If you’re looking for a trendy way to wear your hair in 2012, you may want to consider the bouncy ponytail.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long and straight or if you’re currently sporting a bunch of curlicues on your head – chances are you care about the condition of your tresses.

If you wake up in the morning dreading how your hair is going to behave for the rest of the day, you’re not alone.

Almost every woman has been guilty of applying too much heat on her hair from time to time.

According to Jezebel.com, L’Oreal is apparently in the process of developing a pill which prevents hair from losing its pigment, essentially preventing gray hairs from appearing.

Keeping your newly dyed hair vibrant and healthy isn’t much different from the way you should treat your hair normally.

Highlights, lowlights, all-over color – dying your hair can become a virtual addiction.

You’ve no doubt heard that it’s bad for your tresses to wash them every day.

While ladies can get lost in a shampoo-and-conditioner haze for hours before spending almost as long blowdrying, curling and pinning back their locks, most guys don’t spend much time worrying about their hair (unless they’re losing it, of course).

Taking care of your tresses is always a full-time job, but they’re subject to a lot of extra abuse in the summertime.

You might think you know how to braid your hair, but you really have no idea. Ready to learn?

There’s no time like spring to harness the energy of renewal – but why stop with budding blooms, balmier temperatures and a brighter, lightweight wardrobe? If your wintertime tresses aren’t exactly uplifting, you can take the situation into your own hands and reinvent yourself with a fresh hair color.