Rachel Bilson Rocks Retro Beauty

Rachel Bilson has always emanated the epitome of clean-cut, girl-next-door beauty.

You know that winged eyeliner is cool, but have you ever considered winging out your eyeshadow?

Sometimes, grabbing the same old mascara day after day just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Although eyeshadows are a great way to add definition to your eyes and experiment with pops of color, there’s nothing worse than shadow that continually creases.

Many women consider bigger-looking eyes one of their main beauty goals.

There are many eyeshadows these days meant to be used by women with specific eye colors, but you don’t have to rely on these kits to make your eyes pop.

Many women apply eyeshadow the same way every day.

Chances are, when you apply eyeliner, you use it to create definition along your upper lash line.

If you’re the kind of woman who spends more than five minutes trying to perfect your eyeliner application, you’ll be glad to know that there’s an easier way to rock black eyeliner without having to worry about perfection.

If you haven’t decided on a festive makeup look for New Year’s Eve yet, don’t worry.

New Year’s Eve is a time to be daring and bold about your makeup choices, so don’t even think about reaching for the same old eyeshadow and eyeliner combination.

Eyeliner is great when you want to define your eyes and make them pop, but sometimes harsh black eyeliner can be a bit jarring, especially in natural light.