Rachel Bilson Rocks Retro Beauty

Rachel Bilson has always emanated the epitome of clean-cut, girl-next-door beauty.

You might be accustomed to wearing peach or magenta blush, but when you want to spice things up a bit, hot pink may be right up your alley.

You know that winged eyeliner is cool, but have you ever considered winging out your eyeshadow?

Define Your Eyes For A Fresh-Faced Look

Whether you are rocking a bold lip color or want an understated look for a daytime brunch, sometimes it’s necessary to refrain from wearing dark eye makeup. However, that doesn’t mean that your lids should be naked. Instead, subtly enhance your eyes for a fresh, natural-looking appearance.

No matter how much you like emphasizing you eyes or creating a sun-kissed flow, the next time you are getting ready for a first date, you may want to play up your pout.

Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for years or have only recently begun to dabble in the world of cosmetics, applying smoldering eye makeup can be tricky. Unlike a smoky eye, this look is more subtle, but creates a stare that is just as sultry. But, because appropriate applications can vary significantly depending upon your eye shape, creating the perfect look isn’t easy.

When wearing a nude-colored dress, it’s hard to keep from looking washed out without a lot of makeup, which makes Elizabeth Moss’ recent look so impressive. At the 38th Annual International Emmy Awards Gala in New York City, Moss sported a flesh-toned gown and minimal makeup, and appeared more fresh-faced than ever.

When selecting makeup for an elegant ensemble, there are few colors that can pair perfectly with gowns of any hue. However, judging from the glamorous gals at the 2010 Pride of Britain Awards, there is one product that will look great with a multitude of different tones – bright red lipstick.

There are few accessories more synonymous with celebrity than a large pair of sunglasses. Whether starlets want to walk around incognito or simply feel like hiding behind large frames, oversized eyewear is immensely popular in Hollywood.

If there is one thing we can guarantee on your wedding day, it’s that you will spend the entire time smiling, so it’s imperative that you have impeccable lip color to best enhance your pout. But before you lacquer your lips, there are a few elements to consider.

When shopping for a lip color, it seems that women often pay more attention to the hue than to the formula. However, the product’s formula could have just as much of an impact on your overall look as the color.

Actresses often have to sport a variety of hairstyles depending upon their latest roles, and Rachel McAdams is no exception. Recently, Rachel’s makeup artist – and sister – Kayleen spoke to InStyle magazine about selecting makeup based on her older sister’s tresses.