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Beauty mistakes to avoid at all costs

Friday, February 24th, 2012

You won't have to worry about making any more mistakes with these tips!Even the most glamorous celebrities commit fashion and beauty atrocities on occasion. If A-listers can go wrong on the red carpet, there's a chance that all women are guilty of making beauty errors every now and then. Here are a few common mistakes that many ladies make, and ways you can fix the problem.

1. Using the wrong color of foundation. According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, this is one of the worst beauty crimes you can commit. Too dark of a shade can make you look dirty, while too light a color can wash out your complexion and give you a ghostly appearance. The news source suggests taking a picture of yourself wearing the foundation with the flash on. This should give you an idea of how you really look in the color. A loose mineral foundation like TRUE Cosmetics – Protective Mineral Foundation SPF 17 Powder might help you avoid applying too much.

2. Applying conditioner all over your hair. Many women use conditioner like shampoo, starting at the top of their heads and working their way down. However, Real Simple Magazine reports that doing this is not only wasting product, but can make your hair appear flat and greasy. That's because it's the end of your strands that get damaged and dry – not your roots. Use a conditioner like June Jacobs – Citrus Clarifying Conditioner, starting near your ears and working your way to the ends of your locks.

3. Using too much fragrance. It's normal to become desensitized to the smell of your own perfume after wearing it so frequently, but that doesn't mean other people can't smell it. Allure Magazine recommends limiting your spritzes to three sprays for an eau de parfum and four for an eau de toilette. Try Calvin Klein – Euphoria Blossom Eau de Toilette Spray.

4. Wearing the same shade of eyeshadow up to your brows. This is truly a beauty "don't." Glamour Magazine suggests stopping at or slightly above your creases with a shadow like Jane Iredale – PurePressed Eye Shadow. Use a darker color to add depth in that area, then add a lighter color to your brow bones.

5. Overplucking your eyebrows. Real Simple Magazine suggests that many women do this because they're standing too close to their mirrors. Being that close allows you to see every single stray hair, but it doesn't let you see the big picture, meaning you can't keep track of the overall shape of your brows. To fix this problem, simply step back after plucking a few hairs to ensure that your brows are still proportional to your face.

6. Orange self-tanner. Many women think layering on the self-tanner will give them a deeper tan, but oftentimes it simply gets too dark and becomes fake looking. Allure Magazine suggests going only a shade or two darker than your actual skin tone, and mixing moisturizer into the self-tanner if you're worried it'll be too dark. Try using Fake Bake – Original Self-Tan Lotion, which is designed for easy application.

7. Attacking breakouts full-force. If you've ever gotten a pimple, chances are you attacked it with products and kept reapplying hoping that they would work faster to get rid of it. However, Real Simple Magazine points out that doing this can burn your skin, creating redness, dryness and irritation that's even uglier than the breakout. That's because the ingredients in many products continue working all day, so overuse gives your skin too much. Follow the directions on the product to avoid having this happen. Jane Iredale – Disappear could help.

Tips for applying perfume

Monday, January 30th, 2012

There's a right way and a wrong way to apply perfume!Fragrance seems like it would be a no-brainer to apply – just spritz on and you're done, right? Wrong. Perfumes can be pretty sensitive and are best applied strategically, according to BellaSugar. Next time you want to smell your best, consider these tips for application.

First, you should never put perfume on top of any kind of lotion or skincare oil. Scents like Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy For Women Eau de Parfum Spray can interact with moisturizers and result in some pretty funky smells that you probably didn't count on wearing.

Also, it's never a good idea to rub your scented wrists together, even though this is pretty much the stereotypical way to apply perfume. Doing so can crush the fragrance molecules and alter the scent of the spray. It will also fade faster throughout the day.

Finally, be sure not to overdo it. Eau de parfums are more concentrated than sprays like Archipelago Botanicals – Pomegranate Eau de Toilette, which is okay to spritz generously on your body. You don't want to offend the noses of anyone you're near with too much perfume.

How much perfume is too much?

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

How much perfume is too much?Wearing perfume makes many women feel sexy and confident, and wearing cologne can make any man feel powerful and seductive. However, some people are sensitive to scents and can't handle being around someone who's wearing too much. Recently, New Hampshire even proposed a bill that would ban state employees from wearing perfume at work. So how much is too much?

As you've probably noticed, wearing the same perfume day after day can desensitize your nose to it. As a result, you may start to put more on so you can catch a whiff. Avoid doing this by putting on the same amount every day, whether you can smell it or not, or choose a new perfume for a while, like RALPH LAUREN – Romance For Women Eau de Parfum Spray.

If you do end up wearing a bit too much and happen to get a few comments, you can always make the scent less intense by layering a bit of unscented moisturizer over the areas you spritzed. COOLA – Total Body SPF 30 Unscent is a good choice.

Bring in 2012 with a few beauty resolutions

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Make a few of these New Year's beauty resolutions!There’s nothing quite like New Years to bring out the best in people. Everyone wants to start off the new year afresh, whether it means amping up your workout routine, vowing to cut down on your chocolate intake or even to take a few more risks in life. If you’re already creating a list of resolutions for 2012, you might want to include a few beauty-related tasks to ensure that your skin, nails, hair and body get the treatment they deserve. Here are some ideas to consider, inspired by The Beauty Department.

1. Wear sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. Although many women have been bombarded by the media when it comes to how damaging the sun’s rays are, that hasn’t stopped some from skipping the sunscreen. Ensure the protection of your skin by slathering it on in the morning as part of your routine – not just before you’re going to the beach. Makeup like Dermablend – Cover Creme SPF 30 will ensure that you’re getting coverage in more ways than one.

2. Fake it, don’t bake it. If you’re still heading to the tanning bed to get your glow on, cut it out already! Tanning beds are no safer than the sun, and some experts argue that they can do even more damage since you’re receiving direct exposure. Get a faux bronze look by using self-tanners like TanTowel – Self-Tan Towelette. These make the application process a breeze and they won’t leave any tell-tale streaks.

3. Exfoliate at least once a week. Getting rid of dead skin cells is the key to a glowing complexion that’s not dull or flaky. Use an exfoliating scrub for your face once or twice a week, and a rich scrub for your body in the shower. Get Fresh – SPA Sugar Body Scrub is the perfect treat.

4. Find your signature scent. There’s nothing like a fresh fragrance to remind people of you even when you’re not around, but it’s not possible if you’re always switching up your perfume. Take the time to find out what smells best on you, then invest in a few different products in the scent to ensure that you’re always exuding the aroma.

5. Don’t go to sleep without taking off your makeup. Leaving makeup on while you’re in bed at night is never a good idea. Your pores can become clogged, leading to acne, irritation and an overall messy complexion. Even if you’re too tired to wash it all off, keep a stash of wipes near your bed and use it to gently remove any product. Rilastil – Daily Care Make-Up Removing Wipes are the perfect thing.

6. Clean out your collection. Now’s the perfect time to go through your medicine cabinet, makeup bag and toiletry stash and get rid of anything old. Most products have an expiration date on them, but if you can’t remember when you got it, it’s definitely worth tossing. Expired products won’t work as well and could cause problems for your skin if you continue to use them.

7. Embrace your hair’s natural texture. Your strands could use a break from heat tools every now and then, so you should become comfortable with your hair’s natural state. That doesn’t mean you have to skip products altogether – a great anti-frizz serum like Leonor Greyl – Serum de Soie Sublimateur can do wonders.

8. Stop biting your nails. Every now and then, we all slip up and go to town nibbling that pesky jagged edge or hangnail – but you have to stop! Carry a nail file in your bag for on-the-go fixes and keep your nails polished and cute so you won’t feel the urge to bite them.

As long as you incorporate some or all of these beauty resolutions, 2012 should be your most beautiful year yet!

How to choose a winter perfume

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Fragrances smell different when the seasons change!Many women have realized that switching their perfumes between season helps to ensure that they're giving off the right impression. While a flirty floral scent may smell great in the summer, it may not translate as well in the winter, since cold air doesn't make perfume lift off your skin the way hot weather does. Here are some tips to help you pick the right new scent this winter, according to

1. Find a stronger formula. Eau de toilettes are perfect for summer, but they can get lost in the winter. Pick an eu de parfum instead, which is stronger. Try GIORGIO ARMANI – Armani Code For Women Eau de Parfum Spray.

2. Pick a perfume with strong base notes. Fragrances tend to have three levels, including top notes, heart notes and base notes. Base notes are the strongest elements that lie underneath, like woody scents or musks. Top notes won't be as noticeable in cold weather, so pick something like Calvin Klein – OBSESSION For Women Eau de Parfum Spray.

The new blood perfume

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Would you wear a blood-scented perfume?Can you imagine wearing a perfume that smells reminiscent of blood? Apparently, a new brand called Blood Concept thinks that women will be clambering to buy their new line of perfumes that were inspired by the four blood types.

According to Allure magazine, the scents A, AB, B and O have a sharp, metallic and spicy scent underlying the other hints of fragrance, which is almost exactly how you'd describe the scent of blood. Creepy. Unless you're trying to attract a vampire (which, who knows, you could be after seeing the new Twilight movie), chances are you don't want to smell like blood.

Instead, try something a bit prettier, like Juicy Couture – Peace, Love and Juicy Couture For Women Eau de Parfum Spray (3.4 oz.). The smells of lemon blossom, hyacinth, black currant and honeysuckle (among others) is a lot more appealing than say, type O.

VERA WANG – Bouquet For Women Gift Set (EDP+BL) is another option, which has a feminine, floral scent that is much better suited for women who are, ahem, ALIVE!

Louis Vuitton will launch new fragrance

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

No one knows what the new scent will smell like!Rumors have been surfacing everywhere lately saying that iconic luggage maker and fashion icon Louis Vuitton is working on a signature fragrance. Glamour magazine's beauty blog found that Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, master perfumer, is in charge of the project.

Belletrud helped designers like Stella McCartney, Dior and Lancome develop their branded scents, so it's no wonder he's in on Vuitton's. No one is quite sure what the new fragrance will smell like, but sources have said that the company has been investigating super rare, practically extinct flowers in France that could eventually become elements.

If you can't wait for the rumored scent to come out, you may want to invest in the signature scent of another brand, like BURBERRY – Classic For Women Eau de Parfum Spray (1.7 oz.). The fresh floral with an Asian influence will be sure to spark your interest. ISSEY MIYAKE – L'Eau d'Issey For Women Gift Set (EDT+BL) was also created with the help of Belletrud, featuring a woody floral scent with a hint of musk. Try it before the new scent comes out!

Keep your scent consistent

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Keep your scent consistent to get tons of compliments!Many women rely on perfume to give themselves a pleasant scent – it's often as easy as spritzing it onto your inner wrists and calling it a day. Once it's on, it's likely you won't even know it's there – but hopefully other people will. If you think you're worthy of getting noticed for your scent but haven't gotten any compliments in the past, here are some handy tips to keep in mind.

If you find a fragrance that you love, you might want to invest in a couple of different products infused with it, not just the perfume. For example, a collection like Caswell-Massey – Classic English Lavender Gift Set comes with lotion, shower gel and bath soap.

Once you're clean, spritz on something like BURBERRY – Touch For Women Eau de Parfum Spray (3.3 oz.). Be sure to spray your major pulse points, including your wrists, neck and even behind your knees. It's also a good idea to apply a bit to your brush before using it on your hair, since it will absorb easily and last all day. As long as you're consistent with your scent, you should be reeling in positive feedback in no time!

Rules for putting on fragrance

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

There are certain ways to be sure you're using fragrance right!Many people seem to be a little confused when it comes to how much fragrance to use and where to put it, hence why some wearers tend to assault rather than please noses. However, if done right, wearing fragrance can be a pleasant and sensual experience.

1. Ideally, you should have two different scents. During the warmer season, you should have a light scent. Colder seasons can go with a heavier scent, since you won't be sweating as much.

2. Fragrance works together with your body heat, which means you should put it in places where it will heat up and become a bit stronger. Your wrists, neck and behind your ears are all ideal places.

3. Just use a spray or two! You don't need a ton of cologne or perfume to smell nice. Try a strong scent like GIORGIO ARMANI – Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men Eau de Toilette Spray, which will linger.

4. It may seem like spraying your clothes makes sense, but you should avoid doing it because some fragrances may stain fabrics.

5. Women can benefit a lot from scenting their hair. Just spray a bit of perfume, like Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy For Women Eau de Parfum Spray onto your brush, then comb through your hair. You'll smell a fresh scent every time you move your head.

Get your guy to smell better

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Good grooming is not only about shaving!Unfortunately, many guys don't realize how much fragrance has an impact on their sexiness. Girls are much more inclined to cozy up to a guy who smells fresh and manly, yet guys still think it's a hassle to add a fragrance into their morning routine.

Retailers out there are starting to pick up on this fact, which explains why there is such a thing as beard perfume. MCMC Fragrances' Dude No. 1 was made by a woman attempting to get her guy to spruce up his aroma. To trick him into smelling better, she made a beard oil that made his fuzz softer and smell a lot better. It sounds strange, but believe it or not people are loving it.

If your guy doesn't have facial hair or you just can't imagine him oiling up his beard, standard men's fragrances like Ralph Lauren – Polo For Men Eu de Toilette Spray are always a good option. If he doesn't like the idea of spritzing himself, why not try introducing a lotion into his routine, like Caswell-Massey – Sandalwood Body Lotion, which will not only make him smell great, but will pamper his skin. Who wouldn't want to reap those benefits?