Ladies with hooded eyelids often wonder how they can make their eyelids look bigger.

Many women opt to wear contacts instead of glasses because they’re often more convenient and don’t require a serious style commitment.

Break-ups are never easy, but they happen to most women at one time or another.

Rose Byrne is always being featured in beauty blogs as a source of makeup inspiration, so you can pretty much rely on her to showcase trendy looks before they’re popular.

Smoky eyes are many women’s go-to beauty picks, but they can feel a bit too heavy on sultry summer nights.

Ombre is everywhere lately, whether on nails, hair or clothes.

You don’t always have to get all complicated with your makeup products to end up with a gorgeous look.

There’s nothing more fun than sitting down at your vanity and taking the time to apply a full face of makeup using a bunch of different products.

Emma Stone has been switching up her looks a lot recently as she promotes The Amazing Spider-Man.

The beauty world has several rules that many women try to abide by, like never wearing a lip liner that’s darker than your lipstick or never mixing a bold eye with a bold lip.

Universally-flattering is an adjective that’s not often used when it comes to makeup, but Ashlee Simpson recently proved that there’s one eyeshadow shade worthy of the description.

There’s nothing like a set of dry, chapped lips to ruin the look of lipstick – even if it’s perfectly applied.