If you haven’t decided on a festive makeup look for New Year’s Eve yet, don’t worry.

New Year’s Eve is a time to be daring and bold about your makeup choices, so don’t even think about reaching for the same old eyeshadow and eyeliner combination.

Eyeliner is great when you want to define your eyes and make them pop, but sometimes harsh black eyeliner can be a bit jarring, especially in natural light.

Most gals stick to a couple of shades of eyeshadow and rely on them to get through any occasion.

Many women use brown eyeshadow on a regular basis.

Not everyone has perfectly smooth skin around their eyes.

If you’re one of those ladies who wakes up in the morning with seriously puffy eyes, don’t worry.

The holiday season is pretty much defined by that white stuff that falls from the sky and blankets everything in sight, creating a muted, soft landscape with a hint of sparkle.

Even if you’re a professional when it comes to applying eyeliner and mascara, you may not be a whiz when it comes to fake eyelashes.

Waterproof mascaras are great for preventing smudging and the kind of raccoon look typically reserved for distressed women in horror movies.

Using a dark shade of eyeshadow all over your lid is like asking people to equate your look with a raccoon.

If you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t pay any attention to your eyebrows other than removing the occasional stray hair, good for you.