While many women may be comfortable crafting an elegant look for a swanky, nighttime affair, it may be a bit trickier to apply eye makeup for a daytime event, such as a wedding or luncheon, as daylight may make dark makeup appear garish or too formal.

Sometimes you wake up with red, puffy eyes that scream to the world that you shed a few tears in the night – whether you had a fight with your boyfriend or got caught up watching The Notebook. And while sunglasses can hide your weary peepers during your commute, once you get to work you’ll need to remove your shades and look bright-eyed and put together.

Liquid liner is a key component to a variety of looks – it can help you craft the perfect cat-eye and can emphasize a smoky eye. However, many women are intimidated by the wonderful product, as it is infamous for being difficult apply.

Whether you slick on a fruit-hued lip gloss or a bold shade of nail polish, infusing your look with a punch of color is always fun. And, it looks like some of Hollywood’s most glamorous starlets are opting to add some pizazz with colorful eye makeup.

From her perfectly coiffed hair to her impeccably lined lips, Lea Michele often looks flawless when she steps out on the red carpet. And it seems that the brunette beauty has figured out a few ways to emphasize one of her best features – her dazzling brown eyes.

Even on the brightest summer mornings, it’s easy to wake-up with dull, tired-looking eyes. But before you grab your largest pair of shades to cover-up your worn-out peepers, there are a few tricks you can try to make your eyes appear wider and brighter.

While many products have seasonal appeal – foundation that won’t sweat-off in the summer, cream blushes that moisturize dry, winter skin – waterproof mascara seems to be in-demand year-round, whether you’re looking for a formula that will stay-put during a snowstorm or a day at the beach.

Summer dates allow you to wear your favorite sun dresses, bare a few flirty peeks of skin and indulge in colorful cosmetics. However, sultry nights and balmy days can also pose a beauty challenge.
If there’s a romantic rendezvous in your future, here are a few tips that will help you stay pretty despite the heat this season.

According to StyleList.com, a multitude of Hollywood starlets are trying out a new, bold look – turquoise-colored lids. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Amber Riley were recently snapped wearing eye makeup in this traffic-stopping shade.

Blue eyeshadow may be a hard look to pull off – when not done right, the look can age you 40 years, or transport you back to the ’80s! But lately, some of Hollywood’s blue-eyed beauties have been rocking azure powder, and doing it flawlessly.

Summer is the season to add a punch of color to your daily beauty routine, but those who aren’t daring enough to try a magenta-colored pout or kelly green smoky eyes can still have some colorful fun – just try a bit of bright eyeliner!

There is no doubt that a smoky eye is both elegant and sexy, but many women may not try out the look because they’re intimidated by its hard-to-create reputation. However, experts at Allure magazine promise that crafting this sultry stare doesn’t have to be too tricky, as long as you have the right products.