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What to drink for healthier, brighter skin

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Healthier, brighter skin now: What to drink

We all know it's important to drink enough water and consume nutrient-dense superfoods for radiant skin. However, experts say that there are other beverages that can provide a bevy of benefits, from fewer fine lines to enhanced elasticity. Here are some drinks you'll want to sip on for a glowing complexion.

Green tea
For maximum skin-boosting advantages, this tea is best consumed hot. Women's Health magazine reported that heat causes the tea to release an antioxidant which not only acts as an anti-inflammatory but can also ward off cancer. The source noted that a study in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry determined that drinking between two and six cups a day may help prevent malignancies that result from too much sun exposure.

Oat milk
Some say that eliminating dairy products can improve the skin's appearance. Glamour magazine recommended switching out traditional cow's milk for oat milk, which is available at most supermarkets. The source explained that this alternative has a significant amount of vitamin E and folic acid, both of which are key for healthy skin regeneration.

Nettle tea
Does your skin tend to flare up? Nettle tea might be just the remedy if you are prone to breakouts or eczema, according to Glamour. High levels antioxidants mean the tea may also help rid the skin and body of toxins and free radicals, which tend to speed up the aging process.

Fruit and veggie juice
When you're not in the mood to eat your vegetables, drinking them can provide the same essential nutrients that help brighten and protect skin. Noelle Swatland of told Shape magazine that the right concoctions can help to rid the body of impurities and restore balance to the skin, thus evening out its tone. Cucumbers are her top choice, as they are packed with skin-boosting potassium, magnesium and silica. Not only that, but cucumbers are a whopping 90 percent water, so they're ultra-hydrating. Tomato juice is also an ideal selection, as Glamour pointed out that these fruits contain skin-tightening vitamin C and lycopene, which helps circulation.

Peppermint tea
Stress is a major skin villain. When things are getting tense, unwind with a cup of peppermint tea, which Glamour magazine pointed out has innate soothing effects. There are other benefits as well: The herb can help to clear out the sinuses, relieve a headache and facilitate digestion.

Stand up for better retinol equality

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Stand up for better retinol equalityWhat with all this talk regarding Equal Pay Day, you'd think that someone would stand up to point out the flagrant inequalities between men and women's skin (kidding, kidding). In all seriousness, though, men do have some distinct advantages when it comes to the aging process, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways to level out the playing field.

"In general, men have the advantage when it comes to aging because their skin is 20 to 30 percent thicker than women's, which decreases sagging," Nicholas Perricone, MD, told

According to the news source, women can take matters into their own hands by using products rich in retinol, which helps promote cell turnover and collagen production.

All being said, it's just as important to celebrate the fact that you've got such delicate features to begin with – and with a longer average lifespan than men, women have more time to preserve their feminine countenances. Taking the best possible care of yourself is easy when you've got high quality beauty products at your fingertips every day, so treat yourself to only the best.

A little baby fat goes a long way as you age

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

A little baby fat goes a long way as you ageAfter spending so many of our younger years focusing exclusively on slimming down, it can come as somewhat of a surprise to women that a little plumpness can do a world of good as aging begins. Sofia Vergara certainly knows this, and she made sure to mention it during an interview with Shape magazine.

"I don't ever want to get super skinny. I think when women reach a certain age, they look better with a little fat in their face. I'm lucky I'm Latin because people expect me to be a bit more plump," she told the news outlet.

Latin or not, women who are approaching their 40s begin to lose critical moisture and fat in their faces, which, if taken to an extreme, can make you look withered and old. What used to be baby fat in your 20s can be your greatest beauty antidote in a few years, but even if you don't have a lot in terms of natural defenses, there are products you can use to boost your collagen levels.

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme comes with active peptides to promote collagen and elastin synthesis to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

If you're looking for a boost to tired-looking skin, opt for a vitamin C serum you can apply before bed.