If any of you haven’t turned wise to the benefits of a leave-in conditioner or hair mask, let Shameless star Emmy Rossum teach you how to hold your head up high.

Lots of us know what it is to have a beauty fix – there’s that one product (or hey, maybe a few) that you use and use because you can’t get enough of it. And any lady with a bit of kink in her hair would agree – it seems there’s never enough conditioner to go around.

Some of us have grown up with the mantra that once a day is not the way. Then again, if you’re a frequent shower offender like so many people, you can’t help but shampoo every morning, because going without washing just doesn’t feel right.

Many women don’t necessarily see anything wrong with processing their hair on a daily basis, but what they may not know could actually hurt them in the long run. Harsh treatments and haircare procedures can leave hair dried, frizzed and damaged, and may actually prevent women from growing their hair at the rate that they want it to grow.

While conditioner is highly recommended for just about anyone who has hair, selecting the right formula for your tresses is often difficult. Some formulas can be too heavy for fine, feathery strands, while conversely, a thick mop may require heavy-duty intervention.

While coloring one’s hair is often viewed as an aesthetic choice, ladies who desire a higher salary may want to consider highlighting their locks as well. According to The Daily Mail, a study by Superdrug found that blondes earn approximately £600 (roughly $930) more than brunettes and redheads.

It’s no secret that creating a natural-looking appearance can often take more time and products than crafting a smoky eye and complicated up ‘do. But don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by trying to look effortless – even one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood can relate to your troubles.

Christina Aguilera has long been recognized for her retro, old Hollywood style. With her crimson-colored lips and platinum waves, the songstress regularly looks as if she has stepped out of a movie from the 1940s.

While climate, weather and the elements can take their toll on your hair, if you notice your locks looking less than lustrous, your haircare routine may be to blame.

The cold winter air can do more than sting your face – it can also affect your hair! However, you can keep your strands from becoming dry and lifeless with the right products.

While Jessica Alba has often been praised for her long and luscious locks, the actress recently stepped out wearing a much sleeker ‘do. According to InStyle.com, Alba sported a pin-straight bob that fell just above her shoulders on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Bamboo has long been praised as a great material for those looking to go green – flooring, furniture and fabrics have all been produced from the fast-growing grass. Now, it seems as though the plant is being used in another innovative way – as a key ingredient in beauty products.