Rachel Bilson Rocks Retro Beauty

Rachel Bilson has always emanated the epitome of clean-cut, girl-next-door beauty.

You know that winged eyeliner is cool, but have you ever considered winging out your eyeshadow?

While some women keep a few go-to beauty products in their car and others carry a small cosmetic case in their purse, ladies who spend the majority of their time at the office may want to stash a few necessities in their desks.

While some women may think that a rock and roll appearance requires lots of smoky eye makeup and bold-colored lipstick, gals trying to look like a rockstar may want to put down the eyeliner.

Many women have an ample collection of eyeshadow and often wear multiple shades at once. When it comes to mascara, however, it seems that gals are often content with one tube to create a myriad of looks.

It looks like Hilary Swank did it again. A month after attending a movie premiere sporting turquoise eye makeup that matched the tones in her dress’ details, the A-list actress walked the red carpet wearing a similar look.

While the popularity of some beauty trends’ regularly rise and fall, there is one look that we were sure wasn’t going to be seen after the ’80s – frosted makeup. The silver-toned colors that were once all the rage seemed to fade away with aerosol hairspray and teased bangs.

When wearing a bold lip color, women are often advised to keep their eyes relatively free of makeup and apply little more than mascara and nude shadow. However, one of film’s hottest starlets, Zoe Saldana, recently proved that some beauty rules are made to be broken.

From the first time that Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough stepped on the dance floor, it was clear that the duo were the favorites to win season 11 of Dancing With the Stars. During "rock and roll night," however, the polished pair seemed to stumble a bit, performing a less-than-perfect paso doble.

Many women who wear glasses may think that they can’t wear eye makeup, as they are worried that the cosmetics will either compete with or detract from their frames. But a few products may be necessary to help your peepers pop from behind your specs.

Selecting the right mascara can be tricky. There are a seemingly endless amount of options out there, and each product promises to do something different. However, with a bit of insight, choosing a great mascara doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Taylor Momsen is what many may refer to as a beauty rebel. While she is just 17-years-old, the Gossip Girl actress and budding musician usually steps out wearing more eye makeup than most women will wear in a lifetime.