Blame it on the rich color palette of fall – recently, Hollywood’s most glamorous gals have been spotted wearing deep, vivid lipstick.

While beauty trends can be embraced and interpreted by women of all ethnicities, makeup application techniques may vary depending on the color of your complexion. According to makeup artist Sam Fine, gals with darker skin should invest in bronzer, a cream concealer and pressed powder.

From the first time that Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough stepped on the dance floor, it was clear that the duo were the favorites to win season 11 of Dancing With the Stars. During "rock and roll night," however, the polished pair seemed to stumble a bit, performing a less-than-perfect paso doble.

Many women who wear glasses may think that they can’t wear eye makeup, as they are worried that the cosmetics will either compete with or detract from their frames. But a few products may be necessary to help your peepers pop from behind your specs.

Now that the summer sun has gone away, women across the country may be looking for ways to add a bit more color to their complexion. However, ladies should be cautious of the amount of pigment they apply to their face.

While treating dull winter skin may require a steady regiment of lotions and creams, women may also want to pick up a few cosmetics to perk up their complexion.

Even with the best cosmetics and the most precise techniques, there is one component that could seriously hinder a flawless makeup application – bad lighting. Unfortunate lighting can alter how colors look on your skin, leading you too apply too little (or too much) product.

Some women are truly legends in the beauty world, and Sarah Doukas may be one of them. She founded Storm Model Management in 1987 in London, England, and just one year later, Doukas discovered Kate Moss at JFK Airport in New York City and signed her to the agency.

Selecting the right mascara can be tricky. There are a seemingly endless amount of options out there, and each product promises to do something different. However, with a bit of insight, choosing a great mascara doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Taylor Momsen is what many may refer to as a beauty rebel. While she is just 17-years-old, the Gossip Girl actress and budding musician usually steps out wearing more eye makeup than most women will wear in a lifetime.

With fall underway and richer color palettes all the rage, women everywhere are turning in their light-colored lipsticks for darker hues. And while these bold pouts are especially alluring, they do present a problem that light shades don’t possess – how do you keep the color from fading?

Women with hectic schedules may often find themselves hard pressed for time when getting ready for a big night out – after rushing home from the office, hopping in the shower and selecting an outfit, there may be a few precious minutes left to apply makeup.