When you’re in your 20s, the last thing on your mind are anti-aging products. And to an extent, there’s no reason why they should be – you have nothing to worry about. Seriously, we swear.

Sure, some of you would never be caught dead without your trusty bottle of foundation. But what if we told you that, in many ways, the regular use of a good moisturizer is even more important than your trusty cover-up?

We’re willing to bet that more women suffer from oily skin at the end of the day than those who actually come stocked to handle these issues. Beyond preaching to all of you about the importance of carrying face wipes around, we thought some of you would enjoy this handy little trick.

It’s the mirror you want to do the reflecting – not your face. Unfortunately for some, though, the shininess tends to creep in at the most inopportune moments, sabotaging their suave entrance and subsequently any photos they’re in.

What with all this talk regarding Equal Pay Day, you’d think that someone would stand up to point out the flagrant inequalities between men and women’s skin (kidding, kidding). In all seriousness, though, men do have some distinct advantages when it comes to the aging process, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to level out the playing field.

If you had to say what your must-have beauty essentials were, we’re willing to bet that many of you would confess that you slather lots of hydrating stuff on your face at least once a day. We’ve been told day in and day out that this stuff is really good for us, but surprisingly enough, there is such a thing as a moisturizer addiction. The good news? This is one problem that doesn’t require a 12-step cure.

Okay, so most of us are coffee addicts, swigging multiple cups of joe every morning. But what does this have to do with your appearance? The answer – more than you think.

Normally when we think of eye creams and all things that are intended to do our skin some good, we never consider that sometimes, the products we choose may result in all kinds of unwanted side effects. However, those with sensitive eyes can take simple steps to avoid using formulas that might rub them the wrong way.

The difference between the way your skin acts when you wake up and around the time you go to bed is somewhat like that between night and day, and it’s important to observe these disparities when selecting the thickness of the cream you wear.

No, we’re not talking about those good-for-nothing blokes that TLC so famously wrote off in their hit single. A scrub can be good for you, especially when used to regularly exfoliate your skin, but sometimes we just have to make do with a replacement.

The issue of homeostasis tends to come up a lot – whether we’re talking about regular brain stem functions or the conscious decisions we make to eat a well-rounded diet, moderation always seems to be key and perfect balance an ideal state of being.

Let’s face it – aging is a concern for virtually every woman, beginning with oh, say, age 26. Not that most younger ladies have anything to worry about – it’s just that staying fresh-faced has been so deeply ingrained in our culture, it’s hard to imagine going a day without obsessing about it.