t spend a lot on eye creams. The four I suggested are reasonable priced and as effective as brands costing twice as much!

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Purify and Detoxify with Water

Thursday, November 5th, 2009


Water is the best way to keep your skin in shape. Water is the most natural asset our bodies crave. Lack of water can cause dry, itchy skin, uneven skin tones, dark circles, etc. So keep drinking ladies! A great way to detoxify your skin and body would be to use a mask infused with natural clay. When the clay hardens it pulls all the impurities out, shrinks pore size, and leaves your skin feeling tightened and refreshed! Always make sure to put the hydration back into your skin with a good moisturizer (alcohol-free) and drink lots of water!

Give Your Eyes a Youthful Look

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Dark eye circles don’t discriminate; they can affect any of us no matter what our age. The good news is that you don’t have to walk around with murky, puffy eyes that make us look extra old and tired than we actually are—there is a solution.

Eye gel, a Skinceuticals skin care product, can aid you in achieving more youthful-looking eyes. Take a crack at putting the eye gel in the fridge and use in the morning sparingly around the delicate eye area. The coolness of the gel with help improve swollen areas. Try a decent Eye Creme with Vitamins and antioxidants to keep skin rejuvenated.

How to get rid of baggy, tired-looking eyes?

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

You’ve found great skin care products and you’re glad with your skin. Getting rid of blemishes and ridding yourself of excess oil is a daily need…

What about, do you have baggy, tired-looking eyes? Here are some ideas to make those baby blues look as radiant as the rest of your face:

  • Apply a vitamin C eye cream around the delicate eye area.
  • Try a lymphatic massage to get rid of excess fluid.
  • Don’t loose sleep; allow for a decent amount of sleep each night. When the body achieves REM sleep, the eyes flicker, stimulating the lymph glands, which rid the body of toxins, giving you better looking skin!

Cover up Unwanted Spots with Leg and Body Makeup

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Wanting to cover unwanted birthmarks and blemishes is a common need. There are products on the market like camouflage makeup that are invented to cover dark areas. The make-up lines Dermablend and Coverblend both have corrective cosmetics strictly formulated for your body and legs that does a good job covering birthmarks and other spots. Bleaching creams can work sometimes, but you have to be extremely careful when using them and should consult a dermatologist before attempting to bleach the area. Lemon juice may help but probably won’t do much to correct the problem.