Women with hectic schedules may often find themselves hard pressed for time when getting ready for a big night out – after rushing home from the office, hopping in the shower and selecting an outfit, there may be a few precious minutes left to apply makeup.

While some makeup trends catch us by surprise, such as red eyeshadow and blue lipstick, a new eye makeup combination recently caught us off guard – wearing multiple metallic tones. But what really surprised us about this look, however, wasn’t its extremity – it was how breathtakingly beautiful the women wearing it looked!

Embracing certain beauty trends is often fun, and many gals don’t think twice before hopping on the bandwagon and trying out a popular, new look. And we’re sure that, soon enough, ladies will be looking to imitate the fresh spin on smoky eyes sported by Claire Danes at the London Film Festival premiere of The King’s Speech.

It’s never surprising when Blake Lively steps out on the red carpet looking flawless, after all the Gossip Girl actress is quickly becoming an icon in the fashion world. And, at Spike TV’s 2010 Scream Awards, Lively showed up in a gorgeous ensemble that was complemented by some seriously gorgeous makeup.

When applying eye makeup, everybody seems to have their own tricks to creating a dynamic look. And while these tips can help open up your eyes, there is one technique that some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies employ to create a dazzling effect – applying highlighter to eyes’ inner corners.

There is much debate as to whether women should match their makeup to their clothing. Earlier this month, Hilary Swank stepped out seemingly in support of matching makeup, with lids painted to the same hue as the detailing in her dress. Now, another Hollywood A-lister is demonstrating her opinion on the matter, and it seems that her cosmetic choices oppose Hilary’s.

It should never be shocking to see a Hollywood star show up on the red carpet with a flawless-looking face – after all, the celeb most likely has a team of makeup artists and stylists who work around the clock to perfect the dynamite look. It may be surprising, however, when a starlet’s look is easy to recreate, no matter how inexperienced you are when wielding a wand of mascara.

Most cosmetic trends are geared toward women over the age of 20 – after all, a girl attending her junior prom would look inappropriate with a smoky eye or a bold red lip. However, there is one trend that looks phenomenal on gals of any age, made apparent by the lovely ladies of the new movie Never Let Me Go.

While women often stick to pigments in the same color family when applying eye makeup, one of young Hollywood’s most glamorous gals are proving that using two shades can create one phenomenal look.

Women everywhere are rocking dark-colored lipstick and autumnal-hued eye makeup, but gals who want to create an ethereal, fresh-faced look may want to consider donning an unexpected shade of cosmetics – white eyeshadow.

It’s an eternally debated question – when applying makeup should you select colors that match your ensemble, complementary hues that accent your outfit, or neutral shades that let your get-up take center stage?

Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for years or you are relatively new to the world of cosmetics, many women can agree that beautifying their eyes is one of the trickiest parts of creating a gorgeous look – from shade selection to application, the process can be overwhelming.